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  1. OKAYSO i run off to be An Adult for once in my life and return to find some interesting news about certain things that will concern previous patterns and potentially later patterns, so here's the skinny: ~i will not be removing old patterns based on a certain drama-laden thing that happened recently; count it as a sort of archive, i guess; this is not to say i condone any behaviour involved, which i dont ~i will no longer make patterns based on their artwork though, so don't expect that ~if the new artists of the updated sprites would like, i'll be happy to work on m
  2. i checked and it is indeed still in cookie storage! yay, thanks for telling me! i'll try sending it out again a little later then, when things arent quite so bogged.
  3. nah, im getting the same general errors, between telling me the page doesnt exist when i try to send stuff and giving me a nonexistent list of pages to try instead. which is sad, my niece helped me with a cookie and i lied and told her it got sent so she wouldnt feel so bad no one would get it. thankfully, she's five and cant read really big words yet. i'll try again later when the oops is fixed with a recreation.
  4. Here to say I'm not dead yet! It's finals week, so I'm obviously going to be dealing with those first and foremost, but wanted to drop in with a preview of the next projects in the set, courtesy of Mysfytt! I'll be finishing them up this weekend, though, so prepare for potential spam.
  5. Sorry for this frankly LONG absence. I'm returning after a particularly long school-fueled break, aided in part with having to reformat my computer's harddrive [don't worry, all necessary information was saved] and forgetting my sign ins for this site and several others. However, if there's still interest in these, I'll finish up the ones on my list and get them posted! ALSO! If you're a sprite-artist and would be willing to let me use your sprites for these, please feel free to comment here or send me a PM saying it's alright! I won't make patterns from sprites I don't have p
  6. I'll put in the requests now so that when I have the set I'm working on done, I can hopefully start on this one!
  7. Thankee for the go-ahead! i'll probably make a few after I have the shimmerscales up. I'm piecing those patterns together now so I can properly write in the instructions and such! Sorry that set of requests is taking so long.
  8. Sorry I haven't been back to this thread in a long while! School kinda piled on in that last bit, but I'll be back here to add all three of the Shimmerscales in due time as requested, since that was the only artist so far to reply to my inquiries. ALTERNATELY! If you are a sprite artist and don't mind me making patterns from your sprites [free for use of course], then do feel free to drop in and say 'Yay' or 'Nay'! I welcome and respect both answers. I'll be back in and dropping stuff in soon!
  9. I actually meant that it would be good to tell them to take down the 'Advent Event' message and replace it with something more generic like 'Sorry, we're not accepting new registrations at this time' or something similar. im not an existing member sadly or else that might have worked, but i'll pass it to others on other sites i frequent who may be having trouble getting into their accounts.
  10. alrighty, sounds good then, i'll just continue to wait. though someone maaaaaay want to alert the staff that changing the closed message would be a good idea; january 15th has long since passed.
  11. just checking in, but i've been trying since january to register and it keeps telling me to wait until the end of the advent event [jan 15th, apparently]. it's been telling me this for months now. does anyone a part of this site know what's going on? i'll still join, if i can.
  12. ah, thank! if i can get this to a mostly complete state, i could easily go through, reword a bunch of things [since the majority of minecraft shenanigans involved are mostly the alluding to blocks/material names], and turn it into an actual original piece. minecraft is a great resource for settings, man. Sometimes having another person help edit is great, even if their grammar is so-so; they might catch things you didn't notice before. To be fair, those of us with mild grammar issues will rarely pick up on our own stuff because we read it [out loud or internally] how we want to hear it an
  13. Bermuda Bound - 1 and 2.1 Almost four hundred years ago, Exodus Central ordered the eradication of Estyr, one of their vassal states. It became known as The Night of Fire and solidified itself as the worst xenophobic genocide Bermuda had ever seen. Estyr, once a bustling metropolis of peaceful desert-dwellers, burnt to the ground in one night. The population, exceeding several million residents and visitors at the time, was reduced to barely a handful in one night. From dusk to dawn of the next day, the horizon flickered red with the holocaust. Those who escaped the flames and the so
  14. Just a general place for me to drop written stuff. I write more than I draw, so between this and the needleart, this is my jam. I'm looking for general audience stuff and maybe some beta reading; if grammar or spelling are out of place, lemme know. Also looking for tone and flow. Don't be afraid to post reviews/crit on the thread, obviously. Most of this is fanfiction for a variety of things, to practice and hone for original works. I'll make a list in this first post of titles found in here and where they belong. This will be updated as I add more: -Bermuda Bound: The writ
  15. I only have one fuzzy butthead to my name, even though I live in a house of three. This is my bab; her name is Dahlia Gillespie and she will be 8 this year. She's a Russian Blue-Siamese, so she is the loudest, clingiest, pickiest creature alive. But I love her to death because she is so snuggly and has the deepest loudest purr in the world. Also loves to give baths, usually while purring and I'm trying to sleep. We went through a horrendous abusive relationship together, so she's very mom-oriented. Can't go anywhere in the house without her following and asking in true Siamese voc
  16. what am i not reading right now.... let's see The Long Patrol - Brian Jacques [may he rest in peace] Dragonflight - Anne McCaffery [may she also rest in peace] Necronomion - HP Lovecraft [may he rest in disturbed peace] Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - Douglas Adams [same as above] Daggerspell - Katharine Kerr His Majesty's Dragon - Naomi Novik Vampire Hunter D - Hideyuki Kikuchi Dune - Frank Herbert
  17. A collection of three patterns today, while I wait permissions on another set of potential patterns! All the Soulpeaces, since honestly, they're one of my favorite dragons aesthetically. Plus, I did promise I'd finish the set. Complete with proposed format finish at the bottom! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Female Soulpeace This is a preview of what the finished piece COULD look like I have not stitched this yet Download the full-size Pattern here! Download the Color Legend here! DETAILS AND INSTRUCTIONS De
  18. That looks fantastic, especially since you were just eyeballing it, you said! Wow! But I can get you both patterns for the Solstice with full legends and instructions as well; I'll put them as requests after the ones you asked for first. Should keep me busy for a while!
  19. I'll get on asking those artists if it's alright then! I still have three more patterns in queue that go along with the soulpeaces, but those are in the last instructional stage; i've just been generally busy. i'm sure they'd be cool with it, and if you like, i can also look into making you a solstice pattern too? i'd love to see the work, if you have photos of it; you can post it here to this thread too if you can't find the original thread to link.
  20. That is sad. I remember my whole family paid respects to him in our own ways, for some reason I never put the two together. I'm sure they'll find someone close in voice to do it, otherwise, enjoy what you've got. Still can't wait to see what they've got planned, and hope they get a chance to continue on at least in the same fashion that Samurai Jack has gotten. The show so far is handled so well, it actually made me tear up in a few places. Development of both story and characters are spot on, though with Dreamworks backing, it's not hard to see why; they've been handling a lot of th
  21. Fan here. I've been pretty impressed with most of Netflix's original shows, but the fact that the guy who worked on Book of Life worked on this one hooked me. It's not often I find a show that catches my attention and holds onto it within the first episode, but this is definitely one of them. Can't wait for S2!
  22. Ah! Thankee! Yeah, it stopped loading for me too, so I fixed the URL it draws from. Hopefully, that fixed it! If not, the link's still there.
  23. The preview image for the Soulpeace is showing up for me, but if you'd like to review it, you can do so HERE! If you like, I can make you patterns of any of the dragons you'd like to do [given appropriate permissions from their spriters, of course], and give you some starting and stitching pointers. I also know some really great and trustworthy online resources for materials. Compared to some of the other patterns I've made in the last week, these ones are fairly easy. They just look complicated and sound complicated because I personally use a lot of metallic filament and beads in my w
  24. Honestly, this one is one half of the set of the two Soulpeace genders. I just love them so much, they're so beautiful that it seemed unfair to have just the one without the other to compliment him. Since I'm still working on the female but have the male done, I'll release him now, her separately with a little setup of the two together at the end. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Male Soulpeace Dragon This is a preview of what the finished piece COULD look like I have not stitched this yet Download the Full-size Pattern Here! Downlo