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  1. I'm in! Thanks a lot, this is incredible
  2. Is it just me or nobody's breeding Mutamores? I've spent the last hour refreshing the AP but I've seen just 1 or 2 Mutamore eggs
  3. Finally managed to catch my first Silver egg I must admit I shouted and scared my dog... Luckily I was alone at home (except for my poor dog)
  4. 2 CB Olive eggs, for those who need them Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. I don't know if this was mentioned before, but when you use Precognition on a egg that has not enough time left to be influenced, the message still says: "Your dragon uses the power of time magic to create an illusion of the future, revealing that this egg will be female/male, though its future may still be influenced." Shouldn't it be: "Your dragon uses the power of time magic to create an illusion of the future, revealing that this egg will be male/female" just like with influenced eggs or hatchings? Or is there some other way I can use to influence an egg that has not enough time to be influenced by a Pink? P.S.: Sorry for all those "Influence" and "influenced"
  6. 2G Aeon Wyvern egg from Aeon father and GoN mother. Please, don't kill or use it for zombie or neglected experiments if you take it Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. I'm not scrupulous but I admire scrupulous people, so thank you too. Do you know what happens if Christmas dragons produce multiple eggs in a clutch? Are you able to choose which egg to keep or what? I'm curious about this...
  8. Thanks a lot, I can be very stolid sometimes and I was afraid I was getting something wrong
  9. Ok, please help me see if I got things right on Christmas eggs: - We can have as many past Christmas dragons' eggs as we want if they were bred by others (for example, eggs found in AP) - If, in the future, I'm going to bred my Christmas dragons I can keep only one of the eggs of the clutch, in case the dragons produce multiple eggs the other ones would be auto-abandoned - I'll be able to take only 2 eggs of the 2016's Christmas Dragon, other eggs I may grab would be auto-abandoned Is this correct?
  10. Best release I've ever seen! All the adults are awesome!
  11. The "ancient" hatchlings look very nice. I'm curious to see how will they be when they'll grow up... Thanks for this release
  12. Do frozen hatchlings, zombies and leetle trees count for the badge?
  13. Thanks again! I'm very grateful for my Bronze Tinsel, thanks to the generous donor
  14. I signed up. Many thanks to Dragoness and all the donors!
  15. *highfives another European* Happy Halloween everyone, and good luck for your trick-or-treating tonight! And thanks for the new dragon, and all the mini-games... This week was really funny.
  16. Thanks to this event, I learned how to play Minesweeper. That seemed impossible to me, but I did it... Nerd skills improved, thanks a lot DC lol I used to play Pinball a lot when I was younger, if that will be the next game, I can win it myself - no need for my team mates to play. It feels bad to know we were quite hopeless all the time, but... C'est la vie. Curiosity always leads to the hardest paths
  17. Too cool, I'm gonna keep some of these badges even when the event will be over, they're superbe Thanks for your job to all the Contagion artists! Too bad we'll hardly win...
  18. There's no proof that the goo will actually kill the dragons. I just read that it could turn the dragons into zombies, but, first of all it is written: Nothing bad will happen. I don't know how you guys resist to the curiosity! Stop the Cure propaganda, and infect for science
  19. Thanks for replying dragonlady