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  1. 3G Yellow Zyu x Storm - Thank you, Terrafreaky!
  2. I love to collect Ridgewings, Blacks, Whites, and Kingcrownes!
  3. I've always liked both types of Luminas! I also love both colors of Ridgewings, Blacks, Whites, Soulstones, Frostbites, Electrics, and Turpentines as well... it's really hard for me to decide.
  4. Female gendering? Hope I can get one. One just hatched today (incubated) so not gendered yet and the other is from the 15th so it'll hatch tomorrow...
  5. boy did I mess up on my second card :') So far my favorites are the kokio kea and the shimmering iris, though honestly all are fabulous. Collected 19 flowers, looking forward to seeing the rest.
  6. FINALLY seeing red on the meter.
  7. The hatchlings look super cool! I wonder if they'll be wyrms, judging on their body? Can't wait to see their other sprites!
  8. Glitch, vortex, Cthulhu, Lovecraft... nice...
  9. Finally! I completely missed the Halloween activities and dragons from previous year, so time to make up for it. Hope y'all have a great time!
  10. Thanks Zenoid, for the Moonstone x Arsani lineage! (I like how the two were paired up, both having the same pose!) Thanks ToasterAthiesm, for the 3G bolt dragon! (I love these types of lineages!) Thanks Terrafreaky, for the three dragons with fancy lineage! (I really needed some long even lineages so I could hopefully pair them up with the others I have!)
  11. I don't know why, but does anyone think of Gemshard dragons when seeing the Wyverns? They sort of look like as if they may be related...
  12. sites finally back up Lovely dragons! I really, especially, like the two-heads! They look like Soulstones! The wyverns, though, are shockingly pretty. Nice job!
  13. Looking harmless... not. Red in Spanish, yet it is a blue dragon.
  14. Water and Silver Shimmer, thank you CloudLift and pie12345678987654321! Rainbow lineage. Thank you Shadowdrake! It looks super cool! Moonstone and Silver Shimmer, thank you CloudLift (again ) and Eyes_Turned_Skyward! AP seems like a good dream...
  15. Script and Bailaka dragons are exceptionally majestic. Edit - Different color, different sprites? Cool!
  16. -Breeds only pair for the first time- -Refuses to go near each other-
  17. I love the blue, white, and yellow ones the most! The black ones looks quite scary though.
  19. Love this! Thank you breeder! I find the father's code name amusing, and there's the dorkfaces! Thanks, breeder!
  20. naughtyish another Those two letters after 7 though
  21. I said nothing, and R.I.P me. At least, someone recieved the special egg, hopefully.
  22. NOO Jr. (N0Ojr) idk (idk6H) Just kidding NFB (JkNFB) Five hops worth! (5hoPs) Peace. (Spanish, anyone? MJPAZ)
  23. lGory was pretty close to having the code name Glory, but it still has a word in it anyway.
  24. Found a Shallow Water with an interesting lineage in the AP. I appreciate it, GlitterPrism.