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  1. pretty basic eyes, though I get the occasional eyelash in them and they change colors from grey, to blue, to green. Not really sure what my eye color is, lots of people say green but when I was born they were blue.
  2. Im gonna be getting an axolotl soon! Have the tank set up completely and ready to go, just have to buy one. Can't wait! Its been a long, hard wait but it was worth it. I just love axolotls, they're always smiling.
  3. aah! I just checked to see everyone elses treats, and noticed mine was added :0 this updates cool, love the addition to the biomes with a cool halloween one. The minigames great too!
  4. Happy birthday Dragon cave! i hope this will be an amazing birthday!
  5. most likely kittens and video games (mainly pokemon) oh, and tons and tons of art supplies :3 can't resist a cat, like, ever
  6. wow! i havent taken this oath yet? hmm strange! well, here it is! all my adults are named (i have no frozen hatchies) except the exception of my beloved cavern lurker wugzy ;3 nice code, ami right? anyways... I, kitten175, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  7. i sadly cant connect to aond's and, dragon cave isn't down, i also have a thuwed offspring, 3rd gen that i wanna hatch ;-;
  8. hey tj! thx for the new halloween dragon! also, cool animation for the egg when its hatching. i was wondering, for halloween (even though its over) could you breed a few thuweds? just wondering, anyways, hope you all have a happy halloween, and a merry (upcoming) christmas! :3
  9. hi! i am kinda new to dc forums, and wish to have a banner, or badge (idk much about them :/) so, can you please, if you can, make me a banner, or badge i would love to have a pillow dragon (female if possible) and its showing the pillow dragon sitting, smiling, and underneath it, says "birthday" march 16 is my birthday, and would love to have a badge like that :3 thanks!! it also is my first time requesting a banner or badge so im a noob with them :/ hopefully you will understand! thanks! :3
  10. New ACC dragon(s) herJL jokes are funny sorry just walking 3byJB hehe, well, i sadly dont have her linage link, because he is an adult (sadly, instead of being female, its male regardless of its code lol) he is an adult so idk how to get to its linage though....
  11. hi! i would LOVE to help!! i dont exactly know how to do the code thing, but :/ i havent been posting replys and this is my first breeding line :3 i really am happy you created this line, and wish to have an egg :3 thanks! CODE I want an Endangered Egg! thegamingfoxy: kitten175: i would love to have an egg, any gen under 4th gen if possible, otherwise im okay with anything else, if its not in the 20's of course! im not scroll locked right now, so i will keep it that way until i can get the egg, if i get it! another note, is i really want the endangered species of arctic wolf, if its open :3: Proof You Read the Rules: wolves ftw!! im not so sure wat to do though :/ do i just put this in? sorry, im a noob in these forums :b
  12. hi! i have been wanting to see if i can join! here is my form! Username: thegamingfoxy Name: cynder Gender: female Type/Breed: ember Power: able to breathe fire, and is one of the fastest dragons Personality: nice, but sometimes brags that she can fly faster than other dragons. sometimes can out-speed others and end up lost. can be a bit to cocky when she beats another dragon. Appearance: has big powerful wings and has more of a grey-ish color instead of a dark black. was born with wings also. Age/Stage: 12 years History: when a magma dragon and a ember came together and bred and egg, but soon abandoned it in lava, where a red dragon came and took care of it until it got to old and moved on, and abandoned me. when i hatched i was alone, with nobody to take care of me, until i started to fend for myself, and training on my own by trying to breathe fire on rocks. after i was done breathing fire on the rocks, i would try to fly until i was able to lift myself up, then started to train my speed. by the time i was older and i had bigger wings i would train strength in my flying and also more speed. then, i met some other dragons who were nice, and let me live with them until the great rein of the vampire. extra: im one of the best flyers and when i was hatched, i had wings alreay, but they were smaller than the average wings.
  13. well, 1st of all.. i think its a fun and creative way to get some rares, by somehow neglecting a dragon, you experiment, you try, and you end up getting one as a reward! its cool, even though it may be cruel in the world of dragon cave, but at the end of the day you love it, and your proud! yes, it may be cruel, but think about it, a reward, that you had fun trying to make, its fun! dont be sad that you killed eggs for it, you had fun, and thats all that matters!