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  1. Is it possible to delete my account? Plz pm me
  2. The cafe is small but relatively clean, with a number of tables and mismatched chairs crammed inside. Every surface has been painted bright pink and decorated with hearts, flowers, and drawings of frilly-looking dragons. Your date is waiting for you at one of the tables. Finally, you sit down and join them. The date goes well enough, and as you are preparing to part ways you are faced with a decision. Should you REMAIN GOOD FRIENDS? Or should you CONFESS your true and undying romantic FEELINGS? > CONFESS FEELINGS The evening goes well enough, but you can’t help but feel like you’re missing something. For one, your date has only two eyes, four limbs, and isn’t covered in thick, bristly black hair. You can’t help but wonder – is your special someone actually a giant tarantula? Should you STAY WITH YOUR DATE or RETURN TO THE SPIDER? > RETURN TO THE SPIDER Your adventures today have shown you that following your heart is the truest way to happiness. Sadly you tell your date that while you like them very much, you must be honest and are afraid that it is not going to work out. You part ways after expressing a hope that the two of you can remain good friends. You check that your sword is buckled tightly to your belt and your axe slung securely across your back. You know you need to return to that cave to find your eight-legged true love. Night is fallen, and you hope that you look impressive as you stride out of town under the last rays of the twilight sun. You climb over the fallen stones of the wall and set out into the forest, on to new adventures and your own happily ever after. LOL!
  3. how do i exit the spider cave? i've tried "exit" and "go through exit" and "go forward." it's not working
  4. My sister has a gold egg, but I don't think it is a gold dragon, so what is it? //PLEASE_READ_THE_RULES_BEFORE_ATTEMPTING_TO_POST_YOUR_EGGS You can post /lineage/ links but not /view/ links, and if you want to share an image, you'll need to host it yourself or use the wiki urls. You could also just share the description of the dragon (the one the cave provides).
  5. Peregrine licked her jaws nervously and headed back into the cave.
  6. PEREGRINE BREEDING To get a dragon: 1. Fill out the form. 2. Contact a breeder. 3. Choose your dragon. To become a breeder: 1. Fill out the form. 2. Contact me with your form. 3. Post the second breeders form on this topic! Form A: What to fill out to get a dragon. Form B: To become a breeder. Form C: What to post on this topic to become a breeder. Form A: Username- Scroll link- Amount of dead dragons- Amount of adult dragons- Amount of hatchlings- Amount of eggs- Form B: Username- Amount of dragons, not including eggs- Scroll link- Form C: Hello! You can call me [B]" ."[/B] I am one of the Peregrine Breeders, and I have [B] [/B] dragons! The amount of dragons that I have that are up for adoption are [B] .[/B] I have been adopted from [B] [/B] times. Breeders: Star Peregrine https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...E=04&MID=229226
  7. Peregrine felt unsettled in the disapproval of her pack. If this got anymore serious, her new beta could be killed!
  8. Peregrine held her head high to sweep her gaze across the crowd. Murmurs were passed back and froth and teeth were slightly bared. They was annoyance in the crowds faces. Peregrine waited for the first challenge.
  9. Peregrine flicked her tail at the assemblage of her pack. And then, she heard words coming from someone's mouth. Was it hers? It seemed to be. "You have your beta."
  10. Peregrine sat with a full belly and a full head of thoughts. She could make eclipse a Hunter, but wouldn't do much good. She decided to call a meeting to the pack. She stood in her cave and howled, to call to the pack's attention.
  11. I have a list of wolves that I might want as beta: Eclipse Dusk That's it for now, but I don't know much about the other wolves yet.
  12. Peregrine nodded to Dawn and dipped her head to Dusk. "You have filled the bellies of our pack. There could be no better honor." She then turned to the leaving Dawn. "Tell your sister of the prey we share." "Noon, Midnight, it's your guard." She then sat in await of the new wolf.
  13. Peregrine gave her nod of approval to Eclipse. She knew he must want to look further into situation. "If there are more, come back immediately. If not... you can make the decision of what to do." She nodded in respect for him. She had thought several times about making him beta, but she knew that the pack would protest. Hunter was a higher rank then guard, and they would want one of them to have the position.
  14. It's late Winter. Peregrine growled to let out a warning to her pack. Her fangs were bared as she snarled, but she really didn't think much of it. It's just one wolf, up against a pack. She dropped her head down low and opened her mouth, taking in its scent. It was a young female, more curious than aggressive.
  15. I'll start by answering and asking some questions. Odd numbers of pages are day. Even are night. Which two wolves are at guard? Which two wolves are hunting?
  16. Ok! Everyone is in, I'm satisfied, but I wanted everyone to know that you can make another pack.
  17. Everyone is accepted. You may rp.