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  1. Pets -------------------------- Every now and again you will see new pets. These are either temporary or permanent. Some pets are an WYSIWYG pet meaning it practically dosen't grow up Most pets are WYSINWYG pet meaning it grows up. Customs -------------------------- Cool! Customs are allowed on DankAdopts? Yes! Upload your customs to a cloud storage website with all the levels or just 1 image (for a WYSIWYG custom pet.) and message me them. If you want we can sell your pet in the Pet Shop for any price you want or you can give it to people. Q: When I make a custom adoptable how many will I get? A: You can put in the Message how many you want. Q: If I make a custom adoptable for one person will they get it? A: Yes. Just specify it in your message. Q: I'm a COPPA player! I can't use messages! A: Sign up for DankAdopts and message me there! Promo codes -------------------------- When a promo code is released, it is posted on the DankAdopts discord and on this post or somewhere else! Most promo codes are for a limited edition adoptable or special adoptable never seen before! We usually don't want guest artists but when we need them, we will get them but some pets will be on a promocode. Usually the pet species (like Blue Horse) will be the promo code E.G. the species is Blue Pony, the promocode will be BluePony. Q: Can I make a custom with a promo code A: No. Sorry. Q: When do you released promo codes? A: Mostly every month. Sometimes once a week, maybe fortnightly (half-month)
  2. DankAdopts is a game I am making. If you would like a position please go onto this discord server Open positions: Code Wizard (coders) Art Wizard (artists) Mod Wizard (Moderators) Closed positions: Grand Wizard (owner)
  3. Please ´╗┐add me to the lists Forum Name: ImINZAYNE22 Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/ImINZAYNE22 PM Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=228609 Proof that I read the rules: ´╗┐Green List Request: Paper Red Dino Green Dino
  4. Wew! Thanks for the quick response.
  5. How would one get a Dino in modern day DC???