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  1. 「 status. stable || o(≧∇≦o) 」 「 location. nook neighbourhood || wild forest 」 While Kaze and Corrin explored a new hint of a potential link towards their homeland, he had been tasked with welcoming newcomers. Rengoku scuffles the edge of his uniform, adjusting his sleeves as he keeps an eye focused on the portal located right beside the dock where newcomers usually stepped out from, somewhat confused. A welcoming greeting is a great first impression, Rengoku knows, and so he keeps himself and his singular eye lazer-trained on the portal for any signs of life. Technically speaking, he would have forced his partner to do the same. Corrin's identical twin sister, rather confusingly also named Corrin -- one got used to it, after a while -- had stepped away a little while ago, "sneaking" away by telling him that no one was coming and she was going to go enjoy herself in the onsen. Her loss, Rengoku thinks, bolting up as he thinks he hears something vibrate in the distance, the telltale signs of the portal stirring to life. She'll miss out on a new friend! Unexpectedly, however, instead of the portal stirring to life Rengoku sees the flash of energy signalling that someone is indeed crossing the barrier to the multiverse, but with no accompanying white flash. Confused, the blond momentarily looks around before -- A blinding white flash blinds him, but not in the expected direction -- Rengoku pales as he realises the portal must've messed up, somehow, or the newcomer had been pulled during a critical movement, for instead of landing safely on their expertly-built landing dock the newcomer has been dropped in the middle of the forest's wilderness, instead. He isn't worried for long. No time like the present to have a daily jog, Rengoku decides, and so he picks up his pace and rather speedily makes his way into the forest, already familiar with the winding trails in-and-out of the greenery, the border between the wildeness and the built city. He locates the newcomer easily enough, if the fizzling white light right above their location is any indication, and Rengoku perks up just as he catches sight of a mop of white hair in the distance, and a rather large sword. Impressive, Rengoku thinks, raising an eyebrow; the sword is unusually large and broad compared to the Corps' familiar Nichiriin blades, but perhaps the stranger has adapted his weapon to his form of combat, like Mitsuri or Himejima. Thinking of his fellow Hashira warms Rengoku with a brilliant pride, and he reminds himself to stop at Mitsuri and Obanai's restaurant on the way home, their usual gathering place. Oh! He can take the newcomer there. Nothing says welcome like a warm meal. Although Obanai is a little scary -- but judging by the newcomer's guarded stance and his quick eyes, Rengoku hazards a guess that the other man is hardly a stranger to danger. And Obanai isn't dangerous, really -- so long as the newcomer isn't straight and/or willing to hit on Obanai's legally-married wife. Poor Sylvain. He hopes the newcomer isn't straight, Rengoku thinks, and washes away the silly thought. "Well met!" Rengoku calls, in his natural booming baritone, jogging easily into the eyesight of the other man. Without pausing, Rengoku grins. "Welcome to the neighbourhood." By all accounts he should fill the other man in on the specifics, but all thoughts of proper procedure skip out of his brain as he tries to keep track of all of his thoughts, and he takes in the stranger before him. Tattoos -- Rengoku pauses briefly. The last person with tattoos of that calibre, fullbody and unending, had been Akaza and he had gotten a full view of the Upper Moon's body art just as Akaza had punched his hand straight through all of Rengoku's body. He had only survived hanging by a thread thanks to Giyuu's intervention, and his old friend still gets upset by the sights, he knows; by the way Giyuu's eyes cloud over everytime the Upper Moons are mentioned in passing and how Rengoku will sometimes come home to find Giyuu sitting at his doorstep, not sure what to do with himself. He forgives him, in the end. Rengoku never held anything against Giyuu for the loss of his eye and most of his breathing capacity -- it comes with the job. Plus, he highly doubts this stranger with the fullbody tattoos shares Akaza's specific trait of piercing his limbs through people and laughing maniacally. Mind made up, Rengoku stops, winded from the run. Unable to think too clearly as he pants, he ends up with: "Would you like to have dinner?" -- 「 status. stable || (@゚ペ@) 」 「 location. gerudo desert || southern oasis 」 "Kaze, it's beautiful," Corrin breathes as he hears the other man come up behind him, his retainer steadfast by his side, always. When Kaze had prompted this mission -- with a bit of hesitation, as if he was embarrassed that Corrin would find out what he had been planning and tinkering with for so long -- Corrin had been ecstatic to go, fully confident in the ninja's abilities to find them a piece of their homeland. Truth be told, he did miss Hoshido to some extent -- but life at the neighourbood, which familiar and new faces and friends, isn't too bad in actuality. If anything, Corrin privately shares the sentiment, told only to the other Corrin -- that Kaze needs to take a vacation. So, in the young prince's mind, that is what this is regardless of if they find what they are looking for or not. He won't allow Kaze to be disappointed, either way! And from the look of the place they'd landed in -- having to don rather flimsy, silly costumes, although Corrin does appreciate how it gives him a look at Kaze's slim yet muscular build, his well-toned frame effortlessly working like a well-oiled machine, and mask as girls to avoid suspicion -- is rather silly, which helpfully contributes to the atmosphere of the vacation that Corrin is planning. When he turns around, however, Kaze frowns; his brows are tightly furrowed together, an expression of disappointment on his features as he regards the tracking device -- something Corrin doesn't quite understand -- with distaste, as if glaring enough at it will provide further answers. "Nevermind that," Corrin says softly, stepping back to take the ninja's hand in his own; they are alone, which means this is not quite PDA. "Isn't it pretty? I'll come along; we can admire the scenery as we do so!" Eagerly, the prince steps alongside Kaze, surprisingly quick in the dancer's clothing -- he rather likes it, Corrin thinks, and wonders if anyone in the neighbourhood would take offense to him wearing it full time. "Lead the way," he says adoringly. "What do you think the target is? Maybe it's Raijinto. Could you imagine? We find Raijinto, and a couple steps away, a dehydrated Ryoma. He would be furious."
  2. 『 Haru | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 』 The wild cat is calm despite Haru's panicked state, his fur standing on-end, and in response to the other cat's gentle prompting Haru feels himself calm down as well as the last vestiges of his vision are slowly drained from his immediate sight. Despite this, the kittypet shakes his head, unusually firm; usually he wouldn't be so inclined to be so outwardly strict -- especially not with a wild cat that can potentially attack him and rip out his throat -- but Haru remains firm, having heard this too many times. "Don't tell me that it was fake," Haru says, easily-frustrated; he has had this happen one-too many times, when he will see something regarding a cat he knows -- or, sometimes, like in this case a cat he doesn't know -- and tell another cat, and be dismissed as having a fanciful imagination. And, every time, the consequences have been dire. "This has always happened and you cats never listen, and then other cats actually get hurt and everyone wonders how it could have possibly happened, except I know that it's happened because I saw it! In advance!" Haru blinks, so wrapped up in his passion that he'd neglected to realise that the wildcat isn't actually ... dismissing him. Giving the front of his chest a few bashful licks, Haru stares up at the other cat and hopes his apologetic eyes can convey that he hadn't meant to snap so forcefully at the other cat. Settling down once more, Haru brushes the edge of his fur against the black cat's, feeling warmed as the vision has chilled him. Lining his paws up correctly, he begins recalling his vision. "I think they were wild cats," he confesses, "I haven't seen them around the neighbourhood, and they didn't have collars. There was a large cat, with really white, fluffy fur! He definitely didn't seem like he belonged to the community. And a smaller cat with dappled white-grey fur and a really fluffy tail. They seemed to be discussing -- or arguing? -- something, so that's why they didn't see the dog." A shiver passes through Haru, at the memory. "One of the neighbours here owns a really vicious dog. It's always barking and it's killed one of the cats around here already. That's why none of the cats leave their yards nowadays. Usually I would have my friends over." Haru's voice grows quiet as his stares down at his paws, missing the company of the cats he's known for all of his life. -- 『 Silvermoon | SunClan/TideClan Border | River 』 "Perhaps, medicine cat, that's why I sought you out in the first place," Lightstep purrs, obviously delighted by Silvermoon's sudden happiness at the subject. Although she can't fully understand the extent of the medicine cat's passion -- after all, isn't that why cats become medicine cats in the first place? -- for StarClan, it is still wondrous to see how delightfully supportive Silvermoon is of their deity Clan. "Just kidding," Lightstep says, giving her paw a few licks before settling down, turning her full attention to Silvermoon to show she is clearly interested. "I only came here because I thought you were a very beautiful cat." At Silvermoon's mention of Dovecreek, Lightstep purrs in delight again. "Dovecreek is like a mother to all of us," she says, "I don't wish to worry her. She has her hands full trying to raise Oakstar's kits in accordance with the rules of the Clan, considering Oakstar himself is often busy with ... other delights. Perhaps I should, but I'm not too worried." Lightstep fixates an eye on Silvermoon judging her reaction. "I don't think StarClan is directly trying to communicate with me. What would they want to say? I'm just a warrior. I spend my days sunning and hunting fish. Maybe it's just their way of telling me to explore more places to find fish." She speaks slowly, almost as if trying to convince herself of something.
  3. [[ epona || rosebud sanctuary ]] Poe folds his arms, obviously displeased. Theo speaks to him as if he is a child, knowing nothing -- but he has done his proper research before entering the human world, and he is adapting quickly! The blue-haired man's solid expectations remind him a little too much of being in the same room as his mother, and so Poe pulls a face and sticks his tongue out at the shape of Theo's retreating back, showing him his obvious rebellion as Theo, in a tone of voice way more polite than anything Poe has heard, sweetly chats up the manager. "It's not your own place anymore; I'll be living there as well," Poe helpfully reminds, cutting into the conversation as Grace gives him the same look a human seeing something entirely new for the first time in her life would. Why? He hasn't changed forms, as he? After a quick check to confirm that he does indeed have all ten fingers, Poe trails after Theo, allowing the blue-haired man to lead them towards the cats while Poe is busy patting himself down, maintaining that his human form is still keeping steady. All thoughts of maintaining his form, as well as Theo's earlier warning, spring out of Poe's head as they enter the sanctuary, and, delighted, the pink-haired spirit catches sight of the many cats lounging about. Poe bites the edge of his mouth, eyes glimmering, as he takes in the sight of the animals lazing about, suddenly filled with a longing to join -- spirit he may be, but Poe retains some of the familiar cat-like instincts and being in the room is almost too much for him to bear. He settles, instead, for plopping himself down on the floor just as one of the cats -- a graceful little tortoiseshell -- comes over, skimming his fingers over her fur with a look of wonder. "It couldn't be her," Poe says, firm in his statement that such a cute little cat couldn't possibly be a wanted criminal. "Or him," he amends, as, another cat, likely drawn by his mysterious quarter-cat, quarter-human, quarter-spirit, and quarter-the cheese chips he'd stolen out of Theo's pantry while waiting for him scent, comes over. "Or this one," Poe adds on, as another cat comes near, and soon Poe finds himself excluding all of the cats that have gathered around him, large eyes brimming with curiosity. He understands. He understands more than these other humans -- and Theo, god forbid -- could ever. "It must be one of the other ones," Poe says, glaring sharply to the other side of the room where some cats are crowded around the service worker -- Poe'd neglected to grab his name in his eagerness -- still inspecting him for possible snacks. "I'm irresistible to the human creature. The criminal would be able to sniff this and he would stay away. We have to think of a way to draw all of them near here, so I can smell them." As if on cue, Poe sniffs the tortoiseshell, confirming his suspicions that she isn't of the spirit realm, and if he could have purred in delight Poe would have done so.
  4. Ark || suspicious in all the wrong places Ark blinks as the stranger turns to him cheerily, mentioning how 'fun' escaping the creature had been only a second ago. Incredulous, the flora looks at the stranger before him now, blinking in clear confusion, but the other man doesn't seem to pick up on any of his subtle cues as he continues speaking, asking Ark a flurry of questions that makes him pause. By all accounts, he should be honest -- especially since he owes his life to this mysterious stranger, all things considered. But the impact of the Flora's attacks across the galaxy ring clear in his mind, and although Maple World has been largely unaffected he is still wary. The man before him now doesn't seem to be of Flora or Pantheon-origin, but his pulled up hood hides the potentially-revealing horns of Tear and Kyle that had pushed both of them to attack him upon finding out about his lineage. "I'm exploring," Ark says distantly, without much further explanation; the other man has picked up on his strange attire very easily, clearly implying that he knows Ark is not of this world. That is dangerous -- the newly-introduced Rhys could just be a hopeful, attentive explorer, or he could be Heliseum-folk intent on his death. Why save him from the Balrog? Perhaps so Rhys can kill him himself. "My name is Ark," he says, with a dip of the head. He wants to shake the other man's hand as a thank-you, but having one's dominant arm taken over by otherworldly dark forces made it rather difficult for the proper niceties. He's still trying to get writing down, and Ark is near-certain the people of El Nath think him illiterate because of his inability to write a proper letter. Why? Despite his struggles, shouldn't they accept that he is trying? Ark grimaces internally at the reminder of Alcaster, looking him up-down with a clearly disapproving eye, at his messily-scrawled note in an attempt to take on the monster-hunting mercenary job. He'd just been trying to help! But considering he hadn't known the name of the monster in question, perhaps it is El Nath's inability to provide the proper information that is leading to their lack of labour -- that, and being selectively picky about who they allowed to do jobs. He'd practically had to beg the man on his knees! A faint anger stirs in his chest, which once would have been a casual annoyance but with the spectre's influence burns low, like a steadily-increasing flame. Ark has to stop, paused in time, frozen as he suddenly takes a sharp breath in, quelling the spectre's growing annoyance at his memories. Why -- does he feel so angry? He could snap Rhys' neck right now and run off, a small voice reminds him. It would be so easy. The other man's head would crumble in the palm of his spectre arm. He would hold him up, thrum power through his limbs, and feel the sickening crack, demonstrate his power -- No, he can't -- he is not that person. He is Ark, not a spectre. Ark snaps back to the present just in time to catch the last of Rhys' words, realising he'd been staring -- glaring, actually -- at the other man who is ... trying to help? People of the Maple World are mysterious, Ark decides. Why tell him about the blizzard if Rhys intends to hurt him? Why not just strike him down, now? And something about his -- legs? "Yes," he confirms, solidly. "They work. Please lead the way."
  5. 『 Haru | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 』 "I'd regret my actions, probably," Haru responds, shivering slightly in response to the wild cat's low purr, his voice so clear in Haru's ear. He flicks the aforementioned ear, looking up with clear blue eyes, well-groomed fur, to meet the other cat's gaze. He wants to say -- more. To explain his thoughts, ask after a life he is uncertain about, learn more about the mysterious cat before him. But when he meets Shadowpaw's eyes, one bright blue and the other intense yellow, all words suddenly drain from his throat and he sees -- Not this, Haru thinks, just as he slips under. Not again. He has always had strange, vivid, dreaming-awake visions of a future that he does not recognise; something that one would maybe call a prediction, but Haru can only think as a curse, perhaps, a realisation of what will happen moments before it does. A vague thought, almost like a waking dream. The borders of the scene that he sees are fuzzy, uncertain, as if these woods are something he has imagined. But no -- he recognises the fence that he sees before him now, even if he does not recognise the two cats near the area. It is the house a block down, the small, red-tilted building with a painted blue roof. There are two cats near the back of the house, sitting on the ground right by the fence and seemingly discussing something, but he does not recognise the cats that he suddenly dreams of. One is a larger, green-eyed cat with fluffy white fur, and the other a bright-eyed cat with a dappled coat. They seem to be in intense discussion, and that must be why they do not see the dog suddenly released from the backyard beside them, barking and salivating wildly, not well-trained, heading with sharp fangs and claws directly towards the one with the dappled-coat -- "They're in danger!" Haru gasps abruptly, suddenly returning to his own backyard, with the strange cat beside him brushing their fur together. He shoots to his feet, stunned, with wide eyes and an expression of disbelief. "I saw --" His breath comes in scattered sentences, trying to piece together his vision. "There were two cats," he explains, uncertain why he is telling the black cat before him now -- for some kind of guidance or aid, perhaps? "I didn't recognise them. Maybe they're new? But they -- sitting, and then a dog --" Haru shakes his head, remembering the sight of the vicious dog running towards the two cats. "I -- I don't know, but a cat somewhere is in trouble!" -- 『 Lightstep | SunClan/TideClan Border | River 』 Silvermoon speaks with a clarity that Lightstep appreciates, a wholehearted, earnest intention in her every step. So clearly she can see that the other cat who stands before her now is someone who is vested only in the good outcomes for her clan, for the cats she considers family, and Lightstep can hardly blame Silvermoon for being distrustful of TideClan if it seems that the best morals of SunClan are so well-included in the cat before her now. She appreciates it. In a Clan where every cat liked to play games, joke around, never take things seriously -- well, that kind of lifestyle is refreshing and paramount to a good livelihood, but very rarely does she get to chance to sit down and discuss things in-depth like she is doing now, with Silvermoon. Although her father, Oakstar, did attend to his duties when strictly needed, there is a distinct lack of communication in TideClan from top-bottom that Lightstep has always found a problem. "A noble aspiration," Lightstep says, dipping her head. "I wish that TideClan could have more cats that shared your same intentions. For everything the Clan does well, we have quite a lack of motivation," she says, chuckling to herself; her words are light enough to not be counted as treason against her own Clan, but also direct enough to be a compliment clearly aimed at Silvermoon -- and SunClan therefore, she supposes, but she is much more interested in the cat before her now. "I became a warrior because it was expected of me," Lightstep explains, without much emotion in her voice; truth be told, she feels no particular attachment to any of this. "As Oakstar's kit there's a certain greatness expected of you, but he has so many kits that no one really shines in general." A small laugh. "But I've always" -- and here, her voice is slightly wistful -- "wondered if I would be better off doing something else. Something I was more passionate about. Regardless, I can't complain about how things are now." A pause. "Recently I have been seeing things in my dreams," Lightstep says, slowly, realising she is revealing an intimate part of herself, but one she feels strangely compelled to share, "I see myself travelling. With another cat -- but this cat is a blur I can never remember. Maybe I don't know them. But we are travelling, away from a fire towards the stars. I wonder if StarClan has something in store for me." Lightsteps purrs at the suggestion, feeling almost awkward. "But maybe I just have too much free time."
  6. [[ epona || on the bus --> rosebud sanctuary ]] Poe stiffens in visible displeasure as Theo abruptly slaps a hand over his mouth, silencing him. The pink-haired man falters, uncertain what to do, as Theo's hand remains over his mouth. The other man seems to be having a crisis. From the corner of his eye Poe can see Theo mouth his mother's name -- perhaps realising the name? He is owed an apology, after this complete mess of their bus ride. Poe resolves never to go anywhere with Theo again, after this. Which is easier said than done, considering their status as partners from hereon out. Poe sighs irritably to himself, blowing out air onto Theo's palm before the other man removes his hand and continues speaking. "It's something she would do," Poe replies defensively, "my mother is a very accomplished woman. She could stay in the human world for only a day and have all of that, and more. For all I know, this "Ayra" was based off of her. My mother is eternally youthful, and certain ... reports tells me that's what you humans are into." Poe raises an accusatory eye. "Otherwise I could appear to you as an old man right now, but that wouldn't be nice to look at, would it? If you make me too angry, I'll grow super old and make you carry me." The bus drawing to a stop takes Poe's attention away from the small fight he and Theo are having, and Poe looks up, surprised. "We're here!" All previous threats forgotten, Poe scrambles up and impatiently jolts to a stop at the line queuing up to get off the bus. They make it off only slightly more bent out of shape than when they had initially gotten on, and Poe stares up at the shelter's open sign and a small board before the building reminding perspective residents to take care and be friendly with the animals. "Okay," Poe says, turning to Theo. "We find the cat and then you kick it." A lady walking by with a nameplate that says Grace, MANAGER in nicely aligned letters stares at them in shocked disbelief.
  7. Ark || mysterious saviour?! Ark jolts in surprise as the Balrog abruptly roars back, flailing its massively muscled arms into the cold air -- it really is freezing, Ark realises, and he has the strangest sensation of being chilled only on the right side of his body, his human half freezing while his spectre half drummed with vicious, dark energy. The creature seems distracted, and Ark is similarly confused until he realises that something is attacking the Balrog; a large bird, with dark wings that drum against the morning sky as it continues its assault. The feathers torn out by the Balrog's vicious counterattack do not land on the ground; instead, they rip out and disappear into the air, which makes Ark blink. Magic? He knows that Maple World itself is a magical place; he's run into many travelling mages and wizards, including that old man in El Nath himself, but every time the strange combination within Maple World makes him blink. Magic among the Flora is simple; a tool for conquest and subjugation. The reminder makes him wince, but it seems magic in Maple World is something else entirely; they have entire schools and teachers dedicated to a specific craft, and it is wondrous. This is a type he has not seen before, and it makes Ark unbearably curious. Looking around for the source of the magic, it isn't soon before the user reveals himself to Ark. A voice calls out to him, quick and all-business, and Ark sees the stranger wave him over. With a doubtful glance towards the Balrog and the raven, still struggling, Ark makes his way over and slides towards the stranger, standing by the exit, just as the Balrog realises that his prey has gotten away. The creature's angry roar is what follows them out of the cave, abruptly running from within the exit into the fresh air outside of the Balrog's realm. Ark pants heavily, his human hand coming up to grab at his chest as he breathes in, steadying himself against the events of the last half an hour. Turning to the stranger, Ark blinks abruptly; standing before him is a man unlike anyone he has seen before, dressed thickly in all-black clothes -- a uniform?! -- with loose, dark blue hair falling into pale eyes. "Thank you," he says earnestly, wondering who the person is. He doesn't seem dangerous -- after all, he is someone who went out of his way to help preserve Ark's life. "Was that creature dangerous?" he inquires, wondering if he's stumbled into a frequent occurrence or simply messed up the customs of this land.
  8. Ark || trouble in paradise Argh! Ark pants heavily as he backsteps abruptly, nearly slipping off the edge of the cliff's side as he narrowly avoids being sliced in half by the charging monster's sharp claws. His spectre arm tingles in response to the sudden attack, the inklings of powerful dark energy bordering the corners of his mind, but Ark pushes down the influence with a well-rehearsed, slightly-uncomfortable firmness. He knows that the spectre must be unhappy with him right now -- their lifeforce is shared, after all, but Ark is determined not to give him control. Determined to go about his way in this new world -- Maple World, as he has come to know it is called -- by his own autonomous choices. He won't be controlled by other's ideas -- not again. At the very least, he has to escape from his current situation. The changing of the monster opposite him brings him back to the present, away from the spectre's meddling influence, and Ark dodges again, rolling as he feels the harsh, cold ground scrape against his knees to dodge another attack. Why had the creature attacked him so suddenly? It is guarding something, that much he can see -- what looks like a glimmering, golden piece, but that is hardly Ark's focus. He still hasn't figured out why the people of this world hold such attachments to the things known as Mesos; he'd been given some as a reward for capturing some bandits off of a side road, but Ark had found the pieces too dry and hard to use as food. He's hungry. Perhaps that is to be blamed for his delayed reaction speed, as the monster winds up to charge once more and Ark dodges again. Should he run? But he had been instructed by the people down in El Nath to find something atop this mountain, and he doesn't want to go back empty handed. "I don't want to fight," he calls, in despair, to the monster inches away from charging him once more, but his words seem to fall on deaf ears. Could the creature not hear him? Understand him?
  9. 「 what a grand world it is we live in 」 . . . a maplestory-inspired 1x1 between @Doctortear and @Edelgard CHARACTERS Ark || Abyssal Path A former member of the High Flora military disenchanted with his nation. Accused of treason and sent to be executed, Ark was rescued last-minute and abandoned with a spectre's existence within him. Although he feels at conflict with the two sides of himself, Ark now travels Maple World seeking to do right for all the people he has wronged under the command of the High King. Rhys || Pathfinder An explorer with a perchance for mysterious relics, Rhys stumbled onto an unknown cave one day. His thirst for adventure overrode his innate sense for danger, and Rhys left the cave with an unknown curse and an ancient bow in tow. Determined to seek out the truth of the relic he has discovered and gain mastery over the unknown curse, Rhys heads forwardly into the unknown of Maple World in order to seek his own path.
  10. 『 Haru | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 』 Born out there? Haru clings onto every word the mysterious cats with a sheer desperation unlike anything he has ever felt; the strange black cat's words inspire within him a thirst for more, a primal sense to get out there into the great unknown that stuns even him. Haru doesn't know where these feelings came from all of a sudden, but as the mysterious cat before him goes into a description of his family being out there as well -- a family! The only person he has ever known has been his owner, and the only cats the neighbourhood ones that he only catches brief glimpses and sniffs of, sometimes. Haru blinks in surprise, eyes rounded, as the black cat boops him on the nose, flustering the kittypet easily. Flicking his tail in embarrassment, Haru dips his head and licks at the fur in front of his chest in order to calm his suddenly unsettled feelings. "I've never known my family," he reveals, too easily, and pads a little closer to the black cat who has plopped himself down into the middle of the yard, unsheathing glimmering, sharp claws. "And I've never hunted anything. When you speak it sounds like such an honour, but wouldn't you rather have something to eat inside of going hungry if you can't find anything?" Haru tilts his head, laying down next to the black cat. Even though his words are somewhat blunt, there is no malice in his tone -- only curiosity. "One of the older cats told me a story about a wild cat once," Haru diverges, licking a paw and flicking it over his ear. "He saw a cat on the fence and called out to him, and he attacked him. Why didn't you attack me?" -- 『 Lightstep | SunClan/TideClan Border | River 』 Lightsteps purrs softly as she watches the cat before her; Silvermoon seems to be at conflict with herself, her expressions so clearly written out on her facial features, and it comes as no surprise to Lightstep that the tabby would be uncertain about the ways of TideClan. Lightstep can hardly blame her; she is well-versed in the different lifestyles of the Clans, having been born with an innate curiosity, and it comes as no surprise that someone born into such an orderly, collaborative Clan such as SunClan would be immediately confused at the inner workings of TideClan. However, Silvermoon doesn't seem explicitly hostile, just aggressively concerned, and it is endearing more than anything to Lightstep who wishes to know more about the fresh-faced, easily-flustered she-cat before her now. "I know it seems strange," Lightstep says suddenly, her voice softening beyond her usual slightly flirtatious tone. "If our positions were switched I would be confused as well. But --" She flicks her tail, thinking, "-- it works, somehow, and Oakstar hasn't failed the Clan yet beyond being somewhat of a hedonist. I'm sure all of the Clans hold the same respect for their leaders regardless of what kind of cat they personally are. I hold Maplestar in high regard as well." It is an easy confession, not something many cats would admit due to the natural Clan rivalry between the three, but Lightstep has never cared too much for borders -- which certainly proved why she is at the SunClan border, now. SIlvermoon is fascinating to talk to, and she enjoys a good chat -- that is all the justification she needs. No politics, and no need for information. At the comment, Lightstep purrs loudly, clearly amused. "Hardly," she says airily, "there is a joke that half of the Clan is Oakstar's kits. Believe me when I say I don't have much to do with my father out of my own choice." The truth -- somewhat. Oakstar had babied her when she was younger, but his attention had been drawn easily by his other kits and any pretty she -- or he -- cats that caught his eye. Although he did genuinely have a good heart, Lightstep is the first to admit her father is a fool. "Silvermoon," she says, allowing the feel of the other cat's name to roll across her tongue, "A medicine cat. Such an accomplishment -- you must be popular within your own Clan. What's your favourite part of your duty?"
  11. ah yes yue !!! i love her, little me was so excited to see her up on the big tv screen LOL aww thank youuu ~~ for now ill settle for fawning over how sweet yota is to the girls ; D
  12. [[ epona || on the bus ]] Poe makes an indignant sound resembling that of an offended cat as the phone is abruptly pulled away from him, Theo having reclaimed his prize. The blue-haired boy speaks with such an authority on the subject, as if he is in any way knowledgeable about the spirit world, that it instantly activates Poe's fight-or-flight response. Or, in this case, his fight-or-fight response. Poe crosses his arms, clearly displeased, as Theo brushes off his worries and squints at his phone -- his mother! Poe should have his head for how Theo looks at her, and just casually taps the screen. He's tapping his mother's face! "That's a drawing of my mom," Poe explains, exasperated that he has to explain something so simple to the blue-haired boy -- for someone in university, Theo is awfully slow to react -- and makes a play for the phone once more, although Theo easily avoids his efforts. "Someone drew my mom without her consent! And somehow you have her on your phone. That's illegal. I could sue you. I could call Hinata right now and have him sue you." At the mention of his mom's name, Poe is curious -- why does it matter? "Sourcream," he says. "Hilda Sourcream. And my sister is Andraste Camembert. Do you need my entire family tree, or do you believe me now? Can you stop disrespecting my mom?" His voice raises as he speaks, drawing the concerned glances of people sitting near them, and Poe thinks -- good. Surely Theo is the only one not aware of how ridiculous his games are, and his disrespectful his questioning of Poe's statements is.
  13. [ yui || dragon's lair ] Yui laughs slightly as Miho speaks up almost at the same time as her, only saying something completely opposite. Brushing a strand of her hair behind her ear, Yui smiles shyly at her new friend's excitement, feeling herself caught up in Miho's infectious energy. Perhaps she shouldn't have been so quick to be so formal, after all ... But it seems Yota takes it in stride. The taller boy is awfully good at balancing their little group, as he reassures Miho's anxieties with a calm promise to show them his form later, and this peaks Yui's interest as well. She has heard of shapeshifting among the members of the Fire Nation, but it is rare to find someone who is so clearly open, confident about himself and his own identity. If she would be allowed, she would certainly love to see Yota's performance as well, but the very suggestion of him joining the ceremony sparks a bit of anxiety in her chest. Surely that wasn't allowed, considering how formal all of the ceremonies her father ordered were, and she didn't wish to see the confident young man before her in any type of trouble. If there is anything Yui can do, she decides, to avoid that, she will. The climb up to the ceremonial palace is peaceful and paced by Yota and Miho's soft chatting, Yui lost in her own thoughts as she finds herself consumed with worry at how the ceremony will play out. She is supposed to be there, formally speaking, but she is near-certain her father didn't intend on her making friends along the way ... Yui looks up as she hears Yota's voice, clear and calm, calling out to her. With a surprised gasp she finds herself suddenly swept up in his grasp, Yota easily holding the basket with an arm curled around her slim waist, the other supporting her legs as he jumps through the aforementioned 'dreadful area'. Yui finds herself clinging to his chest, warmed by the steady warmth coming from Yota's sturdy muscles as he quickly makes small work of the stones beneath their feet, her basket kept upright and perfectly steady all the while. "I -- um," Yui manages, not so gracefully, her face flushing a deep red as Yota sets her down near the dragon's lair, exactly where she would have been standing in order to make a good impression for her family's name -- it is almost as if he knows. The reminder of her veil brings her back to the present and she wonders how he could have possibly known such a thing, before remembering that she had handed her basket to the other boy. Taking the basket, Yui grips it tightly between her fingers and stares, stunned, at Yota before her. How easily he had carried her and swept her up in his arms -- it is almost like the fairytales she would read and dream about as a child. Still blushing a light pink, Yui, feeling emboldened by the lingering warmth of Yota's arms on her, gently reaches out for the feeling of his hand, his calloused fingers and steady palm. "T-thank you, Yota," she says, earnestly, before letting go just as quickly; her touch is a fleeting, delicate butterfly's kiss in the reflecting sun, and Yui watches as Yota makes his way back to Miho, ever the gentleman. Reminded of her current presence, Yui snaps back into action; she reaches into her basket and fixes the veil onto her head, draping it over her eyes; it covers her green gaze from the rest of the world but dulls her perception as well, the world suddenly glossed over by a shade of black. Making her way slightly away from Yota and Miho and turning to the priest nearby the cave, she dips into a courtly-courtesy as greeting. "Fire Sage," she says, politely, "I've come on behalf of my father, Prince Toukaku, General of the Fire Nation's First Division, in order to witness the ceremony today. Please accept mine and my family's humble greetings for the masters." The man glances at her with a certain curiosity that Yui is all too used to, certainly wondering about the veil, but dips his head in greeting back. Acknowledged, Yui takes a step back to wait for the ceremony to begin. -- [ jun || ceremonial palace ] Surprisingly, he doesn't need to earthbend to get to the volcano; Jun is quite content to follow Kui and Kiyo up the trail, wondering to himself as he watches the two indulge in casual chatter. It is ... nice. Jun has forgotten what it is like to spend time with people not trying to kill him, for one, and never in a million years had he expected to meet someone like Kui who rejects the money he offered. Usually, people were more than happy to bleed him dry, and it is only his father's constant surveillance and endless wallet that keeps Jun at least somewhat safe in the company of the people he surrounds himself with. Is that why he doesn't want to leave either of them? Kiyo is friendly, albeit more to Kui than himself, and Jun guesses there must be ... something there. Nothing that should bother him, because he has one goal and only one in mind, of course, but -- it does. Frustrated, Jun has the sudden urge to earthbend the two away from him and make his escape. He does not like these feelings -- of desiring a friendship or maybe something more -- and it is curious, how he has rejected his own family and his once-beloved sister but somehow finds himself wanting to know more about the two benders before him now. It frustrates him, and more than anything frightens him along the same vein. All thoughts of his own internal struggle are lost when Kui comes to an abrupt stop, saying something about asking people to get closer to the volcano. Jun frowns, wondering why, until he looks up and finds himself suddenly flabbergasted by the palace he sees before him now. "Pre-war architecture," he finds himself saying before he can stop it, the words slipping out. He suddenly remembers all of the lessons his scholarly father had taught him when he had been a child, and how fascinated he had been by the buildings and their history -- had his mother not met an untimely death, Jun is nearly certain he would've become an architect instead of a travelling gremlin. "Pre-Avatar Roku, actually," Jun corrects himself -- what is he doing?! -- before running straight towards the palace, and squatting down near the opening to inspect the beams that held up the building. "Native wood," he says, "wonder if they've built more supports since the war ended. 100 years, you would think for sure they have, otherwise bugs would've eaten through ..." Jun hears a sudden noise, a cleared throat, and he looks up to find one of the Fire Sages looking down at him. "Can I help you?" the man asks. Jun freezes, caught like a deer in headlights by the other man's introspective gaze, and he -- "I want to touch your lava," he blurts out. "My friends" -- friends?! Since when? -- "told me I could find it here."
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  16. 『 Haru | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 』 Haru's ears flatten as the strange cat continues his rambling, describing Haru in ... less than flattering terms. Instinctively, the kittypet feels his fur puff up, before forcefully calming himself. He doesn't want to get too ruffled -- his human always makes fun of him and makes him sit through a grooming if his fur gets too messy. Although he enjoys the feeling of the comb running through his silky fur, he does not enjoy the knots, of which there are many. All thoughts of his next grooming slip out of his brain when the strange cat speaks further, revealing a very mysterious truth. Haru instantly perks up, stunned, when the cat reveals that he does not live with a human, but rather -- "The forest?" Haru echoes, completely lost. A glance towards the large trees that echo into the background beyond his human's yard proves that the strange cat may be speaking truth, but Haru can't imagine what it must be like; to not have a warm, cosy bed to return to at night, have his meals on schedule every day. The way the strange cat describes his living situation -- something about a water clan? -- doesn't make any sense to Haru, and for a second he wonders if the other cat is playing a joke. Impossible. No cat in the neighbourhood could come up with such a wild story. Which only means ... "Really?" Haru repeats, starstruck as he feels the strange cat's smooth black form come up against him, his tail weaving as he speaks, smooth as silk and as calm as an idle brook. "I haven't," he confesses, easily. Although some of the neighbourhood cats like to venture across the fences, Haru has never seen any need to; for one, climbing up there is annoying, and he had always assumed the world beyond consisted of leaves and nothing else. "Why do you live out there?" he asks bluntly. "It doesn't seem very enjoyable. Where does your food come from?" -- 『 Lightstep | SunClan/TideClan Border | River 』 Lightstep purrs, delighted by the eager young cat's quick questions. Surely, she must not spread her concern so easily -- especially for the plight of other clans. The sleek cat rolls onto her side, enjoying the feeling of the bright sun warming the rocks underneath her wet pelt. "The Clan has adapted a system that works," Lightstep says, closing her eyes as she enjoys the feeling of the basking warmth. The other cat is hardly a danger -- if the silver cat had wanted her to go away, Lightstep is near-certain she would have said so, or chased her off already. "Different cats live differently; there's hardly a single right or wrong solution. But," Lightstep adds on, opening an eye. "My father's antics do get exhausting, sometimes. You learn to tune him out." Silvermoon. The silver cat's name is surprising fitting of her slim, wispy nature; her silver pelt catches the glimmer of the sun's rays and echoes across the stones, making her slip inbetween the shadows of the rocks dancing across the river. Lightstep can only guess that she must look ethereal under the moonlight, with the light of her namestake lighting up her form. "A pleasure to finally put a name to such a lovely face," Lightstep says, gathering herself; she hardly wants to give her name lying down, so dismissively, and so she aligns her paws neatly in front of her and bows her head. "My name is Lightstep. I'm simply a TideClan warrior."
  17. [ yui || trail to dragon's lair ] Yui's hand raises automatically to her mouth, covering the slight smile that appears on her features at Yota's polite mannerisms. He really hadn't been lying about training at the military academy; Yota's etiquette is easy, automatic, perfect -- not that Yui had any doubts, but it is stunning to witness such a well-balanced display that is better than most of the generals she interacts with on the daily. At the mention of his offer, Yui's eyes grow wide. "Oh, t-thank you, but it's alright -- I couldn't trouble you in that way!" she says automatically, the courtly politeness embedded in her from an early age automatically coming to light. The sudden offer of his transformation surprises Yui; she has met very little people that would be so forward and willing to help, and the mention of his own animalistic form makes Yui gaze at the boy before with a new interest, suddenly feeling even more connected as she had previous. Does he know ... could he tell ... ? The possiblity makes her bold, more than usual, and she is unwilling to leave Yota simply at that. "But -- um, if you'll allow me to be so forward, Mr. Ixou, I would like your company up the trail," she says, peeking shyly up at him through her bangs. Yui swings her basket around so it is no longer resting on her hip but rather held in her hands, waiting for him to make the second move. By all accounts she should put the veil on once they reach the ceremony, but she is so at ease here, with these kind strangers that she feels more welcome with than her own family, that Yui tilts her face up more and enjoys the feeling of the wind blowing through the trail to gather though her hair and across her face.
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  19. [[ epona || on the bus ]] Poe stares at the blue-haired man curiously as Theo waves a phone in his face, telling him that he can access the time through that just fine. Well, he doesn't have any doubts that humans have certain technology for telling the time and measurement of things, but how could it be entirely accurate without the help of magic so strongly and freely flowing through every aspect of existence as they did in the spirit world? Surely Theo, from his constantly wrong, constantly struggling world, would appreciate a reminder that some things remained correct, after all? Before Poe can think to voice his considerations, the pink-haired spirit's attention is drawn by the approaching bus. Excitedly, Poe rushes to the front of the forming line, plopping himself in a seat. Theo, slow as always, actually pauses a second at the driver's -- really, he should know better than to interrupt people at their jobs -- and digs through his pockets, before he makes his way over and sits down in the spot next to Poe, worming his way inside for the window seat. As the bus starts, Poe lets out an audible sound of surprise that has quite a few passengers looking at him, although Theo pays him no mind, immediately lost in his phone. Typical. Poe waits eagerly, bouncing slightly, until out of the corner of his eye he catches sight of what Theo is playing. An image pops up on the screen, and Poe gasps. He immediately quiets, grabbing the phone from Theo's hands with furious intensity. Then, the pink-haired spirit turns to Theo, frowning. "Why," he asks, shaking the phone for drastic effect, "do you have a picture of my mother?!"
  20. 『 Haru | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 』 The strange cat does nothing except continue to watch him struggle, even settling down in glee, and Haru decides -- that he is in far too much danger to be worried about talking to strange cats. "Help me," he says, a little uselessly, but the wildcat that had appeared out of nowhere -- and among the trees! The trees, that his friends told him only bobcats and raccoons could climb -- balances on the fence for a second longer before jumping down to meet him on the lawn. Haru doesn't know what his plans are, but he hadn't expected the cat to stomp down on the yarn with a solid, powerful paw, before reaching down and freeing his claw. In amazement, Haru watches as his claws pop easily from the yarn, guided by the cat's fangs, and stares at his newly-freed paw with stunned shock. It takes the kittypet's voice to draw him from his stupor, and Haru blinks, eyes wide as he takes in the sight of the strange cat before him. The angle by which he had approached him -- Haru flexes his other paw and tries to guide it the same way the other cat had, albeit a little clumsily, and whisks his tail in amazement again as his claw pops out, newly freed. "I know," Haru says, not very confidently, before the kittypet shakes his head and meets the other cat's gaze. "I know," he says again, firmer this time, and gives his paws a careful lick to wash the feeling of the yarn off of them. "I was playing." A pause, and Haru looks over at his vanquished foe, the coloured yarn lying seemingly harmlessly on the ground. "Who are you?" he asks again. "I've never seen you in the neighbourhood before. Who's your human?" A new pet, maybe? One from the shelter, perhaps -- he remembers how terrifyingly feral his owner's friend's cat had been, newly released from the shelter and still willing to scratch him if he came too close. -- 『 Lightstep | SunClan/TideClan Border | River 』 The other cat averts her gaze even as Lightstep dares to inch a little closer, seemingly shy, and the action draws Lightstep back; she doesn't want to make the silver cat actually uncomfortable, per se, but she has to admit she wishes to talk to her more. "Helping your elders," Lightstep says, nodding her head as she makes a sound of approval. Although they may come from different Clans, respect for a Clan's Elders were at the forefront of every cat's conscience, and it is good to know that the cat she has taken an interest to seems especially diligent. Her father -- and here Lightstep whisks her tail underneath the water, drawing herself back as she thinks of her father and his unruly crowd -- may flirt with any cat that catches his eye, but Lightstep has always been a little more careful, a little more judgemental; not exactly prude, but also not nearly as shameless as Oakstar. The question fills her chest with glee, showing that the other chat is willing to talk to her. Lightstep swims to the shore, a little bit away from the strange cat, and draws herself onto the rock easily, slipping her sleek, wet form onto the rocks and purring as she feels the heat of the sun touch upon her pelt. "Only sometimes," she responds. "The Clan doesn't have any orders, as Oakstar is ... busy. This is my favourite creek, but I usually come after hours. The water at night is cold and refreshing." As she speaks, Lightstep lies down on the rocks, unmoving. "Don't worry," she says, voice amused as she curls her tail around her paws. "I won't go deeper into your territory; I just want to bask. What about you? I've never seen you around here before. A cat like you I would remember, certainly."
  21. [[ epona || theo's apartment --> bus stop ]] "Excellent!" Poe says loudly, clapping his hands together as he picks up on Theo's statement. "You don't indeed have anything to do because you no longer have a job!" Completely missing the animosity attached to the statement, Poe stands, brushing unseen dust from the sides of his clothes. "We should get going," he says to Theo. "Where is the bus? Is it outside in the hall?" Curiously, the pink-haired spirit yanks open Theo's door and takes a look around, seeing nothing of the sort. He briefly wonders why humans have such complicated transportation systems -- surely it is a pain to keep track of all of that. Back inside the apartment, Hinata suddenly remembers -- ah, that's right! With the partner situation more or less settled, he has something to give Theo ... digging into his pockets, he pulls out six Younique prepaid credit cards, thrusting them at Theo. Budget for this month, he writes down on the notepad, holding it up to the blue-haired man. Poe's spending shouldn't be too excessive, but this is for kitty litter and food. We'll come back next month! With that, Hinata gives Theo a cheery smile and waves him out the door, to where Poe is already beginning to leave. -- "The bus," Poe says later, staring at Theo. "It's coming in three minutes." He has been updating since they arrived at the bus station and Poe had been witness to the sign that ticked every single minute, showing all of the preplanned routes and when their bus number, 053, would arrive. Of course, even though this arrangement may be less than ideal Theo is somewhat embarrassed by the straightforward manner by which he had roped the other man into this arrangement, and so he intends to prove that he is a reliable, accountable partner. Even if Theo didn't quite consent to this detective role, he wants to prove to the blue-haired man that he is a partner worth having. "Two minutes," Poe says.
  22. 「 ひかる || village entrance 」 He doesn't have any interest in Takumi swaying to and fro, the other chuunin obviously not taking their mission very seriously. A bit of an accident? Even the wording of the phrase makes Hikaru scoff. Shinobi should be alert and graceful, always ready for the worst, not cleaning up after their own messes and clearing up misconceptions. His harsh inner thoughts give Hikaru pause, especially as he notices that Miso is not with him. Perhaps he had leapt off too quickly -- but that is Takumi's fault for being slow, not his! The idea that the blond chuunin is unwilling to hurry up makes him almost unfairly agitated. Stilling in the tree once he realises he still doesn't hear the blond chuunin after him, Hikaru sighs and crosses his arms, waiting as he reaches an open clearing. Back at the main gate, Miso rubs her head into Takumi's open palm willingly, the fox way more pleased to see Takumi than her owner. He always has delicious treats! Predictably, Takumi draws a slice of jerky from within his pack and offers it out to her, cooing all the while, and she gives his hand an appreciative lick before settling down to eat her meal, as if she had all the time in the world. Takumi would wait, of course. As Miso cleans off the last of the jerky and licks her paws, washing a paw over her ear, she looks up at Takumi expectantly, orange eyes watching his movements. At his words, she lets out a little purr and rubs against his ankles, willing him to pick her up.
  23. good luck with moving ! we'll be here once you return ~~ i think the house plan is a good idea, it would be easy to bring them back as well !!
  24. [ yui || crescent island dock ] Yui listens to Miho's quick recollection of past events with a knowing eye, taking in the girl's words. Ah, of course! From what she knows of Miho, the black-haired girl highly doubts that she would be so disrespectful, so it makes sense that she was only trying to fetch something to eat ... perhaps Miho's strong, confident nature did lead her into some trouble, though, with how Yota had interpreted her actions, but Yui comes to the private conclusion that Miho is someone she admires. Yui flushes as both of them respond to her actions, Miho's gaze wistfully lingering on Yota for a second too long. She has seen this expression before, Yui thinks -- on the faces of many of the maids within the royal palace, giggling to themselves over the mighty generals in scarlet that stalked back and forth through its halls, the handsome young boys that came into the palace as new recruits and worked out everyday when taking a break from the Academy. Yui wonders -- had she been allowed to wander more during her time at the palace, would she have done the same over Yota? It seems likely that he would have attended the Academy around the same time as she had been privately tutored, and the idea makes her flush even more. Yota spins such a carefully worded, yet charming description of this girl he does not know, that it is no wonder Miho finds herself enthralled -- Yui wishes that could be her as well, even if it is just a fantasy; that whoever she has been engaged to would treat her as gently and as favourably as Yota does when he speaks of this girl he does not know. Perhaps they could share even one hobby they both like, and Yui wonders what it would be like to take her future betrothed to the orphanages she visits from time to time, introduce him to the children she has grown fond of. When the image of Yota pops up in her head all of a sudden, Yui waves it away with an embarrassed sigh. At the aforementioned boy's prompt, Yui nods. "Ah -- yes!" Truth be told, she is rather excited about the ceremony; it has been too long since she's visited Crescent Island, and the dragons revered by the Fire Nation have always been a favourite of hers. When asked about her favourite animal, Yui would usually say something sensible, like a turtle duck -- and while they are cute, Yui thinks that dragons must be her favourite, secretly. At Miho's mention of increased military presences, Yui frowns, her attention drawn away from her internal fantasies. "Perhaps the military has new plans," she suggests, but it worries her -- the mention of Miho's father, a noble she does not know, suddenly acting strangely. Is something the matter? Yui hopes that they don't run into the man, regardless. Looking forward up the hill towards the temple, Yui draws her arm from Miho's and instead arranges her cloak, shifted awry by the morning breeze. Sitting her basket a little awkwardly in the crook of her arm -- ah, why had she brought such a large thing? -- Yui looks up at Yota. "Please lead the way, Mr. Ixou," she says pleasantly, formalities returning now that they have changed the topic from fonder memories into something more serious. -- [ jun || crescent island dock ] At the mentioning of the volcano, Jun's head instantly snaps to attention; Jun looks up at the mighty volcano before him, grinning. At Kiyo's words, he looks at her almost fondly, completely missing the look of furious jealousy she had shot them only seconds prior. Touch the lava! So she believes he could do it. Well, that is enough to call her a friend. "Thanks," Jun says, feeling a little disappointed as Kui lets go of his hand, making no effort to continue -- had he been too forward? A voice that sounds suspiciously like his sister's in his mind suddenly scolds him for grabbing onto strangers, and Jun worries the edge of his lip. Well, if he had bothered the dark-haired boy, Kui would say something -- he's not that difficult to approach, Jun thinks. It would be easy to leave the two of them here and bend his way up the mountain quickly, but Jun doesn't want to draw too much attention to himself. That, and he -- somewhat wants to spend time with his new friends. Friend. Kui is something else, entirely. A stranger. A goblin. Yes, Jun decides. A goblin. "Come with me," he declares, bossy, and then -- after a slight bit of hesitation, realising he should probably give them some warning. "Uh, if you're ready."
  25. 『 Haru | DuskClan | Twoleg Commune 』 This is it. He is going to die here, Haru decides. His human had disappeared, heading back into the house with a soft chuckle after she had pulled out her phone, pointed directly at him, for a few precious moments as he'd struggled with the yarn around him. His efforts had only succeeded in tangling the yarn even more deeply around his form, and as Haru jerks his right paw away from the entangling yarn and sees the strings follow the movement of his paw, tangling themselves even more with the ones curled around his left, the kittypet feels the frustration build up in his chest. He lets out a dramatic yowl that echoes into the skies above, accompanied by the fluttering of crow wings as he'd scared a nearby flock into taking flight, and wonders if any of the neighbourhood cats would hear. Not that Haru is particularly fond of any of them -- but right now, in his time of greatest need, Haru would take a literal wild cat over being trapped in the hold of the yarn any longer. An exaggeration, of course. Haru has never wandered past the high fences of his owner's property, and he is near-certain the wild cats that the neighouring old cat tells him about sometimes while they are both basking in the sun is just exaggeration. How could there be cats that lived in the wilderness? In the dark forests that seemed to stretch into nothingness beyond his owner's property? Haru can't imagine not having a warm, toasty bed to return to, or his human's warm blankets to make a nest out of and curl himself into at night. Perhaps he would reconsider now, considering the yarn that his human threw out is the same reason why Haru is currently in this mess. Remembering her betrayal, Haru lets out another long, exaggerated yowl. Before he can drag it out even longer than before, however, Haru hears a -- strange voice? Looking around, the kittypet is momentarily confused, his tail flicking curiously as he stares around him. He sees no other cat in the space around him -- of course -- and the table where the neighbourhood cat and him usually bask in the sun is devoid of the aforementioned cat, Haru having not seen the older cat all day. So who -- ? The voice speaks again and Haru's ears twitch, zoning in on the voice in the -- trees? A strange cat lies there, and Haru blinks in wide surprise as the slim black cat raises a paw, unsheathing and sheathing his claws with terrifying rapidness. The demonstration completely flies over his head, and instead Haru tilts his head, curious. "Who are you?" he asks, "why are you watching me?" Then, he jerks the yarn again in an attempt to free himself and flicks his tail, frustrated. "I don't understand," he grumbles to the strange cat. "I'm stuck." -- 『 Lightstep | SunClan/TideClan Border | River 』 "Don't apologise," Lightstep says as soon as the other cat gets to her feet, clearly surprised at being randomly approached. "If anything, I should apologise for sneaking up on you." Laughing, Lightstep does a slow swirl in the water as she treads the river's smooth waters gently, feeling the sensation of the cooling breeze run across her sleek pelt. She watches with curiosity as the cat snaps her head back to the bundle of moss by her side, her interruption seemingly having jolted the other cat back into action. "That's quite a lot," she comments, watching as she dips her head back into the river, allowing the water to gently seep into the moss with utmost care. Watching the other cat work, Lightstep can see that she is awfully good at maintaining her composure -- at least with her work, Lightstep thinks, laughing to herself at how startled the other cat had been when Lightstep had only said a few words originally -- but regardless, the way that her hold gently dips the moss into the water and then out again, without burdening the material with too much liquid, speaks of a practised eye. A SunClan warrior with a penchant towards humanitarian aid? Well, their neighours were nothing if not generous in sharing their vast bounty, if not sticklers for the law. "Is this 'Smallpuddle' in trouble?" Lightsteps asks, amused -- her tone clearly indicates that the question is a joke, although hinting at the slightest bit of concern. "You have enough water to feed kits for the next two moons." Dipping underneath to enjoy the feeling of the water's stream running over her fur, Lightstep breaks the surface once more. "I have all the time in the world," she replies to the other's words. "Stay a ilttle. Enjoy the water." Mischievously, she flicks her tail to send droplets of river water at the other cat, watching her reaction with careful eyes.