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  1. Thank for everyone!. i won game Imperial is so cute!
  2. Thanks! I took! and ~ seems quite harmless/hatch
  3. Oh, Congratulations, Winners! and Thank you very much! I won again! I think it's a good idea to put the story in the PM!
  4. you want freeze? freeze ok. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Pink hatch male ( grow up in: 4 days and 23 hours, but not cb ) Gone
  5. Aeon Egg ( bbiRc ) 3EG ..? miss - Gone (Thanks Quote :3 WaterDroplet) Tinsel Silver hatch ( zgvdY ) 5G x Ice - Gone (Thanks Quote :3 waya81) Don't kill please
  6. < tp link Just Lineage Z-code Xeno.....not cb
  7. Thanks for donators and everyone! I won 3G PB Pink hatchling and 4G Purple x Pink :3 Happy Easter
  8. Bronze Tinsel - (Aht6) descendant. and Gold Tinsel - From Living in Sin. Took! Thanks!