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  1. 20-22 maybe??? I wonder what someone would guess for me... A lot of people guess really, really wrong. Either younger or wayyyyyyyyyy older.
  2. Keep: Blacktip Abandon: Cassare Kill: Carmine Wyvern Gold Tinsel, Bronze Shimmer, and Silver Dragon
  3. HONESTLY YOU TWO *sighs* Ssapphirra! Prepare your doubles attack! *pillows strapped together in pairs fly around the room hitting everyone except for Jazz and Ssapphirra* *belle and hades wake up* *belle attacks Ssapphirra* BELLE! WE WENT OVER THIS! JUST because someone wakes you up, DOES NOT mean they are your enemy! Ssapphirra is a FFFFFFRRRRRRRIIIIIIIEEEEENNNNNNDDD ! *says the word very slowly to make sure belle understands* *belle looks at jaz, but quickly loses focus and goes back to attacking random people with fur and pillows*
  4. Infernoflower- Write that description! Perhaps she makes special fire flowers that are extremely rare and can only be made by one dragon, Infernoflower. Open to Suggestions! Currently Pending are: Wyld Thing, Wylderness, Vuldemort, Emerald's Lapis Lazuli, Athephronis, Nahdoe, I am a blue bat with wings, Udatia, and Ssapphirra
  5. Wait, that's a thing! YES MASTER YODA PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR MY DISBELIEF!!! How would you react if your favorite breed of dragon was discontinued?
  6. I want a Leetlewing egg! Wanted Gen: 4G Breeding Pair: Thunderpaw Leetlewing x Peachball Thuwed (3G PB EG Pygmy - 3G PB EG Pygmy) Breeder: Bluesonic1 Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/Jazzi9753 I asked for one already, but I forgot to influence it and it is the same gender as my other one so I can't make a breeding pair... I won't forget this time
  7. The character who the character who is typing this refers to in the first person is wondering which item is their title that people call them by. The character who the character who is typing this refers to in the first person is also questioning people to find out which item exists to be the character that the character who is typing this is. Next: Foxes are very interesting animals, and I like foxes because they are my favorite color, ginger, as well as my favorite animal.
  8. "Belle! Hades! *my pillow dragons* Where are you? HONESTLY you two are SOOOOO lazy! Where are you when I need you?" *cries* *belle and hades apear from nowhere* *Belle sits on someone and falls asleep* *Hades sits on Belle and falls asleep*
  9. Yay! Now more people can ride horses and that's awesome whoo! How would you react if you heard someone talking to you, but there was no one else in the building with you?
  10. Pillow I nominate Kyanite Pygmy
  11. Ceruleanmask - Write that description! Perhaps something is wrong with her face, so she wears a mask or something along those lines??? Taking Suggestions!
  12. I've adopted/kept a Leetlewing egg! Species: Pygmy Link to Lineage: https://dragcave.net/lineage/5o4zx Original Gifter/Breeder: bluesonic1 Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/Jazzi9753 When it grows up, I will submit a breeding pair with my other Leetlewing And np with the delay anyways. I am happy to have my little Leetlewing now:)
  13. Oh no! The hatchlings grew up to fast! I'll get more eggs to donate next time.
  14. Yuck (I'm picky) Chocolate Covered Bacon
  15. GOOSE! put in, I want to find a doctor with legible handwriting.
  16. I'm excited for this, I'm donating a bunch of cool stuff !
  17. Yeah! However, they will have just hatched the day before... But they will still be here!
  18. I'm so excited! I'm going to have 6 eggs to donate this time!
  19. Wait. HOW DO I GET BACK?! How would you react if I just put ... here?
  20. The character who the character who is typing this refers to in the first person is infected with a virus causing stuffy or runny noses, and coughing as well as sneezing. By the way, I actually do have a cold. Next: I wish I had wings.
  21. Solarjazz9753 fuse with "Xylophone"