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  1. Well I'm ready to get started. Chrys and Liz, feel free to hop in anytime sheet or no sheet.
  2. Like I said, don't sweat them too much. A name, age, gender, and species are good for now until you have time for the rest.
  3. Genre: Scifi Space Adventure Science: Star Trek style "Rubber Science" Overview: TBA Post Length: 2-5 paragraphs Slots: -Chrysophylox -LittleLizzie -MisterVermont -Raptor of Dragons Roster: [B]Name:[/B] [B]Age:[/B] [B]Gender:[/B] [B]Species:[/B] [B]Appearance:[/B] [B]Personality:[/B] [B]Abilities:[/B] [B]Other:[/B] To-Do: -Clean up the thread -Possibly make an OOC/Chat