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  1. doki doki literature club, while not necessarily a complete horror game, was pretty jarring and messed up. monstrum was strange but i could barely watch a kubz scouts playthrough of it without scrolling to the comments a few times per 5 minutes. really creepy idk oof powerlevel but i hate getting chased there are some others ack i forget them
  2. pacman is 100% terrible i've only gotten past stage one once
  3. i might have posted here before, but i moved accounts on da thepinkpistol.deviantart.com is my new one, haven't posted anything yet but i'm excited to
  4. (hehehehe) Party Poison took one look at his brother and immediately tried not to snort at his roommate's screeching, holding the best straight face as he could. Kobra Kid, who was the master of stone faces, just kept his cool and gently looked up to Yuri and gave him a look. "You alright there bud? Feelin' a little-- hot?" Poison was desperately trying to keep in his laughter, trying his absolute best to internalize it, as he knew Kobra was forcing back a pun that'd be a dead giveaway he did it, despite however good his straight face was. "I think you need some-- ice to cool down!
  5. It had been a bit after they had waved a sassy goodbye to Senko, and now the two were off to their dorms, their rayguns swinging by their thighs in the holsters as they walked in sync with one another. Party Poison had his goggles over his eyes to block out the sun, Kobra Kid running his hands through his hair tiredly, whispering something to his brother about this place still making him feel more nervous than hearing the roar of BLI engines hot on their trails. Poison nodded and patted his little brother's shoulder in reassurance, knowing how he felt. All these strange monsters and spirit thi
  6. Party Poison just blinked as the weird spirit thingy faded out of sight, a frown on his face as he shook his head. Even though he's seen a lot in this school, his mind always seemed to jump to things that made sense to him, so he just figured with this lady DESTROYA had granted her some power or whatever. Although it couldn't be true, she didn't look like the type to last long on a desert like their own... but at the end of her introduction, Poison couldn't help but giggle to himself as he shifted his eyes towards an amused Kobra Kid, both of them giving each other that look. You know the one.
  7. finally im posting smth here's me lookin v emo with the fringe which is my brand and my trademark mcr varsity jacket lol god im cringy whoopsies
  8. i made bandom bunny cookies and decorated eggs and went on an easter egg hunt bc yes i am a five year old
  9. Kobra Kid hissed behind grit teeth, living up to the reputation he had kept for so long that he was some kind of snake dude, his sharp eyes staring at the scary woman with the Witch thing through his sunglasses. Party Poison raised his eyebrow at the lady, noticing that she took note of their rayguns at their hips. He didn't know what to say, because this lady had a spirit thing that Poison didn’t know whether he wanted to mess with or not, and he wanted to stay safe. For now. No use getting ghosted right here, before they even had a chance of going up against BLI and their own Draculoid freak
  10. Soon, rather unfortunately, the two culprits had been caught, forced back into the still crazy gym and made to stand in their own mess. Although, it seemed to not deter them from making trouble. As the guards eventually went off back to work, the redhead, Party Poison, looked over at the blondie, Kobra Kid, as the sprinkles rained down on them both. Poison didn't know if these guards knew where on Earth they hailed from, so this was practically heaven for the two of them, as where they came from was a hellish climate. A desert. So free water raining down on them like the days before BL/Ind? Si
  11. Amongst the fray of the speech, two arguably hard-to-miss teenagers sat restlessly in their seats, completely bored out of their minds. Their dust-blown hair still resided from their home world, from just being pulled straight from it. Hell, even the sand in their black knee high boots (to keep the snakes away) was still in there. But, whatever these two might think about this 'dumb' and 'static-less' school it still was a good getaway from the madness that went on in their home world. Didn't mean that this speech they had heard what seemed like a thousand times over wasn't boring, though. For
  12. i'm actually surprised crap like roblox isn't following in club penguin's wake and shutting down either it's so outdated and honestly needs to go
  13. (bump it) (twist it) (pull it) (shake it)
  14. they were on like the stephen colbert late show and omg "god's favourite band" damn right
  15. finishing up projects and homework but i'm here because i hate myself
  16. i had one a couple nights ago where i was racing against lightning mcqueen on this super lit mario kart track that may have been because i was playing mario kart that day and watched cars again a couple nights before that
  17. two words. band merch. and maybe band members idk just casually pushes mikey way behind back
  18. eeeeeee i meant the drop they're still dropping obvi but i can't grab one rip i'm so impatient lmao Please don't multi-post unless you're doing a lot of coding (like multiple quotes) or it's been a while and no one else has posted.