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  1. I'm allergic to sulfa based medications, smoke, weed, pineapple, mango, and pig-products. I'm also intolerant to dairy-products, a lot of different spices, and basically life in general lol
  2. SoulFrontier Fuse with "incandescent"
  3. I joined this site to have my own dragons. Naming them seems to bring them to life and I plan their names before they're even hatched. I literally have post-it notes all over my desktop with possible names (usually based off of their unique codes) I, SoulFox, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. I promise to keep naming every single one of my dragons, no matter what
  4. Grave Dragon, Ochredrake, Spirit Ward, and Diamond Wing
  5. I accidentally bred my Monarch pairing and forgot I had my max of eggs... Now I'm stalking the egg, hoping someone picks it up ;~; I also did the same with another egg, and now I'm stalking that one too, hoping the owner doesn't let it die (I get super attached to my dragons whoops)
  6. My Demons by Starset; I just wish it would go back to my Shinedown songs >>
  7. Ugh bit by another llama? Screw this *flails hands* I thought I left you all on the farm when I moved--
  8. I've played every single generation of Pokemon and I'll keep playing it too I look forward to this game. My only qualms are that I really hope they change up the story line... Playing the same recycled plot will get too boring. Perhaps they'll have something like all the secret stories in Crystal and the original Silver. Or maybe something more like yellow? Anything but the whole "good versus evil" thing and "capture the legendaries to destroy the world"! I hope they shake it up a bit and give us a higher quality, even surprising plot. Who knows, maybe we'll be able to sympathize with the baddies and have some feels for destroying them? Then again, they're gearing this to loop in new pokemon fans too. Perhaps I shouldn't expect something spontaneous, huh?