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  1. I had fun collecting and seeing the eggs from previous years I was unable to collect... got a few 2016 before it ended. I hope we get to do this again as I really love all the unique Easter Eggs everyone has made for this event over the years. I would love to get them all... lol
  2. This is just a heads up I did a mass breeding of all my dragons... there were a surprising number of geodes, very few super rares produced, a few Thuweds did get produced, most will be even lineages, many are pure or as pure as possible. There will be some messy lineages or uneven or mixed breed. I was surprised one breed resulted in multiple eggs per breeding. The majority of eggs went into the cave only a few I kept and those are pretty common, I tried to get cool stuff out into the cave... not sure when they will start appearing. Hopefully people get some breeds they are hunting for. I adopted other peopleโ€™s eggs and will be doing so as much as possible for a bit... good hunting.
  3. Hatchlings that can be clicked on My Specimens
  4. https://dragcave.net/group/30039 Hatchlings frozen
  5. I will see what metals I got and toss some eggs out too! ๐Ÿคช
  6. I actually won this time around... bronze eastern ๐Ÿ˜€ Good luck everyone on next Raffle.
  7. So folks what are you favorite fruit, grain, veggies? I am a sucker for potatoes, but love spinach, broccoli, and so many others.
  8. I really need to read all previous posts, but I am Veg friendly Omni... I am exploring various non meat protein substitutes or options and non dairy. I would probably never be 100 Vegan. Here is what I am doing and why... I raise my own chickens who are really just my spoiled pets that happen to produce supper yummy eggs, so naturally I am going to eat those fresh eggs. My birds are healthy not having issues laying or in danger from laying. I am exploring non dairy options as I seem to have a negative reaction to cows milk. My husband has been going through chemo and some dairy he can no longer digest mainly cheeses made from cows milk, but also his body has problems with certain grains and veggies too... so the just go Veg something is not going to work for him. We do believe some grain issues are pesticide related as he was out of country and could eat certain grains in those countries that have banned certain pesticides and back here sick again on same grains, so I think there is something wrong in our food production in USA. He does a lot of the shopping while I work and he is only on board so much for no meat protein adventures, but if he discovers he likes a weird thing I brought home he will buy more of it... so thatโ€™s good. But really it is about finding foods he wonโ€™t be throwing up latter... seriously cancer sucks, the treatments suck. As to meat production I agree modern meat production is messed up, so is most modern dairy... very few cows or goats get to graze they are all crammed into small spaces, so sad. I also know fresh beef and fresh chicken (properly raised) taste totally different than what we get in the stores, so does freshly caught fish versus the old fish in stores. People have no clue what fresh food tastes like anymore. I personally am finding my taste is changing on what I like and dislike, I really have been asking do I enjoy the taste of X or Y thing versus am I just used to eating this. Or how do I feel after eating or drinking something. Some things I have retried that I loved in the past I doubt I will ever buy again or eat again, just tastes nasty now or makes me feel bad. So not so much save critters or the planet as much as just finding food everyone can eat in my house is the quest. On the shocking side of this I discovered I have coworkers with meat allergies and they know less about veggies than me and wonโ€™t try new veggies... no joke. They are basically living on a Carb diet. Pot luck I made a Vegan friendly dish but the non meat eaters didnโ€™t know what Spaghetti Squash was (that included Vegetarians for ethical reasons) so would not try it... how this is even possible baffles me. After people found out it was Squash despite the sign that said Squash they tried it... sigh. I brought a Jello Ring last pot luck, as this food phobia thing half of my coworkers seem to have got is exhausting. If I bring a new meat based food never an issue, but bring fruits of veggies they donโ€™t know and forget it. My eggs were too yellow one time versus store bought low nutrition pale yellow eggs... even after several people who know about farming practices explained my birds are on a better diet a lot would not try the bright scrambled eggs. The few who did kept telling everyone best eggs ever, but nope mine are wrong color so must be bad. Amazing how fearful people are of new foods or fresh food. Peace folks and happy holidays.
  9. I decided to breed a few surprises for the AP... a few geode TWs and some harder to get rates. It will be a bit before they appear but they will eventually pop up.. happy hunting.
  10. Yeah I have had some disappointing breeding fails too... but got to get back on it after done with Halloween ๐ŸŽƒ Eggs ๐Ÿฅš
  11. Finally got this years Dragon from AP! Crazy hard this year ๐Ÿ˜œ I figured it would not happen!
  12. Of course we can share I am having issues sending to Claudii...
  13. Need Scroll names folks to be able to send...
  14. Sent flowers to some folks above.... ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ
  15. Flower Attacked Drageta13 And Mirhana Boom Blooms To GiratinaOF
  16. Too many to name... some day I will get them all! Lol ๐Ÿคฃ
  17. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Well they best duck, lots of flowers inbound. ๐Ÿ˜œ