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    My interests are varied, but are mainly centered around Art, Physics, Genetics and Zoology, with a special interest in aquatic-biology. I am also an amateur ornithologist and aquarist.

    I sail every weekend in an RS Vision for leisure, and I am training to become an Instructor. I enjoy fishing, snorkeling and Scuba-Diving with my local club.
    I have won national awards for my art, so I suppose I am one of the many aspiring artists of my age. I do commissions through local contacts or email. PM me if you are interested.

    Now for the fun stuff. In terms of physics my main areas of study are in Astrophysics and Particle physics. However, those who know will know that once you can "understand" (sorry to not quantify) or apply something you have learned, you realise further how little you actually know. There in lies the beauty of the exponential learning paths in physics.

    For the Biological aspects of my hobbies and interests, I like to keep and maintain healthy tanks, full of fish I have involved in freshwater breeding programs.
    Anyone who considers themselves an Aquarist, should totally PM me, I'd love to see your tanks!

    I like literature, and go to poetry readings regularly. I read books quite often, and have a soft spot for anything related to Psychopaths and Sociopaths; academically speaking. I do not enjoy the usually badly worded airport novels on serial killers. (Lol)
    I also enjoy collecting Antique literature on Natural History. One of my personal favorites in my collection is a First Edition "The Birds Of North America" by John James Audubon, printed in 1937. Obviously not worth as much as the original (LOL) but still holds great sentimental value to me.

    I also enjoy the study of Folklore and Mythology, Swimming, Archery, Osteology, most forms of art (as mentioned above) and Adventures!

    And a thank you very much for trawling through this section! ;)