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  1. Are the chances of getting a zombie higher on the Halloween night time or all day long? I'm not sure I can wake up at time tomorrow
  2. I'm playing a lot, but it seems we're totally crushed by the cure team. It will be hard to bring the bar back in balance
  3. There's no need to get fired up here... I think Keyboard cat was just joking, and vixen only misunderstood his words. That can happen in forums, since we can't see the attitude of people when they write
  4. I hope this game won't lead to discussions about actual moral. This is still a game, and has not to be taken that seriously. Also because it's an Halloween game - and Halloween is all about being mean, scary and super-bad for a day TEAM CURE, BEWARE! *evil laughs*
  5. Very nice! Thanks a lot AngelKitty!
  6. This made my day Long live the Virus!
  7. I'm proud of my spreader badge. It looks cool to me, even if I'm not able to feel like a magical girl now with the cute winged staff But it feels TOO GOOD to be bad. It's Halloween after all.
  8. There will be lots of things to do this week! Halloween is too exciting here, I must admit it Looking at the scroll badges around here, it seems that nobody is choosing to spread the malady. I feel like a really bad person now.
  9. Thanks for the quick answer! Fingers crossed for Halloween now...
  10. Is the "Revive" action available for all the time that a dead hatchling stays on the scroll, or only for 24h (the period it still count as a living creature on your scroll)?
  11. Thanks a lot to all of you for the help!
  12. How did it work in the past years? Like, if the Halloween breeding starts (just for example) on the 25th, when will we able to see the first eggs in the AP? I'm sorry to bother with all these questions, but I really like Halloween dragons and I'm very impatient to get some of them on my scroll
  13. Thanks a lot for the help! I can't wait for the Halloween event to begin
  14. Will we find past Halloween dragons' eggs in the AP? Will it be hard to get some of them there?
  15. It seems it is down again
  16. The hilarious thing is that I'm trying so hard to get a Dino egg, but I just can't get one. I've seen a lot of Dino eggs but I am always too slow to catch them Seen a leetle tree for the first time, and got it... I think I've spent all my luck for this
  17. I just caught a leetle tree, and I feel so proud of myself! I can't believe I managed to get something that's so rare on my scroll, my reflexes are quite awful
  18. Aeon's BSA is quite useful for those that don't have a lot of Pinks and need to use Influence wisely... But I guess that if you have a good number of Pinks on your scroll, using Precognition first could even seem useless. They are both useful anyway, precog can be used for many different purposes and influence is just a must-have BSA I don't know if this question was posted before - I searched and I didn't find nothing similar - but, how do you judge someone else's scroll? To be more clear: When you look to other scrolls, what kind of criteria do you follow to decide if you
  19. No you're not I'm so glad somebody thought this too! I guess that I'll be naming one of these dragons after Rihanna
  20. Hi everybody! I stole this Magma egg not long ago. What is it worth? Can the Z code be something much relevant in trading it? I'd like a CB Copper or a CB Almandine for it, but I'd really like to know if those would be fair trades. This is the first time I try to trade something from my scroll