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  1. Since this is for encyclopedia issues I'll post it here instead of starting a new topic.


    The Seasonal Dragon's Encyclopedia pages are showing the wrong biome. Spring, Autumn, Winter and possibly Summer (I don't have the location unlocked for that form yet) say they are only found in the Alpine biome. Spring and Autumn, and Summer if effected, should be listed as found in the Forest biome not the Alpine biome.


    Also, can anyone verify if the Summer form is also being listed as found in the Alpine?

  2. should've called him eben and "edgar" instead of eben and "ezer" :y

    Eben and Ezer... what a Scrooge! Ba-humbug! xd.pngxd.pngxd.pngxd.png


    I'd like to know this, too.


    Edit - Process said on the IRC we shouldn't be able to get repeats.

    Process may have said that we shouldn't be able to get repeats, but that that doesn't mean that we don't get them. I've gotten the item Pink at least 3 times now (its that big pink canopy bed), and I know from number checking that I have received at least 7 other items that I have already received before at some point. I hate glitches. mad.gif