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  1. Named my Coral Pygmy Polyps Ridge and my Tercorn Tricorn Conch. Love the new additions to the dragons. Though I admittedly like the Tercorn more, the Coral Pygmys are also cute. And the aquatic theming is great. Thanks again, TJ and the DC staff/spriters!
  2. Oh, I love the S1 hatchlings. Particularly the Shimmering one. I just wanna cuddle that little cutie.
  3. I was wondering if there was going to be a drop, considering we hadn't gotten one throughout all of August. So, two new Coast eggs. I'm guessing these will be aquatic based dragons. The eggs are both so pretty! Thank you to TJ and the spriters.
  4. Agh! Can't believe I missed a release!!!!
  5. Looking like we got some good dragons here. The Chill one is particularly interesting. I'm getting the feeling they can open dimensional portals?
  6. Found a chill egg in the Jungle. Now just have to locate the small egg.
  7. Oh, wow! That's an amazing set of dragons! I love them all! In fact, I don't think I can pick a favorite! Well done, spriters!
  8. Happy Birthday, Dragon Cave! 🎂🍰 Love the colors of these eggs. Can't wait to see what they hatch into. And I just realized their reference to the Infinity Stones!
  9. Lovely adults! The Skysilks are very colorful and the Mariner pygmies remind me of seabirds.
  10. Lovely hatchlings. Shame we have to wait until Tuesday to see the adults. Thanks for the new release!
  11. Oh, the Vibrant Color egg is so pretty! Wonder what they'll look like when they hatch.
  12. Can't believe I managed to get them all. They're all great eggs, though the two with legs seem a bit creepy to me. But that's just my personal preference. Well done, spriters! My favorites are the panda and prism eggs.
  13. I thought that's what that was! So cool I correctly guessed the reference!
  14. Is that... a Baby Moses egg?
  15. LOL! For a few seconds, I thought that was a bald eagle egg. Nope, it's Smurfette.
  16. I think it's any time between 5 to 15 minutes.
  17. Happy Easter! And Happy Belated Passover to all Jewish DCers!
  18. Yay, it begins! And my first one is a Magic: The Gathering egg.
  19. And I've been eaten for the second year in a row.
  20. I know! Ion is such a sweet dragon! While I am curious about the other dragons, I think playing it through to get a different ending will just make me feel bad about Ion and how they're all alone.
  21. Aw, Ion didn't want to go to the dance. Was there something I should have differently?
  22. Hmm. I got to Day 4 or 5 and the screen is black. Maybe a temporary glitch?
  23. What a nice new dragon! So we got another singing dragon. (I know the Ochredrake also sings, but I think there are others?) I particularly love the swirl patterns on their bodies and their fluffy looking tails.
  24. Once again, Happy Holidays to everyone! Really enjoy the game. (Though has it been explained what the different colors on the badge trophy mean? Looks like it could be orange, purple or blue.) Can't wait to see TJ's dragons reach adulthood. I bet they'll be gorgeous!
  25. Oh, are these new dragons going to be candle themed? That little blue flame above their heads is very interesting! Really enjoying the mini game. Though sometimes it glitches out with the cursor disappearing or freezing up. Apart from that, though....