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  1. Yeah, I meant, I had two tries, where 3 orbs were correct...the last try only two orbs were correctly placed, yeah... But I just couldn't figure out which one was right and which one wrong... Thanks, it worked now...
  2. I'm stuck with that one...I seem to have placed 3 orbs correctly, but can't figure out which one is the wrong one...
  3. Getting the same error messages (504 Gateway) when trying to breed...
  4. I took the second one, thanks :)
  5. I tried that...and then I was again in the bramble bush @kiramaru7: Go to My Controls -> Subscriptions and unsubscribe from the topic you don't want to follow anymore.
  6. I now managed to get out of the bramble bush....and now I'm stuck again....(or maybe I'm entering the wrong commands...) I am at that old tree with the mountain of acorns..but no matter what I've tried so far..I'm not getting anywhere...
  7. I picked up a random black egg from the AP and it just hatched into a curled alt black! I haven't had alt blacks in like an eternity...
  8. icare4u

    Pokemon Go

    I want that update too....it doesn't seem available here yet...
  9. icare4u

    Pokemon Go

    To me those berries don't really make a difference either...I just use them (when I remember to, lol), so that I'll get rid of some of my berries and have space for other stuff... (but I'm still always out of space and have to trash things...)
  10. If you're lucky, maybe in a few days you'll be able to find some on the AP...I bred some of the new hybrids and realized too late that I was hatchling locked...lol.. Cool new release Thanks TJ and everybody...caught some of the new eggs already
  11. There is a limit of 2 CBs in the year they get released. But there is no limit on bred ones the years after the release.
  12. Is there a problem with picking up the new eggs? I'm only getting a blank page instead of the get code page...but eggs are on my scroll..
  13. I don't know who bred those, but I like the parents' names...now to find names for them... https://dragcave.net/lineage/tInpr https://dragcave.net/lineage/Kfzzi https://dragcave.net/lineage/SjIwh
  14. That is one cool code It might also want to say "This is MY isP(ISP), not yours", lol. but it wasn't sure how to spell ISP
  15. Yep, on the new layout. And like cyradis4, I also get an error message when clicking on that action link. But I was totally confused when I saw that the action link was there, on all 3 of my bred eggs. For a moment I was unsure about which egg I kept, since all 3 had that link still...
  16. I bred my dragons recently and got 3 eggs, abandoned 2 of them. But when I just went to check on the other two, I still see an action link on their page, even though I no longer own those eggs... Is that a glitch or does that mean they haven't been picked up yet? There shouldn't really be an action and BB Code link on eggs I don't own...
  17. I bred one of mine with a Sapphire dragon...but all I got was 3 sapphire eggs...no celestial... http://dragcave.net/lineage/iW64d
  18. Those eggs look really cool. Picked up two...let's see how it'll go...if they are a joke or real. Now waiting for my other eggs to hatch, so I can try to grab some more.
  19. Finally managed to catch 3 eggs of each. *happy* Now I am locked and have to wait for my egg to hatch.
  20. New eggs, cool Been able to get some blue ones, now hoping to be able to get some orange ones too...
  21. That's so cool The game was so great. Thanks