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  1. What is Silvatales? Mind shedding some light over here, 'cause it looks kind of interesting. :33
  2. ((Coolio~)) Nisprit nodded and smiled. Carefully she lifted herself to her feet, ignoring the soreness in her limbs, and padded over to the cave exit. The limp in her step was easily visible, but Nisprit didn't mind – it just added to the part she could play for Cantaur this time! And she was glad that she could be useful like this, too! She couldn't help admiring Cantaur's cunning as she studied the drop off from the cave's edge. Tentatively Nisprit dropped her forepaws onto a small ledge not far below, and let her hind legs follow quickly after; she held her good wing out for balance an
  3. Nisprit grinned eagerly. "Of course! I will take up the position and fight with everything I have for your cause, sir! I will follow you to the ends of Valkemare, if I must!" Nisprit dipped her head in respect for the Thunder dragon, and flexed her talons. This would be a grand war, and one to be remembered for ages! She just knew it.
  4. As Cantaur finally turned his attention to her, Nisprit felt dizzy with anxiety, but drew in a deep breath and allowed herself to relax. She listened to him carefully as he addressed her, and replied slightly slowly, trying to choose the right words to say. "I am Nisprit – Nisprit Enigma," the young Black dragon began, "and with all due respect sir, while that may have been a simple storm to a powerful Thunder such as yourself, my breed isn't quite built to last a thunderstorm of such massive scale." She shook her head. "Anyways, I have come in hopes of helping you fulfill your dream – yo
  5. As Nisprit listened to the Thunder dragon, her awe, her respect, and even her fear of him grew. How strong, how powerful he was! She lifted her head and smiled. How perfect he was! There was doubt in Nisprit's mind – she would follow him to the ends of Valkemare! Patiently, nervously, hopefully, she awaited her turn to speak.
  6. Nisprit immediately realized with a sting of dissapointment that Cantaur was ignoring her. She grimaced. This was just great. That storm made her seem weaker than a newly-laid egg! The pitiful Black dragon flexed her talons, making small claw marks in the stone, and eyed Cantaur nervously. She needed to prove herself as soon as possible, but how? These injuries rendered her practically useless! Then he asked why they were there. Oh, how she longed to brag about her abilities and how useful she could be as she normally would! But the dragoness bit her tongue and kept quiet; no use in makin
  7. Nisprit fought to clear up her mind a bit, and found her efforts successful as the voices around her become clearer. There were now four other dragons close enough for her to sense; the one closest to her seemed to be right by her side and was talking to her. Relieved at this, the Black dragon also felt a strong resilience bubbling up inside of her as the dragon asked how she could help. Nisprit's eyes, which had been screwed tightly shut, now blinked open as she felt more in control of herself. Her mental voice, however, did not reflect this quite so well. "I am fine," she replied weakly
  8. Nisprit distractedly managed to catch the sound of departing wingbeats. She groaned, trying to keep her hold on her consciousness. She summoned her strength, and reached out with her mind hopefully. The dragon beside her might hear her, if she was still strong enough to at least speak into the minds of others. "C...Youhear...e?" Nisprit's thoughts were still slurred and broken from the bolt of electric fire she'd endured; she knew it, without even hearing them herself. Drawing in a deep breath, she tried again. "Can you hear me?" Nervously, she added, "Has... Has the storm passed? Am I th
  9. Nisprit's head reeled. A ringing noise squealed in her ears, stinging her mind. In the distance she could hear faint voices, and she could sense the mana of two dragons. One of them, she recognized, although she could not place a name for the numbness in her mind and the fire that raced through her limbs. The young Black dragon struggled to try and get off of her back, but her muscles immediately screamed a painful protest, and a strained roar escape her maw. Nisprit panted, her chest heaving. The storm had practically ripped her to shreds, it seemed... Then Nisprit remembered the other t
  10. Nisprit had done fairly well weaving her way through the storm up to this point; she could feel her own confidence cascading from her every time she successfully made her way through a shower of lightning bolts unscathed. However, this self-pride didn't have much time to last. A sudden, jarring boom of thunder overhead made her come to a screeching halt, just in time to avoid a crack of lightning that came down just seconds away from her nose. She couldn't help a frightened howl as the storm suddenly picked up. The sky swirled around her – or at least, she thought it did – and the mountains se
  11. Nisprit scanned the ground below her with occasional glances at the horizon ahead of and on either side of her as she traveled through the skies. The moon had begun its slow descent to the Earth, and the golden glow of morning peirced the blackness of the night sky. Nisprit couldn't help reeling to a halt as a treacherous-looking mountain range suddenly came into view, a charcoal-gray silhouette looming threateningly on the horizon, lit by quick strikes of lightning through the dark shroud around the jagged peaks. The young Black dragon almost considered turning around; maybe she missed someth
  12. It was a cool night; the air was crisp and fresh. Nisprit lifted her head slowly, warily watching the rising and falling of the chests of the sleeping dragons around her. She had been waiting for the right time to slip away, and with such a peaceful night the others were sure to be sleeping deeply. Silent as a shadow, Nisprit slipped from her nest cradled in the branches of a large oak and took off into the night sky. She had to find that dragon Cantour! His words of a new world had stirred something deep inside the Black dragon's heart – something wild. She knew that she had to find Cantour a
  13. ((I don't mind at all, Esko! I'll go ahead and start with my sweet, strange, lonely Silver, and then Nico can stop by~)) Silver woke in the morning to birdsong -- no, to Ariasong -- and was unable to stifle a tired groan. Her muscles screamed with aching pains from battle training with Nisprit, and she longed to just roll over and return to her dreams, but she knew that her friends wouldn't wait for her forever. Tossing aside her blanket, Silver slipped out of bed and pulled on her usual outfit: her pale green tunic, her black leggings, her emerald cloak, and her gloves and boots. She qui
  14. ((How about start with your character(s) waking up in their bed to another normal day of the Dragon's War, hoping that this one -- like every one -- will be the last of the quarrel between the kingdoms?))
  15. (( Heeeey, guys!! So, I haven't been on here in the past few days, but I wanted to let you all know that you've all been accepted and may begin roleplay whenever you like! Thank you for taking interest in the roleplay, and have fun!! ))
  16. Dragon Name: Nisprit Enigma Dragon Gender: Female Dragon Breed: Black dragon Link to dragon on scroll: https://dragcave.net/view/sEgCs Position on War: Reformist Affinity: Released Notes: While not bloodthirsty or violent, she loves to fight; often is very protective of friends and allies; doesn't make too much of an effort to stop escalating arguments and small scraps, but may join in instead. A stubborn character, often quite arrogant as well. Isn't completely fond of "peace", but doesn't wish for complete utter chaos, either. Isn't that big a fan of humans, but won't kill one wi
  17. ((I apologize in advance for my characters' histories being a bit lengthy, but these are shortened versions of what I'd like to write; I could write short stories taking up at least three or four pages for most of their histories if I wanted to, I'm sure!)) Name: Sylvia "Silver" Mistere Age: 17 Gender: Female Role: Scroll-keeper Occupation(Citizen Only): N/A Alliance: None Appearance: Sliver is an albino; her hair is slightly wavy, and isn't completely white as it has traces of a very pale silver in it and she never allows it to grow much further than her shoulder blades; pale
  18. I've been thinking a little bit. Maybe, instead of getting rid of Tarik, you could give him another Role, such as a Knight of Raedyn instead of the Prince -- that will allow you to keep Tarik and keep them in love without taking any of the limited Roles. How's that sound?
  19. I would keep reading both labels frantically over and over and over again, saying something like, "What the... How... BUT THIS IS FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE, PEOPLE!! AND WHAT IN VALKEMARE/EQUESTRIA/STARCLAN/PYRRHIA/GALLIFREY/OTHER RANDOM FANDOM LAND DOES 'EARN THE EFFECTS OF READING THE BOOK' MEAN?!?!?! Oh mY GOOoOOoooOoOOOooOoD!!!!!!!!" Anywho, how would you react if bronies and pegasisters (male and female fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) all suddenly gained "the magic of friendship" whenever the series ends and sprouted cartoon pony ears and some of them also gained cartoon Pegas
  20. Maybe you shouldn't take up the Prince/Princess slot for both kingdoms – someone else might like to have one, you know! If you can decide on which one to exchange/get rid of, I'll accept you character(s) Drakita! As for mine, don't worry, I'm working on them! It's just taking a little longer than I thought. ^v^
  21. (( NOTE: Just so you know, Dragonmasters are basically the trainers and masters of dragons used in the war. Have fun! :33 )) Alliances Cytrius: King (0/0): -deceased- Queen (1/1): Queen Sarra Netari(AnayaMidnight) Prince/Princess (1/1): Princess Amina Netari(Drakita) Royal Advisors (0/3): N/A Royal Guards (0/5): N/A Royal Spies (0/2): N/A Royal Mages (0/2): N/A Dragonmasters (0/4): N/A Scroll-keepers (0): Knights (0): Mages (0): Archers (0): Scouts (0): Scholars (0): Citizens (0): Outlaws/Prisoners (0): Raedyn: King (0/1): N/A
  22. Welcome! This is "The Dragon's War" – an open Dragon Cave roleplay mainly taking place on Galsreim, but there may be a little roleplay in other parts of Valkemare as well. Now, allow me to explain the plot a bit more in depth. Two of Valkemare's largest kingdoms – Raedyn and Cytrius – have gone to war over control of Galsreim's main trade routes and, though it may not have been mentioned in the Introduction, control of a few of the smaller kingdoms surrounding these trade routes. They have been using dragons to fight in this struggle, and many other kingdoms have been stealing wounded drago
  23. Introduction You find yourself walking out of the Cave, a dragon egg cradled carefully in your arms. You are on your way back home when you hear voices up ahead. You stop to listen, curious. "...You're sure this is the answer?" you manage to catch from a young male voice. You hear the question come out sounding slightly shaky – almost fearful, even. "Of course!" answers a gruff bark, this man's voice much older and raspy with age. "The king of Cytrius must be killed, y'hear? The Dragon's War is upon us! Raedyn will come out victorious and I'll be the one to make sure of it if it'