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[ Moll || Female|| 19 || Sagittarius|| Maid of Doom || Dead Things Enthusiast || 1+ Hour ahead ]"When I was done dying my conscience regained..."[ Scroll || Flight Raising || Wishlist (w.i.p) ]plaguebounds_order_mirror.pngtumblr_inline_oi14d4qAJK1tanhr5_500.giftumblr_inline_oi2pbnzDrl1tanhr5_540.png


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    Hi Hi Hello!
    I'm Miss Moll and I like stuff.
    My main interest are Video games (Don't Starve, OFF, Lisa the RPG, Undertale, Bioshock, Portal, System Shock, Boarderlands, Fall Out, ect ect...)
    I also like Cartoons like Steven Universe and Over the Garden Wall!
    Along with that I absolutely LOVE webcomis such as Homestuck, Ava's Demon, and Demon Street!

    When if you pop up in my scroll...Like 99% of the dragons there are named after something or someone. If you can tell me which is which and where they are from, PM me!
    I might send a prize you way ;0