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  1. It's fixed, thank you so much! Can't wait to finish the event!
  2. I was only to the point where you show the Guardian the totem from the cave when I got stuck with no options. I had gotten the first totem and decided to go back to the cave to check anything I missed and it put me through grabbing the cave totem again, though I already had it. It then sent me to the Guardian to talk with her and now I have no choices of what to do. I don't know if this is fixable but I feel dumb for going back and messing it up like this. Here's a picture of where I'm stuck.
  3. Username: UnnamedClockwork Name: Gale Gender: Female Type/Breed: Nihostrife Power: Can manipulate air and water Personality: Not much to talk and she is very determined. She will defend her friends to the end but is very independent and often goes on her own. Appearance: Like a Nihostrife but slightly darker purple with brighter blue and longer tail. Longer horns and longer claws with a more puffed out chest and not many stripes on her wings, still developing her wings more and getting better at controlling her powers. Age/Stage: Mature Hatchling History: She was taken away from her nest as a hatchling rather than an egg and grew up in an old cave after she was abandoned. She learned more about the world quickly when she watched as the world changed. She was determined to help fight for freedom and safety for all her fellow dragons. She was born with enhanced ability to control air and can easily manipulate water as well. She hates humans with a passion and hates them for ever breaking up families of dragons and ruining their lives. She has never killed a human but is still searching for the one(s) who killed her family and broke them away. Extra: n/a
  4. Username: UnnamedClockwork Name: Eke Maliah Age: 19 Gender: Female/Non-binary Appearance: A taller girl with a thin body and strong stance. Longer face with grey-ish eyes that glitter vibrant blue occasionally. Almost tan skin with hair shaved on the sides and longer at the top, natural hair is a softer blue with deep black to the sides and roots and it’s cut sloppily because they did it themselves. Wears capri jeans with bandages around their hands and black running shoes and an old navy jacket that fits loosely over a black shirt. Flat-chested with a resting angry face and thick eyebrows. They have very well concealed dark, feathery wings on their back that poke through their jacket. They carry two daggers, black and sheathed at their side that have intricate blue designs on them. They also have a watch that, surprisingly, still works. Personality: They are very straightforward and really don’t appreciate or understand sarcasm well. They are very rough and don’t-give-a-crap type of person but if you hurt their friends (if they ever have any), honey, you got a big storm comin’. If they fail the first time, they need encouragement to keep going. No “third time’s the charm” for them. They don’t like to talk unless they have something to say and if you constantly talk about something they don’t care for or is of no importance or relevance to the situation, they’ll simply ignore you. They’re very logical and don’t often show their emotional side. They don’t trust very well or like socializing very much at all. They are very mature and don’t like to use childish things or be silly. They are creative but only when needed in a situation and don’t care for memories or heirlooms. They like to go solo on things but that can often be their downfall, they do need help and need to have someone there for them when they need it. They never overestimate themselves, though. Native or outsider: Native Power/species: They are able to harness wind well and trained with elder mages to learn to harness water slightly as well. They are nowhere near the status that a god would be but they are still powerful nonetheless. They have wings, as previously mentioned, but do not often use them and cannot fly very well. Their daggers are attached by rope and can be used to harness water better than they can on their own. History: They were born to a small family on the outskirts of Nalom and they were the middle child of their family. They were kicked out of their house when they were only fourteen because of their beliefs and who they are so they soon learned about the world and were forced at a young age to give up childish things and accept the real world. That makes them very real and not much of an optimist or pessimist, they do not, however, understand how people form strong bonds with those around them very well because of how easily their parents simply gave them up. They lived going job to job, however pretty or not, to stay alive and spent most nights on the street. Those jobs helped mostly to get them to meet with elder mages whom were surprised with their skill and quick learning ability but encouraged them to slow down as magic can take a while. They learned how to deal with problems and soon became more of a fighter but also they became cautious to trust anyone and careful about how to plan things. They relied on themselves and no one else because no one was ever there anyway. And that’s their story. Other: They don’t care about sexuality or gender and simply go by that they are themselves. They really don’t care about romantics or sexuality because they don’t need it and they think of gender in the same way (which is why you may refer to them as she/her or they/them). On the topic of training with mages, they managed to get enough money to train with the mages once and they soon saw their potential. They trained them for free and helped them harness their natural gift of air manipulation and trained them in water manipulation as well, gifting them with their daggers.