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  1. I'm still sorta newish to dragon cave so sorry for any mistakes. Anyway I have an idea that would making trading and gifting waaaaay more simple. A lot of people get upset when they don't get a thanks for an egg and can't see who took it. Some people like to keep track of who they trade with to. So what if we made it impossible to hide username on scrolls?? Like nothing is going to happen to your eggs. This feature really only helps people with a bunch of fake scrolls in my opinion. It just makes people look like they have something to hide and thats not fair to other players. I don't really see why we need it.... I really wasnt expecting this to blow up...people have even sent me pms about how "stupid" I am....I didn't mean that I wanna to take away the feature for hiding scrolls. I just don't understand why usernames cant be shown all the time. It was just a little idea I had.... :| this is why I never post here....my ideas always suck
  2. 1. Pinkrozes 2. A clear, cool spring morning!
  3. Thanks. I'm glad I asked instead of experimenting on my poor dragons
  4. Is there a way to unfreeze hatchlings?
  5. Forum name: PinkRozes Element: Mercury Thanks for the awesome raffle <3
  6. This is probably a dumb question, but how do I enter the new raffles?
  7. Right now, watermelon. It's just so nice to have around in the summer.
  8. 1. Both my sister and I are named after flowers (Rose and Dahlia) 2. Despite my name, I don't really like flowers much 3. My favorite thing about summer is definitely the carnivals - the smells, the sounds, the popcorn and cotton candy 4. No matter how hard I try, I never get tan 5. My hair is dark blonde, but has natural platinum and strawberry blonde highlights 6. I have three dogs, but I'm definitely a cat person 7. I'm a good mix between introverted and extroverted 8. I'm working on getting into a school for law 9. I'm a book nerd; I love to sit outside in the summer and just read all day 10. And finally, I grew up with my cat; we got him as a kitten when I was little and he's now turning 11
  9. All you people are so crazy good looking. I'll see if I can find a picture to toss in here sometime, but I'll just continue to be jealous of this thread for now