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  1. Anyone have any Arcana hatchlings on hand? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hmm. I know they appear in all biomes, but I wonder if I'd have better luck with a specific biome. I know I could possibly get from the market, but it could take me ages to earn enough shards.
  3. Are the Flow eggs still dropping? Just trying to figure out if I'm wasting my time stalking the AP.
  4. *Sigh* Saw a Flow egg in the Forest Biome but I didn't click fast enough. 😩 I wonder why we were given a new batch of Xenos. Any particular reason? Not that I'm complaining, mind you. The spriters did a great job. I just wonder what the reasoning was.
  5. Ugh, wish I didn't have to work today. I realize it's a game and that its supposed to be challenging. But I'm still frustrated by the elusive Flow egg. Particularly since, by the time I was aware of its existence and was no longer egglocked by the new Xenos, the drops had become mixed, which makes it next to impossible to snag one. I know they can be bred, too, but I understand even that's not guaranteed.
  6. Really a bit bummed that I haven't seen a single flow egg
  7. The 7th egg has a slightly different description from the others
  8. Currently stalking the AP, hoping to find the 7th egg
  9. Whoa. I just looked at the Wiki page. and there's a 7th egg?
  10. Those hatchings are so cute!!!!
  11. Is anyone willing to trade Labradorite hatchings with me? I'm trying to get a male.
  12. Have: Labradorite Hatchling (Precognitioned as Female) Want: Male Labradorite Hatchling Make an Offer
  13. Wow, quite an ensemble. And that's cool how they're all themed. Though my favorites are the Pargulus Pygmies. I just want to cuddle them! I'm currently stalking the AP in the hopes of snagging a Jester or Amalthean egg.
  14. Oh, wow! Happy birthday to Dragoncave! That's quite a gift. Lots of new dragons to collect. And they're all wonderfully unique. I personally get a bit frustrated by hybrid dragons, but I can live with it. Besides, it helps keep me from going over my egg limit. I also notice the seed eggs come in three different colors upon hatching. And something similar is going on with the spotted eggs. Does that have to do with the biome they're found in?
  15. Just decided on the names of my new dragons. My Venturis Dragon is Empane and my two Xol Dragons are Azureweed Coral and Redweed Coral. (I'm embarrised to admit it's getting harder to come up with unique names.) Thanks again for the new releases! And great job to the spriters!
  16. Wow, those are some cool new dragons! An Eastern breed and an aquatic breed. I can see the Venturis making some nice lineages with Silvers. And those decorative scales growing on the Xol makes me think of coral. Awesome job to the spriters!
  17. Nice, two new dragons to catch! Thanks TJ! Thanks, DC staff!
  18. Oh, I can't believe I didn't pick up on the FMA reference!
  19. I think I got all the eggs! Great job to everyone who participated this year! Let's see. I think I recognize the Koopa Clown Car, Madame Leota, Eclipsa Butterfly, the Golden Snitch, Izuku Midoriya(?), the Starship Enterprise in a bottle, that Phoenix Wright meme, Frozen 2, that mask thing from the Zelda games, Lapis Lazuli's cracked gem getting healed, Falcon & Winter Soldier, the paper cup design, and a riceball. Did I get those right? I'm also curious about the ones I didn't get.
  20. Is that the thing Bowser was flying in the final boss battle from Super Mario World?
  21. Oh, I love the doodle dragons. And is that a Trogdor reference?
  22. Wonder if I'll always end up getting eaten
  23. Curious what the full inventory for the mini game is. I'm wondering if I missed anything..... The new dragon looks great! Keep up the awesome work, everyone!
  24. Aww. I wanted to be a good little dragon. But the game forces you to eat the chocolates. The new hatchling is really cute. I wonder if they'll be super colorful.
  25. Don't know if this has been asked already, but will there be a post of the different door images and what they're referencing? Because I believe I recognized the TARDIS, Boo's Door, that Lord of the Rings door and Platform 9 3/4. But I didn't get the others. Also, I'll be sad when the event is over. I'd missed the cooking game. And great job on the Wintertide Dragons, too. I've named mine Leafbell.