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  1. Found a bunch of amazing lineages in the AP made with holidays and gemshards/nebulas. They all gendered correctly, but they all colored wrong.
  2. Within the first five minutes of me opening the event today, my fort got obliterated twice, but after the repairs I was able to make some progress on the walls, tree area, etc. I really like how the white chess tiles help some of the decorations stand out that would otherwise be hard to see against blank tiles. Claudius strayed away from the tree area and found himself a flock of friends.
  3. My fort so far: I really hope I get some more stone so I can finish the path and maybe make some more castle walls.
  4. I was excited to see the return of Snow Wars since I wasn't here for the first one. I spent some time prettying up my fort with some newly unlocked stuff. Came back an hour later to find my entire fort burned to the ground and only a single ice drop to compensate for it.
  5. 4 killslots returned and used: 2 disintigrated Split Baikala
  6. 3/6 Successes! (1 revived on me) Eastern 1 Eastern 2 Pygmy Wyrm
  7. A Tar seems to have found its way into my trick or treat basket I always look forward to these sprite-hunts because the references are awesome. And I couldn't stop laughing at the potato part
  8. I use Custom Sort; my scroll looks like this: Male adult Royal Blue (named with my username) Eggs/hatchlings Unsorted Adults Female adult Royal Blue A few frozen hatchies I like (Royal Blue, Pink, Heartseeker) Upside-down Mint Chicken* Leetle Tree Zombie* Black Hoard Non-Holiday breeds in Encyclopedia order Xenos Sinos Zyus Legendary trios Avatars GoN Halloween (chronological order) Christmas (chronological, first of each breed obtained sorted to top of the group**) Valentines (chronological) Unbreedables Graveyard *I might move these elsewhere when I get more of them since the top of my scroll is getting a little cluttered. **Since I started actively playing right before Christmas 2015, these were some of the first dragons on my scroll, so they're special to me, and I'm continuing the tradition for each new release as well. I may also sort the Valentines this way, but probably not the Halloweens because I never named the first of each I obtained. For some reason the male Royal Blue never leaves the first spot on my scroll, and new eggs/hatchlings always sort in between the two Royal Blues.
  9. Not entirely sure if this was a stupid decision yet, but even though I am trying to clear my scroll of growing things in preparation for Halloween eggs, I decided to egg-lock myself with AP Reds; there were so many and the temptation to grab them won me over. On the plus side, they should hatch in a couple hours. Yay for using Incubates on Reds to get more Incubates!
  10. I came here to post exactly this. I got one, too! Thank you Herk!
  11. https://dragcave.net/lineage/jCbSg Found this little guy as a hatchling in the AP at the end of the valentines event this year, after the AP returned to normal dragons.
  12. I somehow managed to forget to precog and/or influence an important egg and it gendered wrong.
  13. Thank you @Dekka for this awesome Thuwed spiral! I caught it with just enough time to influence.
  14. Saw four Shimmers in the AP. Missed them all because my internet was lagging pretty badly.
  15. Wow, that's pretty cool! I found one just like it a few days ago, but it doesn't look like it was abandoned by the same person. https://dragcave.net/lineage/CCMia
  16. Terrible luck in the trading hub lately. 1. I guess it's a bad time to ask for a nebula swap since no one seems to have a purple atm. I'll have to catch some more CB eggs and hope one turns purple. 2. Offered on a few trades. Didn't get any of them. 3. Someone did offer on the nebula trade, but it was the wrong color, so I declined it. Then someone was giving away a perfect tinselkin SAkin starstep for free. Turns out it was the same person; I'm not surprised they didn't want to give it to me.
  17. I want to swap my CB Green Nebula for a CB Purple Nebula. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. Saw someone in the trading hub offering a Gold with a nice lineage in exchange for a 2g from a common breed pair. I have the potential to breed the dragon they're looking for, but of course the egg I got was the wrong breed.
  19. Dragonfly's Projects Scroll link/forum name: Dragonfly330/DarkDragonfly330 Latest Update: 12/27/2018 - Been on break for the DC Holiday season, but projects should start up again soon! The Truffle Garden Breeds of dragons involved: Black Truffles Type of lineage project: 5G PB Even-gen What are your goals for this project?: To show my love of Black Truffles and flowers. PROGRESS: Complete! Heliotrope Bloom 9/27/18 - "You attempt to breed the two dragons, but no egg is produced." *facepalm* At least it wasn't a refusal. 10/4/18 - No interest.This project went so smoothly up until now. 10/12/18 - Success! How can others help? N/A Notes about your projects: - Naming scheme: "flower" Bloom - Considering making a second garden with a spiral lineage and a "flower" Floret naming scheme Prized Trident Breeds of dragons involved: Prize Dragons (all types and colors), Thalassa, Skywing, Nocturne, Celestial, Purple Nebula, Aeon* *subject to change in the event of refusal Type of lineage project: six combined 4G/5G Prize stairsteps to form the top of a trident What are your goals for this project?: To continue Iodan Thala-Sky's lineage into something really cool. (Got him from BlueLatios; thank you very much for him!) PROGRESS: Completed Points Iodan Thala-Sky Completed Stairsteps Gold - Thalassa's Coin x GilgaSky (neither owned by me) Silver - TBA x Silver Goomy the 4th Bronze - g2C6l x Empyrial Bronzestar Stairsteps In Progress Silver - Kaos Dreamer x Evening Starfall (produced a green nebula) Bronze - Rusty Change x Quorrin Coinsnatcher (prize offspring obtained, will gender correctly) How can others help? I have all the eggs I need atm, so fingers crossed for correct gendering, no refusals, and successful breeding! If I do get refusals, I will be looking for more 4/5G Prizes. Mates don't matter as long as each line is different. Notes about your projects: - The rest of the lineage will mimic Iodan's, but with Bronze Prizes above and Silver Prizes below. - Lineage Preview - Due to the nature of breeding different-colored prizes, the end result could be any color. I'm fine with whichever one I get. - This is a rough lineage design. If you have ideas to improve it, feel free to pm me. - I may gift additional eggs after the project is complete. Galactic Defenders Breeds of dragons involved: Zyumorphs (all colors) and Sinomorphs Type of lineage project: 7G Spiral What are your goals for this project?: To get a 7G of one of each Zyu from a powerful-looking lineage. PROGRESS: Collecting Sinomorphs - 1/3 Male, 3/3 Female How can others help? I need to collect a lot of Zyus for this one, so Zyus of any kind are welcome. I haven't finished going through my scroll to see what kinds of pairs I can make, but if you see a couple that you want an egg from, I can probably breed them for you. No IOU's, please. Notes about your projects: - Lineage Preview - Naming Scheme: Sinos: Galactic Defender "color" Zyus: Undecided - Project is low priority atm Upcoming Projects: The Tree of Life - Vines and Life-aligned dragons - Spiral Lineage The Ash Storm - Ash and Storm - Checkerboard Lineage A Seafarer's Tale - Tsunami and Green Nebula - Poem/Lyric Lineage (Stairstep) Ruina Mons Ignes - Magma, Fell, and Ash - Even Gen Lineage Lineage previews made with Heart of Blue
  20. I can vouch for the ratios being weird. I bred four Ash/Boreal pairs a few days ago and they all gave me Boreals. I needed two of them to be Ash.
  21. About 20 dodges (wasn't keeping count), 6 kills, 4 disintegrated, 1 revival, 1 zombie! https://dragcave.net/lineage/JcsoK
  22. Thank you @Terrafreaky for the loads of cool lineages I've grabbed over the past few years, but most recently, this, the result of grabbing a couple of your 3G PB Purples! And thank you @Tish for these three lovely Purple checkers, this 4G PB Red, and this Xeno/Gold Checker! 1 2 3 4 5
  23. I am astounded that "Flipsie" wasn't taken. A perfect name for my upside-down Mint. Others I'm surprised weren't taken: Glazed Munckin (popular donut-type treat) Daughters of Darkness and Hello It's Mz Hyde (Halestorm songs) Freckled Dawn (One of FR's oldest festival skins) Selim and Miles (Palindrome names)
  24. I think they look neat with White Zyus, and I'm loving the Ash x Storm combo.