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  1. When you sign up, you make an attempt, and become a citizen. You just jump in and play. You assume the world is exactly like ours, unless you would like to suggest an alternate map for people to conquer. Same with Star System and Galaxies. Unless you have an alternate universe map, the only map we have is a world map. You can take as long as you like between attempts, but try to go quickly when doing an attempt that lasts multiple posts, or it will be aborted and you will fail. As for criteria, if I judge your attempt successful, it is. There's no system to follow, just give a summary of a plan, and I will say if it worked.
  2. This is a simple game (in a way) with a simple goal. Figure out how to control the world. These plans can be as simple, complicated, realistic, unrealistic, complicated, or simple as you like. You can give me the entirety of your plan, or play it out over several posts. However, your true goal is to get as many points as possible, gain the rank of Deity, and rule many worlds. Achievements: The way you earn Points. 5 Points are earned for each success, and lost for each failure. More achievements are added for new scenarios. Each Achievement can only be gained once per player Fame Achievements: FA are given for success. Try to get as many as possible Mayor: Take over at least a city, giving you a city-state. (2 points) Governor: Conquer Multiple Cities, giving you a country to work with. (4 points) Victory: Take over the world once. (10 P) President: Take over the entire world at least twice. (25 P) Monarch: Take over the world at least three times. (50 P) Dictator: Take over the world at least 5 times. (100 P) Emperor: Take over the world at least 10 times. (150 P) World Conqueror: Take over the world at least 20 times. (200 P) Star Ruler: Take over a star system. (175 P) Galaxy Ruler: Take over an entire galaxy. (180 P) Glory Achievements. These will get you to the Hall of Fame. Trust me, you want to get in the Hall of Fame. Universal Ruler: Take over the Universe. Hard to do. Very Hard. (300 P) Multiversal Ruler: Take over at least 2 Universes. (900 P) Defying Expectations: Get Galaxy Ruler in only one post. (300 P) Rich & Famous: get over 200 points (1 P) Failure Achievements: Try not to get these Failure: Fail an attempt to take over the world and die/get captured trying. (- 3 P) So close: Die/get captured after a success. (-2 P) The bigger they are: Fail with a very complicated plan. (-10 P) The harder they fall: Fail because of having a very simple plan. (0 P) Bankrupt: Get less than -10 points. (0 P) Copycat: Do what someone else has already done. (-25 P) Shame Achievements: These get you in to the Hall of Shame. Great Debt: Get less then -50 points. (0 P) Lost at Life: Fail 20 times.(-50 P) Destructive Achievements: You get Death Points from this. If you want DP, go for it, if not, stay away from these. Seriously, the more DP you get, the less likely you are to succeed. Each time you kill someone you also get 1 DP. Resurrecting someone somehow gets you -2 DP Killer: Kill someone in your attempts. (5 DP) Reaper: Kill 10 People in your attempts. (20 DP) Monster: Kill 50 people in your attempts. (100 DP) Genocide: Kill 2000 people in your attempts. (10,000 DP) Destroyer: Destroy the World. (100,000 DP) Explosion: Destroy the World 5 times. (2,000,000 DP -5 P) Creative Achievements: You get these by taking over the world in creative ways. Loophole: Do something that is technically taking over the world, without giving you any sort of political power. (10 DP) Crafty: Take over the world in a creative way. (25 CP, 10 CP after doing it again.) Hall of Fame: To get in here, get a Glory Achievement. Hall of Shame: To get in here, you must have a Shame Achievement. Hall of Death: Get 200 death points to get in here Hall of Creativity: Get 200 Creativity points Other Players: Ranks: Owner: Me, PipMcGee - PipMcGee Deity: Has permission to give results for scenarios, and add achievements. Chosen by Owner Monarch: Has permission to give results. Chosen by Deity or Owner. Mayor: Has permission to give only negative results. Chosen by Anyone, however if below mayor, they must be voted in. Builder: People in the Hall of Creativity Lawyer: People in the Hall of Fame Citizen: By default, you are a citizen Criminal: People in the Hall of Shame/Hall of Death.