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  1. Some fancy stuff you got here. Gray is my favorite color so I am 100% okay with the new color scheme.
  2. 1. spookyjia 2. 8, or any number with 8 in it. 3. I have never won a second gen shimmer before
  3. I made this little button for the lineage. It's kinda crappy and y'all don't have to use it but you can. [URL=https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=171915][IMG=http://i63.tinypic.com/2zexhed.gif][/URL]
  4. I was told to fix some stuff up with these dragons and announce them with this form first, so here y'all go. I Want To Announce a Musical Dragon! Forum name: spookyjia Dragon Name: Anathema-Musical Song artist: Twenty One Pilots Lineage link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/x0DwX Extra notes: I Want To Announce a Musical Dragon! Forum name: spookyjia Dragon Name: Glowing Eyes-Musical Song artist: Twenty One Pilots Lineage link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/x0DwX Extra notes:
  5. I want to be a breeder! Forum Name: forum Scroll Name (posted as a link): scroll PM Link: pm Breeding Pair (link to each, male x female): rain x thunder I want to report a new warrior! Link to new Warrior: lil baby
  6. I want to announce a breeding pair! Mother: https://dragcave.net/view/Bp2Zh Father: https://dragcave.net/view/pcLLE my fave candy is Charleston Chews
  7. Ultraviolet Ultraviolet or Royal Blue
  8. I, spookyjia, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  9. Rain, the ukulele, super loud music (headphones), washing machine sounds
  10. Turn Off the Lights - Panic! At The Disco
  11. hai Lagie I'm in TX which is kinda close to LA. The weather sucks rn for anyone in the South but the flooding is especially bad there. The road to the big creek near my neighborhood was completely covered in water though.
  12. Heeey guys. I'm bored so I guess I will just mess around on the forums for another three hours.
  13. I'm so sorry, friend. You are definitely not a huge waste of space. We all have hard times, I am in a really rough spot as well, but know you are not alone. The best thing to do for cyber-bully type things is to not respond. If you do, they will think they are getting in your head. I just let those kinds of people alone. But I know 100% know where you are coming from. Some people are just mean like that for no reason. It's really hard, especially if it is another friend. As for the speeding ticket and other things, sometimes it seems like life is out to get us. I'm pretty sure it isn't, and when things like that happen to me, I try and just "escape" from the drama and bad moments of life. Usually I do something that I enjoy, like watching some Netflix and playing the ukulele by my window, or listening to my favorite band. Sometimes if I need to just calm myself down and get away for an hour or two I just do those kinda of things, and it makes me feel a lot better. But know that, it will get better. Maybe go to your roommate and hang with her, (she seems super sweet ) and just be with each other, and comfort each other. A lot of times when the rest of the world is being sucky, I just talk about it to my best friend, and it's so great to be around someone who supports you and loves you. Those are just some things to do when I feel horrible, and I hope it helps. I also hope you feel better *sends a thousand virtual hugs* -Jay
  14. I meant like a cooldown time. Sorry, super unclear in that last comment.
  15. Hello people. Just wanted to see if there were more members of the Clique on DC. I might be the only one but ya' know. Worth a shot. If you are, cool, we can talk about it in this thread.
  16. That's really cool! I like your idea also. What would the limit be on "eggs" for that feature?
  17. I like the idea, but being able to collect an infinite amount would take away from the dragon part of DC a little bit, like the earlier commenters have said. I like how cheese456 said to have it change occasionally like a leetle tree, that would be cool. Maybe for halloween it could have a little costume or something. I probably sound dumb, but I like the creativity in your idea, and I think you should continue developing it.
  18. I really think this is a good thing. Once my storms grow up I will make a breeding pair.
  19. I am learned the guitar and I can play the ukulele! I sing too but I don't know if that counts.