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  1. I was able to get 2 of the pink ones and 4 of the green ones. Egglocked now, so I'll have to wait before I can try for a blue one.
  2. Thanks for the new dragons
  3. Thank you to everyone who helped with this new release
  4. https://dragcave.net/lineage/LoMal Cool code imo and, some nice lineage projects in there. also, descended from the spriter's alt tinsel. the pink one!
  5. Grabbed one of each Thanks TJ! I'll be able to grab some more when some hatch.
  6. I DUG MY WAY TO CHINA! That one made me laugh so much . I don't think I have any cool or funny names But we'll see...
  7. I'm choosing Rowlet and getting a Sun cartridge from GameStop the day it's released. SO HYPED!
  8. Ok, I'll try posting in there
  9. How do you change genders? 3 of the 4 of my new Halloween 2016 hatchies have gendered male. The last one had not gendered yet. Is there a way I can change one to be female? I don't have the ability to teleport with the magic dragon...
  10. Happy Halloween! I think I got an egg I got mine from alpine
  11. Now mine has stopped working, it was working earlier today. Now, it just won't load
  12. Thanks for all the help! I am amazed at how helpful everyone is here in this community!
  13. I'm quite new, so all of my slots are full. But by tomorrow, I should have at least 1 open slot for the new egg
  14. Let's cure this icky green stuff from my dragon! Go Team Cure!
  15. I would like to have a mentor help me out. I only speak English. I'm on American Central Time. I would also like to know how to create a good-looking signature on the forums with an image that links to my scroll.