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  1. I'm starting to get a complex. No one wants to be my date!
  2. Some of my pieces didn't save the way they were while the event was going on. The white floor pieces from the chess set are now overlapping certain items that were on top of them, like trees and my trojan horse.
  3. I'm so confused as to how people are hitting my fort. I don't mind, lol, but it's hidden inside a log cabin and even I can't reach it without moving things. So how are you wizards doing it?
  4. LOL, and I just finally got it Thank you though!
  5. I've been fighting with this puzzle for a while Can anyone help?
  6. HAVE: 2x CB Solstice WANT: CB Winter or CB Gemshard Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. Are there any theories about a pattern to Sino genders? Is it possibly related to the totals of each gender on a user's scroll of their ratio of GONs, or have those been disproven?
  8. Did your totals change by any chance? Like did you have more female dragons (not just Zyus, all of them) on your scroll the first time and more males the second?
  9. I finally summoned! I used a pink female Zyumorph and got a male Sino. I have more male adult dragons on my scroll than females.
  10. Did I read somewhere that some people have been able to do the event more than once? If so, is there a consensus on how? Because I've logged in and out, cleared my cache, logged on from a different computer... and all I get are the regular biomes.
  11. FINALLY caught a blue Now, somehow, I still have to get another and 2 greens...
  12. I completely understand what you’re saying. However, after 128 pages of people voicing their opinions - many of them negative about the replacement sprites and confusion about what happened - I think it’s safe to say there wasn’t less backlash this way. And again, why is it okay to capture the essence of the original sprites especially if they were traced? Is that not also a form of theft?
  13. I still don’t understand why we couldn’t have gotten complete replacements? Even if it would have taken longer. I do see similarities between the original sprites and the images posted, but what is essentially being said is that the artists’ concept was good enough to be used but not their art. And our talented mystery spriter made new sprites that were clearly intended to RESEMBLE the originals, so in essence we’ve now got a copy of a copy. How is that better?
  14. I prefer the original sprites but don’t hate the new ones, especially the adults. But if these posts up there are true… wow. Just wow. It doesn’t sit right with me that the original artists’ concept was used with another artist(s)’s sprites, especially if they didn't sign off on it. I would have preferred a post saying “yo our bad” with the existing eggs/hatchies replaced with an entirely new VD breed.
  15. Pretty minimal, mostly Hanukkah, Ocean and Cat things!
  16. So I'm not sure if this is a glitch or intentional, but I'm not able to get the cat window with the tree on the same level as the other windows. It either goes above the "wall" or below it. Like this. EDIT: Thank you, it's working now!
  17. So these little markers just appeared in my house...
  18. Every time I put things down in my house, some/most of them have disappeared by the next time I go inside. Is anyone else having this problem, or am I doing something wrong? :/