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  1. I'm 25% done with my mitered square blanket. Here's pictures: Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
  2. I don't think there's a point where social anxiety magically disappears. I have it myself, mixed in with being autistic. When I was in school I didn't have any close friends and these days, while I have a family of my own, I'm afraid to go up to befriend a perfectly friendly upstairs neighbor who has similar interests and has only ever been nice. We've exchanged gifts and such, but I send things up via my spouse. There WAS one time when I answered the door and she laughed at me then walked away and I have no idea why. That's haunted me since.
  3. Shame about the socks. When I started knitting in 2011 my main goal at the time was to learn to make socks. Unfortunately, the socks I've made don't withstand much wear.
  4. I think ProZD is pretty cool. I liked the Press Buttons and Talk videos, particularly Ace Attorney.
  5. Yarn, knitting needles, socks, dice, minis for tabletop RP, books, tattoos.
  6. Trees help prevent erosion, reduce the levels of carbon in the atmosphere, provide homes for a seemingly endless variety of mammals, birds, insects, and other animals, plus fungi and other plants. I realize that animals in the wild struggle and suffer, but it isn't all suffering. They also thrive and lead their own interconnected lives. With all animals do to stay alive, they clearly would rather be alive than to have all creatures that aren't domesticated livestock and pets eliminated from the earth. I frankly find the idea of turning the whole world into farmland, cities, and suburbs with no wild areas left at all, I find that bleak and horrifying. "Ignoring long term environmental effects." Ignoring current and short term environmental effects, too. It would be stripping our environment, and it isn't sustainable to wipe out all animals and plants we don't control. Better for everyone? No??? Humans are not the only ones entitled to live on this planet! And evolution is not a race to the top. It is adaptation to an environment. No creature or plant is more evolved than any other. A sloth is perfectly suited for slothing, and well evolved to the needs of a sloth. We are not better at being sloths than sloths are. We cannot fill the role that animals play in the world, and it would harm us and not just the creatures and ecosystems because we rely on those ecosystems. Killing of everything is not ethical, at all. It is unethical to the extreme. What is the use of compassion and empathy that we have as humans if we look at other animals and decide to ourselves that they're better off dead than feeling the slightest pain of existence? Humans struggle and feel pain and hunger and suffering. Are we better off as frozen remains on a lifeless rock in space? I don't think so. We can improve our quality of life to reduce suffering, though there always will be some suffering so long as there is life. But I think it is better to suffer a bit and also experience joys and the rest of the spectrum of emotion and experience, than to not exist. And I feel that applies to animals as well.
  7. I don't really make new years resolutions, nothing against them though. But I do have some things I need to work on. In a literal sense, like actual paid work, I have a lot of wizards to draw. So many wizards. After the wizards there are the other tabletop rpg core classes...rogues, fighters...etc. So much work to do. But lately all I want to do with my free time is knit. Which is still progress, and worthwhile, because I'm making a blanket. And blankets, especially homemade blankets, are very nice to have and sometimes treasured as nostalgic items which are also useful. As useful as the blanket is, I really need to work on those wizards. Paid work is important. We're not doing so great financially right now.
  8. I respect not wanting to eat animals, and I wouldn't personally want to kill an animal with my own hands. I don't really like the idea of eating flesh, but I've been conditioned to accept it, and enjoy the flavors and textures. It even is a little creepy to me to drink milk from another animal. I prefer almond milk, personally, but WIC* has two options: dairy or soy, and I don't like soy. So I'm a hypocrite when it comes to meat. I don't like the idea of it, but I ate hot dogs today. Many animals are obligate carnivores, and they play a crucial role in their ecosystems. Omnivores do as well. We, as humans, kill more than we need, and we're not humane about it. So it's twisted and gross. If I could revamp the system, I'd probably do a bad job of it because I'm not qualified to make those kinds of sweeping decisions on agriculture. But I would definitely support changes to factory farming to make the way we keep livestock more humane and sustainable. *Women Infants Children is a program that pays for food for women who are pregnant or have kids if they qualify, and my family qualifies. It works in the form of checks with a list of what the check will pay for: cheese, juice, eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables, peanut butter, dry beans and lentils, etc.
  9. I'll try to remember that so I can link one here for you. I hope I don't burn out.
  10. Well I'm making a picture, pretty simple tree, grass, hills, sky. The tree has green leaves and orange leaves, the sky is blue, I haven't made any grass squares yet, but the hills are pale green-blue to show how hills fade in the distance. I have a lot of orange, bright green, and sky blue, and so those are my main colors, but they aren't in the same squares. I'm combining orange with variegated honey, dark brown, variegated cherry. Then the bright green with dark green, teal, variegated sage with honey, and middle green (neither dark nor bright). The sky blue I'm combining with white, teal, and pale mint. I'm about 15-20% done.
  11. Thank you so much. And thank you too, kyleedj.
  12. I've had 3 first trimester miscarriages and this last one left me feeling sick and weak and I'm grieving but I didn't tell most of my family I was pregnant in case this would happen. It feels like I want to be hugged and comforted but I don't know how to accept words of consolation because as nice as they are, it doesn't feel any different after I hear them. Not sure anything will help. I really had hope this time and then, like, an hour before the new year... help
  13. The other night I dreamed floods drove a city populace, including myself and another family, into the center of the city at a field by the capitol, and then the field was bombed. Stress over world events, I guess. I tried to influence the dream to save everybody, but I failed, and they all died, helpless.
  14. Let me see... I like the colors of 29582143. Not knowing what genes you like, but petals has a hint of the tertiary color in it and some others bring out a sort of salmon color. 29583020, the yellow one, will look good with a variety of gene combos because those colors all coordinate. 29663430, the obsidian sunshine, makes a good Halloween dragon. You could breed her in Oct and sell hatchlings. 29667491, the gloom coral, looks okay with stained but otherwise I'd sell. You have two cobalts, a boy and a girl, with similar secondary but different terts. Breeding pair? And also individually quite pretty. Mantis and garnet both look good with dark blue, imho. A good way to quickly see if you like how the colors work is to view them as adults with basic, basic, underbelly. I'm not going to go through all of your nocts because you have so many.
  15. I need more of the new apparel, too. I've brewed the full set available from Baldwin's, and found some of the ghost set, but I guess I'll have to go to the AH for the rest? Idk.
  16. Username: SuperfluousBear Name: Tambi Gender: Male Type/Breed: Holiday 2015 Power: Snowblind: a dazzling white light that temporarily blinds the foe Personality: Tambi has many moments of sweetness, but all the same is headstrong. Enjoys hiking in the woods and tundra, and imitating birds. While sleepy after just waking, he watches the sun play off the clouds. Cautious around strangers. Appearance: His mane has a golden sheen and is a darker color than most. The gold markings are almost a pale brown, and his silvery body is opalescent and slightly greenish in most lights. When using superpower, Tambi turns a silvery pearl color and arches his back, closing his eyes. The land around the foe in the 5 foot radius emits the blinding light. Age/Stage: 35 years, recently grown into a matured hatchling. History: Bred in captivity, Tambi found himself handed off to a human while still a young hatchling. He comes by for treats and nuzzles, and is still learning more independence from his small, bipedal parent. While allowed free range of the woods by the village where his human lives, he gets lonely now and then and returns. During his visits he causes a bit of havoc, accidentally or out of curiosity, but still manages to be popular with the villagers. His human has grown old and tired. How lonesome and confusing to be adopted by a creature with a shorter lifespan! Extra: They are not superpowers, but his bites and scratches are nothing to scoff at. He has powerful jaws. As for his claws, he doesn't take the best care of them and they can get a little ragged, but sharp enough.
  17. I saw Spirited Away in theaters and since have seen it a few times on dvd. I'm curious how the food that turned her parents to pigs would have tasted. Magically amazing? And how did she know none of the pigs the witch showed her were her parents? And why didn't she panic at all when suddenly Haku didn't fly anymore and they were falling? They might have died, they didn't know. I'm so scared of falling! I don't know why I'm more scared of that than a lot of other things, but it gets to me. I haven't seen Howl's Moving Castle as often. I think maybe twice. The book was so good! But I think the author was terrified of aging, plus a few other qualms that revealed themselves. I have it on my shelf. The movie was very interesting, too. Speculating on why her age fluctuates and stuff like that. I'm most fascinated by the castle itself, the door settings that lead to different stationary houses, and I saw an interpretation where the castle looked like it was built on a beetle.
  18. What is Men Explain Things to Me about?
  19. I'm reading a book online called Runebound by Ronnie but I wish I had a hard copy because most of the time when I want to just read I'm not on my computer. I should go to the library.
  20. I guess I'm torn between motherly and cute. I used to really like the troublemaker, but I've gotten weary of that archetype.
  21. I think mercy is a good quality. That's not something I hate. But sometimes the romantic subplot feels really forced, like it didn't need to be there. Or like there's romance only because that's what people expect, but the story could do very well without it. I hate when a main character goes to get advice from some wise so-and-so, and the wise character is just like, "I don't know, ask somebody else," or tells them something they already heard from somebody else. For example: Secret of NIMH. The owl tells the mouse to move, the same thing the shrew has been telling her all that time. Or in Neverending Story, after losing his horse slogging through a bog, Atreyu just gets to hear Morla go like, "I dunno, go ask the Southern Oracle."
  22. I've started a blanket. I've never made something so big before. What I'm doing is I'm knitting mitered squares, then I'll stitch them together. It's going to be 11x14, a good size for my toddler. So far I'm about a tenth of the way through. For a long time I couldn't knit because when my son was still a baby, the only free time I had was when he was napping in my lap and I just couldn't figure in time for it. But now I can even knit while he's sitting in my lap, and most of the time he entertains himself.
  23. Nah I got my spouse his favorite prehistoric fish. Dunkleosteus was huge for the time and had armor on its head that it used as teeth. With two fans, she'll be all set if one gets lost or broken.