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I'm just a girl, who likes girly things, and is obsessed with fantasy art and mythical, magical, creatures. Friends call me Kyri.iFWMuhD.png27616.gif Show A Leetle Love!

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    Pop music, fantasy art, gaming, shopping, & cats. <3

    I want to catch ALL the dragons, just like Pokemon! Ha ha! :)

    ::*::{Wish List}::*::
    CB Gold, 2G Gold x Thunder
    CB Silver, 2G Silver x Ice
    Bronze & Gold Tins up to 3G
    Bronze, Silver, & Gold Shimmers up to 4G
    CB Ice
    CB Magma
    CB Seasonals
    2G Hellhorse

    ::*::{Breeding List}::*::
    Silver Tinsel for CellyBean -Bred and sent.