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  1. Happy Birthday DC! I've personally never been a huge fan of drakes and pygmys, so I missed out on the pygmys and filled up on the others. I caught one drake before realizing it was a drake, though. Hopefully I can grab the other ones when these ones hatch!
  2. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: kittyrules2003 (*Dead dragons were failed attempts) Forum name: kittyrules2003 Birthday: May 23 (Whoops. It's a bit late,,) List: 1. 2G Golden Tinsel from Male Anagallis OR 2G Bronze Tinsel from Male Heartseeker 2. 3G from Spriter's Alt! Any of them ❤️ 3a. Anything nice, really! 3b. Anything nice, really! 4a. CB Nebulas 4b. CB (Purple/Green) Siyats I think Golden Wyverns are my favourites! I also love Alt Undines, Nebulas, and Snows, though!
  3. aaa your pixels are so nice??? i actually love them so much omg
  4. Welcome back! For now, I actually don't need the badge I was requesting, however, some people might still benefit from it if you do want to finish it!
  5. Did anyone find out if original fanart is allowed? Such as these:
  6. Sins Crawling On Your Back It Fills You With Determination i had to pick out the undertale references lol
  7. Wow! Thank you so much for this beauty! I don't know who the parents belong to, but I'm glad I got it ❤️
  8. This is probably going to end up as my finished fort, and I'm kinda proud of it! There are so many cool forts on this thread, I love it! I might add some snowy bushes somewhere.
  9. Only remembered about this event today; think I did alright for a day's work Really had fun with this years event, it's always nice to decorate something haha
  10. Looking forward to it!! I still need my own CB Holly duo!
  11. Gift Received! Name of Donator: MiserablePileOfSecrets Name of Recipient: kittyrules2003 Gift Received: Truffle! Sorry for the late reply about this, got distracted with something ^^;
  12. I Want a New Release Egg! Forum Name: kittyrules2003 (Spring!) New Release List: Musky (Truffle) Any Dead Eggs/Hatchies? If so, why? Nope Information: kittyrules2003 - PM
  13. Just wanted to bring this (somewhat recent) post back in honour of the new Spyro game coming out, which is a remake of the first three! Thanks again, Tabs! I love your art ^w^
  14. This makes me remember when Loki... Damn it, all I wanted was for those brothers to live through it. I got half my wish. Otherwise, I love it! Nice idea as always!
  15. Ahh! The pygmy hatched! Aaaand it has no legs! Reminds me of the Shimmer-scales Edit: Almost looks like a Chinese Dragon with reverse colours (and no legs).
  16. I noticed this too, accidentally clicked a Freckle to receive the message someone clicked it first-- phew (and sorry to whoever did)! Grabbed 4 of the Pygmy and four Drakes! Having eight egg slots sure is handy The pygmys seem to go fast / the drakes are less wanted? I'm not too big a fan of Drakes/Two-heads myself due to the lack of breeding options (tho Pygmy dragons are just adorable c'mon). Maybe this new release will change that.
  17. Did this thread include "wish" in the naming at some point? Otherwise, I only have a very high gen Pink, sorry.
  18. Aha, sorry about not being able to grab all of the green images ^ ^; Hopefully what I didn't grab, someone else saved
  19. I can't wait until all of the references come out
  20. @SkyWolf25 I love all your sprites from the Dragon Request threads, and I'm not disappointed by the and ! I think I have a slight favoritism towards these eggs for a couple of reasons. Thor (Ragnarock) was actually the first Marvel character (and movie) I saw, and I really enjoyed it. The little wolf is my second favourite animal (after the tiger ), and it kinda reminds me of the Annoying Dog from Undertale at the same time lmao
  21. Aww! Congrats to all the winners Welcome back Mink! Looking forward to future raffles and the Spring festival!
  22. Lmao, thanks both of you! I was starting to worry haha
  23. Oh. Well then. Second question. How long do we have to collect them all
  24. Question: How many eggs for our baskets this year? I've got 18, and I know there're more-- just not how many.