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  1. I am 100% looking forward to it. I hope they include an option to move around villager houses, maybe though some type of zoning system. Being able to select your skin tone and body type is kind of a must for any modern game that offers character customization, and I would be surprised if they didn't include this for 2019. New villagers, bugs, fish, plants, etc are always nice too. Overall, I'm just excited to start a new town 🎈
  2. Black Tea ♂️, Daydream ♂️, Sunstone ♀️, and Pillow ♂️ (All CB)
  3. I use custom sort: 1. The top of my scroll is like a nursery area containing all of my eggs / hatchlings. A few adult dragons might be hanging out there as well, but that's only because I haven't gotten around to sorting them properly. 2. The majority of my scroll is organized into a custom rainbow, starting with white and moving to grey > brown > black > red >orange > yellow ... etc. 3. Holiday dragons are always located near the bottom of my scroll. They are ordered by holiday (Valentine's Day first, Halloween second, Christmas third) and are then further sorted by release date. Creating the custom rainbow was a bit of a hassle initially because I already had quite a few dragons when I decided to do it. But it was really easy to just keep adding on dragons once it was finished.
  4. I've managed to narrow it down to these sprites, but honestly there are so many good ones!
  5. Happy soon-to-be Thanksgiving! 🍂🦃🍂
  6. I got INFP, 72% Introvert, 31% Intuition, 12% Feeling, and 9% Perceiving. We took this test back in high school for a psychology class, and even back then I always got a high Introvert/Intuition score. The last two parts may have changed since then though, I'm not sure if they've always been FP, or TJ, or some other combination.
  7. Nope, my state never gets snow. I'd love to live somewhere that gets at least a little snow though
  8. Cool! Thanks for the update, looking forward to finally getting some Christmas dragons
  9. I'll give my support to this idea as well. It would be great if we could sort dragons into tabs by lineage, holiday breeds, non-breedables, etc. It would allow us more freedom to customize our scrolls, and it would also make navigating our scrolls easier for outside viewers. Maybe instead of giving each tab a (possibly) lengthy title, we could use little icons to make things even simpler.
  10. I totally support this idea. This would provide a slow, yet reliable way for people to obtain dragons they really want without having to stalk/refresh the cave. It would be great for newer members who missed out on holiday CBs, and it would give us all another thing to work towards. I imagine Trader's Canyon would be one heck of a beast to implement, but it seems like a really cool feature everyone could make use of.
  11. I've been playing Pokemon, main game and spin-offs, since I got my Nintendo 64 in first grade. I'll be trading and battling with my grand kids if I have any Animal Crossing, LoZ: Wind Waker, and Pikmin were also a big part of my childhood. I still play a lot of Nintendo games today, but PC games have become more convenient.
  12. Pokemon Sun Also, bought Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate yesterday. I'm looking forward to playing it this week.
  13. Oh wow, same here! I don't get to bake or even cook as often as I'd like, but I really enjoy doing it. I managed to bake a key lime pie and a pumpkin pie fairly recently, and they both turned out better than I thought they would
  14. I'm a collector. I would definitely like to have at least a few of each dragon type, including alts, but I don't plan on freezing any hatchlings. I mostly get CBs since I would like to eventually start some neat lineages of my own, but I don't mind getting eggs from the AP every now and then.
  15. I'm egglocked right now actually. I usually incubate if I can, or I influence my eggs. Over the next few days I'll probably check on them with Valley Sherwood to see if I have any free space. In the meantime I'll browse the forums and mess around online
  16. I, Eggcellent, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.