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  1. i woke 5 AM for grabing one and when i say 5 AM i mean right now
  2. im not even daring watch the rest...
  3. well in the task of catching them all TJ already did it
  4. im alergic to kiwi and tomato,its not fatal or poisonous its just make my skin fell like its burning
  5. once there was a game called newdinos or i dont remember but one day i went in it and i just froze after seeing that the game have just disapeared of the facebook and when i went in google to seek it i found nothing the game have vanished into the air
  6. mind me

    Pokemon Go

    i wish that someday y will be able to downlowad pokemon uranium otherwise i will keep dreaming
  7. mind me


    i got a problem with one piece
  9. i was going to put behind closed doors but my computer cant handle more the 5 pages or he turns off
  10. UPDATE i laughed the entire bloob video and thanks
  11. well im bored so i came here to find creepy stuff in the internet(NOT INCLUDING GORE OR FAKE PLZ) im going give some videos tooT Lollipop