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  1. ok thank you so much, i to try ^^
  2. This is a sad news for me. This dragons are beautiful! Excuse me can i disturb you with a other question? In market for the dino appea me the sentence Unlock egg in encyclopedia to purchase ; i go to encyclopedia in Dino page but not appear any possibility unlock egg; It possible i not have understand well the sentence? I'm very confused . It many year i play to DC But every day i discover a news Thank you for the reply^^
  3. Hi guys i have a little question. It 3 year i try to find the Snow Angel With the wings white and gold- I have this type https://dragcave.net/actions/mqj1T, but i do not succed find in the cave the eggs of the other 2 types. I would trade 2 my snow angels for other 2 that haved the wing i search, but in trading i not find the option where is possible trading the adult, please advice me. I love the dragons snow angel and i desire collection all 3 types. Thank you for the reply i hope the message is comprensible, i don't have a good english
  4. Merry Christmas! Happy Holiday at all!
  5. yuhuuu! halloween event! i like it!
  6. wonderful! happy birthday Dc! I play to Dragon Cave from 2008 year^^ How tthe time running!
  7. unfortunate! =_= in this year i do not succeed complete the collection eggs
  8. in this year no catch the eggs? i'm play to dc from 2008 year, but i not saw any other event beyond the catch eggs.. it interesting, when starting?
  9. i read the flight of the crow of mary ann macdonald.
  10. wonderful news! i'm so happy for the event
  11. wonderful news! I'm so happy! Happy Hlidays at all!!
  12. i celebrate halloween with a dinner much strange. My mom cooking a strange food (example a biscuti in the shape of a finger and other strange food then I see some films after i read one storied of ghost and at midnight I make tarot cards
  13. in this moment i continue to reading the collection stories of mistery the collection stories of vampires red of kerstin gier the collection stories of ghost the 3 collections books are a bigs books i think i have a stories from read for many time X°DDD
  14. happy halloween! i run to catch the egg
  15. yahooo halloween event! happy news! i run to search the candies
  16. i have starting a 3 books red of kerstin gier the japan ghost stories of yakumo koizumi and the mystery collection storier. ( a collection stories of classic autors japanish, russian, germanish, english. Many different autors of periods 1700 and 1800)
  17. i writing a book but i not pubblic this. I not have a good competence for pubblicate a book. My write not have a good quality i think. It a fantasy story, in a world fantasy But i love the write! is my life! The emotion as you write is unique! Magic! Fantastic!
  18. i love halloween! i can't wait to see the dc event! i think in this year i dinner with a strage foods (example hamburger at hand shaped and purè and the cake (i hope the chocolate cake XD) And i watch a movie (casper or hocus pocus ) or a ghost show if the italian tv you put them on the air.
  19. i'm it a moment relax. I'm return to my home 30 minutes ago. I play to dc and 2 other game in internet but i should keep reading a number 8 of the manga bungo stray dogs
  20. oh my god ! I'm in delay! i hope to find! i run to the cave
  21. i have read a two obscure books, this two books it a reckelss and heartless of conelia funke. for many persons these book it only fantasy but for me have a many dark components. i hope in the store arrive the fourth book of the saga, but for the moment not exist any news. i have checked the official site of cornelia funke but the only news present is a book for baby child i hope not have dropped this saga....