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  1. 〈 caspian 〉 〈 sector 5 〉 In hindsight, perhaps starting an investigation into a criminal syndicate is best done with company. Caspian sighs as he bites the inside of his mouth, mindlessly tilting his head to the side as he watches them loop the chain around his wrists, the rest of the guards encircling the surrounding area. Trying to keep his best act of relaxed apathy, the pink-haired man sweeps his gaze around the room; a sharp click of the tongue brings his eyes snapping back, and the head guard looks at him sharply. Keeping him in line, Caspian realises, althou
  2. 8g pb blusang 3g pb glaucus
  3. (( i give up this is just his header now )) 〈 caspian moselle 〉 〈 sector 7. amongst the pillars 〉 The appearance of another man startles him, although Caspian barely lets out more than the widening of his eyes even as he turns towards the source of the voice, pulse quickening. It isn't as if he expects to be immediately attacked here -- well, it is a possibility, but Caspian is more inclined to wait and see before jumping to conclusions -- but there is still something that throws him off, instantly snaps to suspicion, when he feels anyone turn their attention to him. Per
  4. [ yui || dragon's lair ] Yui blinks when Yota draws out something from the ceremonial swords by his side; upon closer inspection, she realises that it is a photograph, black and white, but pristine despite its old age and clearly well-loved. Yota holds it with a delicate reverence, as if remembering some aspect of the past, and blinking up at the boy now Yui feels truly honoured that he trusts her enough to share this intimate piece of his family with her. Something sparks within her, an inkling of trust she has not given to most. Yota is completely harmless but since
  5. [ yui || dragon's lair ] Yui turns at the sound of a familiar voice, a polite smile already delighting on her lips as she prepares to greet Yota with the same formality as she had with the Fire Sages -- after all, he was the respected son of a well-known military general, right? Before she can say so, however, she feels her breath taken away, eyes widening behind the dark veil at the sight of the firebender standing before her. Yota had indeed gone with the other two boys -- and curiously, she wonders who they are -- to clean up, and, well ... Yui gives a faint little
  6. 〈 A2 〉 〈 sector 5. abandoned castle, balcony 〉 The strange, pink-haired newcomer doesn't seem to be wary of her, and it sets A2 instantly on edge. Truth be told, she had been wandering the castle for a little bit -- exploring the intricacies of the mysterious, quiet relic for quite some time when she'd initially stumbled upon it, alone in a strange land. It seems just like the places she's seen in fairytales, books left behind by the humans, and the grandiose structures 9S used to wax poetry out of, waving gloved fingers into the air as he wondered, airily, whethe
  7. [ jun || ceremonial palace ] Truth be told, he hadn't expected to get this far. Jun stares in vivid, clear surprise as the Fire Sage squints at him, but acknowledges his words and waves them off with a quick hand, even going as far as to state that he could do it immediately before the ritual started. Huh? Wasn't this a sacred place for religious ceremony? Why were the people of the Fire Nation being so ... generous? Dumbfounded, Jun stares blankly as Kiyo reappears in their line of view, standing beside Kui as he hears the black-haired boy compliment his
  8. 「 status. stable || o(≧∇≦o) 」 「 location. nook neighbourhood || wild forest 」 While Kaze and Corrin explored a new hint of a potential link towards their homeland, he had been tasked with welcoming newcomers. Rengoku scuffles the edge of his uniform, adjusting his sleeves as he keeps an eye focused on the portal located right beside the dock where newcomers usually stepped out from, somewhat confused. A welcoming greeting is a great first impression, Rengoku knows, and so he keeps himself and his singular eye lazer-trained on the portal for any signs of life. Techn
  9. 『 Haru | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 』 The wild cat is calm despite Haru's panicked state, his fur standing on-end, and in response to the other cat's gentle prompting Haru feels himself calm down as well as the last vestiges of his vision are slowly drained from his immediate sight. Despite this, the kittypet shakes his head, unusually firm; usually he wouldn't be so inclined to be so outwardly strict -- especially not with a wild cat that can potentially attack him and rip out his throat -- but Haru remains firm, having heard this too many times. "Don't tel
  10. [[ epona || rosebud sanctuary ]] Poe folds his arms, obviously displeased. Theo speaks to him as if he is a child, knowing nothing -- but he has done his proper research before entering the human world, and he is adapting quickly! The blue-haired man's solid expectations remind him a little too much of being in the same room as his mother, and so Poe pulls a face and sticks his tongue out at the shape of Theo's retreating back, showing him his obvious rebellion as Theo, in a tone of voice way more polite than anything Poe has heard, sweetly chats up the manager. "It's
  11. Ark || suspicious in all the wrong places Ark blinks as the stranger turns to him cheerily, mentioning how 'fun' escaping the creature had been only a second ago. Incredulous, the flora looks at the stranger before him now, blinking in clear confusion, but the other man doesn't seem to pick up on any of his subtle cues as he continues speaking, asking Ark a flurry of questions that makes him pause. By all accounts, he should be honest -- especially since he owes his life to this mysterious stranger, all things considered. But the impact of the Flora's attacks across the
  12. 『 Haru | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 』 "I'd regret my actions, probably," Haru responds, shivering slightly in response to the wild cat's low purr, his voice so clear in Haru's ear. He flicks the aforementioned ear, looking up with clear blue eyes, well-groomed fur, to meet the other cat's gaze. He wants to say -- more. To explain his thoughts, ask after a life he is uncertain about, learn more about the mysterious cat before him. But when he meets Shadowpaw's eyes, one bright blue and the other intense yellow, all words suddenly drain from his throat and he sees --
  13. [[ epona || on the bus --> rosebud sanctuary ]] Poe stiffens in visible displeasure as Theo abruptly slaps a hand over his mouth, silencing him. The pink-haired man falters, uncertain what to do, as Theo's hand remains over his mouth. The other man seems to be having a crisis. From the corner of his eye Poe can see Theo mouth his mother's name -- perhaps realising the name? He is owed an apology, after this complete mess of their bus ride. Poe resolves never to go anywhere with Theo again, after this. Which is easier said than done, considering their status as partne
  14. Ark || mysterious saviour?! Ark jolts in surprise as the Balrog abruptly roars back, flailing its massively muscled arms into the cold air -- it really is freezing, Ark realises, and he has the strangest sensation of being chilled only on the right side of his body, his human half freezing while his spectre half drummed with vicious, dark energy. The creature seems distracted, and Ark is similarly confused until he realises that something is attacking the Balrog; a large bird, with dark wings that drum against the morning sky as it continues its assault. The feathers to
  15. Ark || trouble in paradise Argh! Ark pants heavily as he backsteps abruptly, nearly slipping off the edge of the cliff's side as he narrowly avoids being sliced in half by the charging monster's sharp claws. His spectre arm tingles in response to the sudden attack, the inklings of powerful dark energy bordering the corners of his mind, but Ark pushes down the influence with a well-rehearsed, slightly-uncomfortable firmness. He knows that the spectre must be unhappy with him right now -- their lifeforce is shared, after all, but Ark is determined not to give
  16. 「 what a grand world it is we live in 」 . . . a maplestory-inspired 1x1 between @Doctortear and @Edelgard CHARACTERS Ark || Abyssal Path A former member of the High Flora military disenchanted with his nation. Accused of treason and sent to be executed, Ark was rescued last-minute and abandoned with a spectre's existence within him. Although he feels at conflict with the two sides of himself, Ark now travels Maple World seeking to do right for all the people he has wronged under the command of the High King.
  17. 『 Haru | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 』 Born out there? Haru clings onto every word the mysterious cats with a sheer desperation unlike anything he has ever felt; the strange black cat's words inspire within him a thirst for more, a primal sense to get out there into the great unknown that stuns even him. Haru doesn't know where these feelings came from all of a sudden, but as the mysterious cat before him goes into a description of his family being out there as well -- a family! The only person he has ever known has been his owner, and the only cats the neighbourhood ones that he onl
  18. ah yes yue !!! i love her, little me was so excited to see her up on the big tv screen LOL aww thank youuu ~~ for now ill settle for fawning over how sweet yota is to the girls ; D
  19. [[ epona || on the bus ]] Poe makes an indignant sound resembling that of an offended cat as the phone is abruptly pulled away from him, Theo having reclaimed his prize. The blue-haired boy speaks with such an authority on the subject, as if he is in any way knowledgeable about the spirit world, that it instantly activates Poe's fight-or-flight response. Or, in this case, his fight-or-fight response. Poe crosses his arms, clearly displeased, as Theo brushes off his worries and squints at his phone -- his mother! Poe should have his head for how Theo looks at her, and ju
  20. [ yui || dragon's lair ] Yui laughs slightly as Miho speaks up almost at the same time as her, only saying something completely opposite. Brushing a strand of her hair behind her ear, Yui smiles shyly at her new friend's excitement, feeling herself caught up in Miho's infectious energy. Perhaps she shouldn't have been so quick to be so formal, after all ... But it seems Yota takes it in stride. The taller boy is awfully good at balancing their little group, as he reassures Miho's anxieties with a calm promise to show them his form later, and this peaks Yui's interest a
  21. @AroaraAngelwolf hehe you mistyped yui's name as yue and i had a weird "whoa" moment cause that's my name : ' D what i get for naming my character so similar to myself, now i'm being charmed by yota ~~
  22. HAHA i would love if that was the first interaction but yay !! can't wait to get up there and see the ceremony ~~ just waiting for doc to reply (no rush !!) and i'll post as well : D
  23. 『 Haru | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 』 Haru's ears flatten as the strange cat continues his rambling, describing Haru in ... less than flattering terms. Instinctively, the kittypet feels his fur puff up, before forcefully calming himself. He doesn't want to get too ruffled -- his human always makes fun of him and makes him sit through a grooming if his fur gets too messy. Although he enjoys the feeling of the comb running through his silky fur, he does not enjoy the knots, of which there are many. All thoughts of his next grooming slip out of his brain when the strange c
  24. [ yui || trail to dragon's lair ] Yui's hand raises automatically to her mouth, covering the slight smile that appears on her features at Yota's polite mannerisms. He really hadn't been lying about training at the military academy; Yota's etiquette is easy, automatic, perfect -- not that Yui had any doubts, but it is stunning to witness such a well-balanced display that is better than most of the generals she interacts with on the daily. At the mention of his offer, Yui's eyes grow wide. "Oh, t-thank you, but it's alright -- I couldn't trouble you in that way!" she say
  25. oh !! i'm sorry, i was waiting for medic since she said she wanted to reach the top of the volcano before sliding her characters out 0: but sure ~ i'll get a post up later tonight or tomorrow ! ^^