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  1. Definitely joining this. Working on character sheet now.
  2. This is where all points will be claimed for the aforementioned thread. As well, feel free to make any relevant, story-based comments here regarding the direction you'd like the story to take (such as "I'm doing this action in the hope that This will result so I can come back to it for This purpose). I will most definitely take it into consideration for the flow of the story. Furthermore, any questions on clarity regarding a Post's context can be asked here, as well as questions about the stat system we will be using. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I will!
  3. Reserved This will be the first post of the actual story after critique edits have been deleted and the thread has been moved.
  4. Reserved -Just in case I think of anything else.-
  5. F.A.Q -Will Fill this in as questions are asked and answers are given. As I am new here and just designed this system, I am sure there will be questions. Regardless, none of them are frequent at the time of writing this.-
  6. World Description and Terminology -Watch this spot as it will be updated as the story progresses. Anything new will be placed here, pushing older stuff to the bottom of this post. Thank you!- Tumoroh - The World you inhabit. This can be considered an alternate future Earth, in which technology overrode their human masters. After a technological singularity merged man and machine into essentially the same thing, a final war between the two factions resulted in the post-apocalyptic mess you now call home. As for geographical descriptions, consider it very Earth-like, with many of the s
  7. OOC Thread -Link to OOC Thread- This is where you will claim any points for your character, as well as discuss the usual metagame stuff (late replies, story questions, suggestions for circumstantial responses, etc)
  8. Character Sheets Please fill out the character sheet below and pm it to me. I will then host it on a google doc and post the link to it below. This doc will also host the character’s stat points, skills, traits, items, and any other relevant information for quick, clean access. Also keep in mind that Character Sheets are listed in Posting Order. Character Sheet Template [b]Username:[/b] [b]Character Name:[/b] [b]Age:[/b] [b]Appearance:[/b] [b]Personality:[/b] [b]Starting Location:[/b] [b]Background:[/b] -Character Link- -Character Link- -Character Link-
  9. Convention and Structure This thread will be using the Ouroboros v3 Roleplay Mechanic System. Information on that can be found Here. Essentially, this is a system that breaks down statistical information, such as stats, skills, special powers, vehicles, etc for use in a DnD-type RP Forum game such as this one. The DM of the thread (that’s me!) will mostly be responsible for keeping track of this information and applying it to the story. As a fan of RPG’s in general, I like watching my character level up. This extends to my rp forum characters, and I’m hoping that there are others that lik
  10. Content All civilizations must come to an end. Some are ended by natural causes, others are terminated by specific, intelligent design. Still, some civilizations come to an end because they gain too much momentum and self-destruct. That’s what happened to the people of Tumoroh, their disregard for their environment and planet eating up their natural resources at an unsustainable rate. Although they achieved many great technological advancements, they perished as a result of their actions. Now, thirty years later, in the ruins of their might, those that are left continue to strive forward
  11. 487 Feel the cure flow through you