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  1. My sister juuuuuuust got the last one (which was of course one she really wanted). That was beyond too close.
  2. I got all of them yesterday evening, but that was just because my school doesn't care if I looked into the DC tab every now and again and grabbed it. My sister, however, is furiously trying to get her last ones because her school does not allow this. It's been almost impossible for her to get the eggs. She wishes it was back to every five minutes, because she would have gotten this long ago. She (and me, for her sake) wishes the time was shorter or the event was extended.
  3. I spy a Magic the Gathering egg I believe? And one that's an emoji. Only references I know so far.
  4. Pity. Only had time to go twice through. This is the first event I've never made it through all the options.
  5. Thank you! I'm glad you like it!
  6. @TemmieFlakes Here you go, all finished: I'm sorry! I missed your post! I forgot to check in.
  7. @TemmieFlakes Well, there actually wasn't any progress, but I started the WIP so I'd have something to show. What with the New Year being here, I'm very busy. This probably wont be finished until next week. But here's what I have so far. WIP subject to change, but from left to right it's still Romania, England/Great Britain/United Kingdom, and Norway. If you or your friend would like something in the background, I can add it. ^^
  8. @TemmieFlakes Sure thing! What medium would you like it done in?
  9. My lazy gif of an OC. A friend's dog A friend's OC Maladict from Terry Pratchett's Discworld! Hogswatch themed! An attempt at drawing Theo Goldman from Morganville Vampires. I a) got his hair color wrong and b) this is from an after-the-series RP. So he got blinded recently.
  10. I'd decommission the catapult if I had any idea what to put in it's place. But I really like what I have right now. It's almost a maze and it's really fun to try to decorate with the snow launchers.
  11. I think you have! I can see some slight changes in anatomy - better arm structure, clothing is looking a little more fluid, things like that. So I think it looks very good!
  12. For starters, this is NOT my character. This good bean is owned by Iownfish ( www.deviantart.com/iownfish ) (is there a way to tag? Something like that? I'm not sure.) and I attacked them during Art Fight but was very unsatisfied with what I attacked with. This is my long promised IOU and I said that it would (I at least would find it ) more impress. Story time! So I started this in Art Class (pencil outline) and had no idea where it was going to go. So I've basically taken them, once again, into what appears to be another fandom. In this case a deity of the dawn. Colors hopefully are all good. There are some dark tones for the 'night that is passing' and that's why the star for an eye. Then we have the sun disk and general fire themes and a floaty disk thing with made up ruins. This would also be the art piece I did in my class. Because when I say I'm going to do something I go to weird lengths to do so? I started this class by sometime doing art on my computer while listening to lectures. Then this month I needed to do Inktober so I ended up bringing in my sketchbook to do it. I was talking to a friend and they said 'next you'll be bringing in a canvas and painting'. Sooooo guess what? So today in class I set up a small art studio on my desk. A set of watercolor paints, a couple brushes that were stuck in with my pencils, and a water bottle was used, along with my all media form notebook. The only comment I got in class was one of my peers came up to me after class and asked if I'd seriously just painted all of that in class. cx Loki again. Present for a friend. When I'm angry with my computer I apparently draw trees. Loki is telling Penny a story. This has been a WIP for about two-three months? Glad it's finally done. For two of those trees I was sitting outside my classroom bored out of my mind so I just copied the trees onto the paper. The rest were just 'let me just make em up'. I always love drawing Penny's hair. I have so few long haired characters (well ... that aren't tying it back in pony-tails). I had three hours trying to get my computer to work and I off and on finished that, so it probably took about an hour. Birthday gift for someone called Morrigan. ^^ For no one who knows, Will is a character in my (semi)Warriors comic, Poisoning the Sea. Fur: grey with brown paws, tail tip, ears, chest, and cheek fur. Eyes: green (some of my descriptions say purple, so to nod to that, this ref has both) Nose: pink (and I didn't do a bubble color for that. Very sorry. x.x) Done in Firealpaca because I needed a better ref for submitting for a cameo appearance.
  13. This is the first time I've completed Inktober.
  14. Another wonderful art page that I must follow, follow, follow!
  15. Wow. Just. Wow. I'm following this topic because I am very wowed.
  16. Me? Update late? Hah hah never. X') Here's the remaining days! This failed on so many levels. Penny's eye before I attempted to cover it with hair and general face anatomy. I'm slightly pleased with this. Hunting right on humans, Draug, Daylight Foundation, and vampires unable to marry humans. (Then the general world who said two men can't either, since Julius and Marcel did not live in a state where they could legally get married.) Failed here too. My old pen died. So this was me trying to learn to use a new one. Julius doesn't really have favorites so much as a collation. So I just picked something. This one I'm pleased with. Near the end I was going through the prompts randomly, so this was actually the last I did. 4th wall gains at least one crack as Julius 'dresses up as a movie character' that technically exists in his world. This is of course saying Julius wouldn't collapse under the weight of all that armor. Old beat up shoes. Nothing much to say other than it used the old pen. Not his favorite socks. Just the ones he could find. Originally I wrote 'their favorite shows/shocks' Someone wanted a hot pink one. Thus we get the above view of Julius' room. I was lazy. I admit. More quote then picture. //shrugs// No one in said picture is of actual blood relation to Julius, heh heh. I mentioned being lazy? Just so no one thinks less of me, the last day I ACTUALLY drew was the one with Julius dressed as Loki and I did a few others in the 20-29s after I did this. Aaron (c) mostly mine but some Rachel Caine Sleipnir (c) based on Norse mythology but an OC of a friend Loki (c) MCU Julius (c) Mine Michael (c) Rachel Caine Penny (c) Mine God Eater (c) That's the cat and no one can own a cat. Actually, I might as well explain the fact that Aaron named the cat to mock Loki.
  17. Julius' sister. And this is me getting lazy, because I combined it with his parents. Shading experiment. Julius doesn't talk much to his sister. Not for any great reason, but they are both just very distant. So all news filters through his mother. Had more fun doing the text border (ignore the smudge) than the picture itself. Julius is probably a lot younger here? He used to garden, so Marcel just bundled up sometimes and looked bedraggledly out the window at him. Julius took pity and planted flowers that bloomed at night, though any vegetables were out of luck. He no longer has a garden and thus no longer has a hobby. The poor boy. Never doing this angle without refs. A LOT OF REFS. But I just eyeballed it, so everything looks awkward. But otherwise it's okay. Julius doesn't really have a favorite food. Just anything he didn't make. So he really likes going out to restaurants or watching other people cook ( + chatting while they do it). Don't ask me who he's eating with. Maybe Marcel. And either it's a misty day or he's dreaming. I lost motivation for this one. Michael is a vampire who knows Myrnin. Supported Julius when he started dating Marcel and visa versa. Then Julius' daughter Penny. And his nephew-in-law Aaron, who Julius likes to be snarky with. Probably Julius' mom talking. And Julius' sister probably pushed him into the pool. Not really his favorite place. It's the kitchen, by the way. Julius just likes to hang around places he can talk to people. He doesn't really have accounts. Morganville isn't big on letting you places on the internet. It's like permanently high school internet. Sometimes watches YouTube. Julius doesn't do anything neatly until he gets to work. And then he still has to fish the random junk out. Julius is afraid of losing people he cares about. I don't draw old people. I make badly done age jokes. A lot of the adults are also probably taller than Julius. Don't ask how he's in snow. Vacation from Texas. A thousands curses on bendy paper. Marcel's face looks so squished. Anatomy was attempted. Shading didn't succeed. I never said they met either interestingly ... Height failed And Julius looks like he has a nose bleed. Penny has no concept of time so of course wakes up Julius at the earliest possible hour. The electric clock is something Julius loathes some days. I did not do the prompt that I was supposed to do today. It involved HP crossover stuff, randomly, and I instead asked some others what to replace it with. Ginger-bread Julius makes a more accurate reappearance. I mentioned the anatomy thing? Julius probably just forgets to throw them away. And by that, he ends up putting them in the same area. Once again he does various things that just means he spends time with other people. For someone who doesn't particularly read very often (though still enjoys to) he picked up when he met Loki.
  18. Oh look. I did Penny this time! So, yes, I'm posting these early. I'm cheating. Penny after she tried to get into Julius' room, very clearly. He used his briefcase as a doorstop again. And I played with the border. No longer are we constrained by simple word bubbles! This was a lazy drawing done for funnsies. The background was an after-thought Julius is an accountant. Loosely used day 4's house-map as a reference, but Julius' messy room is always changing a bit, so the mess shifted. This is the answer key to some unmade find-the-item game. Julius is ... everywhere. Shoes (and monster, I got weird. Or maybe it's the cat) under the bed are pretty usual. The pants, shirt, socks, and coat move all over the place. The watch band doesn't move. He sets it there when he goes to bed and puts it on again in the morning. Maybe because it's actually important that he find it again (the man lost his glasses though ... so ... ) He often can't find the socks. He does have a place for his work clothing and that stays were it's supposed to. His around-the-house wear not so much. He probably isn't even the one who made sure the coat was in the dresser. It was probably Loki. I lost ideas for mess near the end so down in the bottom right corner there's some of Penny's toys. My inspiration was passing a traffic cone while driving and figured it should go with a train set. Ha ha. -.- This looks like my friend's college dorm room.
  19. I actually do still have a WIP from my DW/MV crossover ... I just haven't touched it in 4 months. Ha ha? I have too many WIPs. Over 10, I think. Digital and traditional combined. Hopefully tomorrow I can reduce that number and still get ahead in Inktober (and write and do my schoolwork and RP and apply for a job and ... etc.) I almost have a digital animation done!
  20. What life? I just draw all day. My non-conventional Inktober continues. This is a cat that the character (Julius) is completely unaware he's gotten yet. The bit on the side is something his daughter, Penny, said. It's a bit of a long story, but she was kind of blackmailing him about the fact that if they got a cat than he would need to clean his room since that would be where the cat would be spending most of its time. And Penny's the sort of character that if you say yes to her about something than she never lets it go. She also decided that they needed to get an orange tabby with green eyes. She was very specific about that. Julius' House a day earlier than I'm supposed to have done it. The page was in my notebook (they all are) but the page was curved a bit in the middle so the line looks ... bent up at the top, but it really isn't. And the attempt at carpet in the living room flopped. Julius' room is still messy. And you can see the skinny, small window in the kitchen. That was fun though! I promised not to draw another bookcase, if you remember ... So of course I had to draw a lot of very detailed little bookcases two days after I said not again. So, for all those who don't hang over my shoulder: (from left to right, bottom to top) Living room (Myrnin once slept a whole month on the couch when he had to guard someone), Aurelia's room (she has a ton of pictures on her wall. That's her profession), Aaron's room (you can't see it, but I did draw his graphing table in there. His room looks like a hotel's and very impersonal), Aaron's and Aurelia's parent's room (this is the Goldman house. Most are vampires. Aurelia and Aaron are stuck in their pre-teens). Then the next line is still the first floor. On the far left is part of the converted garage. This used to be Julius and Marcel's room, but after Marcel died Julius really couldn't sleep there anymore. Then there's the staircase and the hallway out to the second garage. The kitchen with a door into the side yard. Julius and his boyfriend's room (it's the messy one), and next to his Theo and Patience's room. Another hall with another door to the outside world and just visible is a corner of the guest room. Upstairs on the fair left is an unnamed Human's room, the bathroom next to that, and another unnamed human's room. The corner of Penny's (Julius and Marcel's daughter) room is just visible on the right.
  21. You might have noticed this isn't classic Inktober. That's because it isn't. It's from this: Mutters several things in varying order: 1. Should not have seen that alternate Inktober prompt list 2. I dislike working with pen. 3. I do like crosshatching 4. And that's Julius, because I imagine it's hard to tell. 5. Inktober's the first thing that I'm kicking out of October if I get too busy 6. And apparently I've chosen Julius as my test subject and I'm not completely sure why other than the fact that he and Penny are the two characters I'm leaning on. And I drew a lot of Penny when I was on vacation two months back. 7. I've previously noted Julius doesn't really do shorts. //shrugs I may drop Inktober midway through because October is crazy, ha ha. >.< Takes up from my last drawing, so these are Julius' significant others. Marcel, his husband, is in the upper picture. Marcel died two years ago (if we go from the RP I'm currently in). Marcel was quite the artsy person, yes he was. I'm not sure if I like his current design. It might change. And ye, the other is Loki. Very perceptive. Didn't think that I kept drawing him because he was a little side character, did you? (He's actually my RP partner's main character. I'm still wondering if Julius just ended up with him because he was the only 'free' character I've ever RPed. I never intend to ask because it ruins the mystery.) I will not draw another bookcase. It's been too soon since I drew Myrnin's lab. So, this is my last bookcase (watch me draw another one in the next week. >.< ) The pictures were taken by Aurelia. She probably had to stand on a chair to get that angle. The pictures then get put up on the Goldman wall. These were finished yesterday and I have, in fact, been drawing more bookcases. However could I have guessed?