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ʷᶤˢʰˡᶤˢᵗ | ᵖᵐ | ˢᶜʳᵒˡˡᵗᶤᵍᵉʳᵉʸᵉ

apologies for my absence in the beginning of may! i had my school exams ;w;

willing to trade for these dragons, pm to discuss!

2g grave from mutamore for him

 any and all unwanted red hatchlings!

Twisted Orb by NeXuScrimson    Twisted Orb by NeXuScrimson    Twisted Orb by NeXuScrimsonSpyroTwisted Orb by NeXuScrimson    Twisted Orb by NeXuScrimson    Twisted Orb by NeXuScrimson

Always seeking CB Xenos, Aeons, or Gemshards! PM to discuss a trade~!

♥ Creating a Z-Move lineage! ♥ I collect CB Z codes! ♥ Donations appreciated! ♥

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    Skelos Badlands
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    Just call me Kitty!

    Priority Needs:
    - 2G Grave from Mutamore for IHq5D
    - CB Aeons, Xenowyrms, Zymorphs, or Gemshards

    My profile picture and signature images of my OC, Tigereye, are for MY USE ONLY. They are made by various artists. For more information about Tigereye, her artwork, or the artists who made them, visit the website I have linked.