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  1. gratzles on new positions and on all people applying may the odds be ever in your favor i myself am not a lvl 4 yet so i will not be applying this go around
  2. My first Dragon cave Christmas! i had fun catching eggs i managed to get 2 sets of all the draons (bread sets) now next year will be chasing CB sets cant wait for the new eggs to drop! and hopefully next year i will be able to hold more then 7 eggs!
  3. I caught this perfectly for the eggs! my current eggs hatch in 6 hours!
  4. im playing chicken smoothie its like DC but you cant breed the pets on there un fortunantly
  5. *runs off with Ghostly Eclipse*
  6. its between SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNSSS and I live in temmie village
  7. awesome my first event since I joined