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  1. This is amazing~ Happy birthday Dragon Cave
  2. WOw 100+ people waiting in the Volcano biome these blues sure are going out fast
  3. Whoopee finally got some more veined eggs~ My internet was pretty laggy earlier
  4. I think reds are dropping at the moment~ EDIT: Ninja'd haha I'm super duper slow (greens in the upcoming hour I think)
  5. @xeph23 Yep that's my guess too Red (right now) -> Green (upcoming hour) -> Blue EDIT: Imma slow turtle haha
  6. Can't wait to see how they turn out too~ They look amazing <3 Awesome jobs as always team spriters ^W^ @Pandalf yeah at lightning speed and they're gone
  7. Aw man I keep missing them~ They're all gone before I can snag one ;D
  8. I can't wait to nab all three colours I'm not clicking fast enough cuz they're all gone before I get one
  9. Ohmygosh here I was thinking I was like half a month late for this release until I checked the release date whoopppeee!!
  10. Omigosh this whole time i thought that the book icon was like some other side quest for items I'm such a silly bloop
  11. Muahahaha i shall steal all of Ronin's kitty cat's EDIT: Looks like I just got a Chicken Plush from Ronin. Lesson learnt: Steal your neighbor's adorable little kittens hahaha just joking