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  1. Your Forum name: TwilitImp Your Scroll name: Twilit101 The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code: UU0OX Egg type: Brimstone Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 12:26 Time of Death: 12:31 Turned but died in third phase.
  2. https://dragcave.net/lineage/j3DzX A pretty Moonstone/Silver Shimmerscale staircase with JEWEL The Diva in the first pairing-! aaaaa i wanna continue this so bad.
  3. Schadenfreude o3o I had a Grave hatchie, decided to see if that was by some miracle not taken. And it wasn't. EDIT: Apparently it was taken and i just spelled it wrong but eh Still happy
  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH now I can finally get myself some other Halloweens! ;w;
  5. Jeez, even the forums went down for a second! Apparently all the users on it overloaded it .3.
  6. Down here in Canada. I have two eggs to collect, dangit!
  7. Meeee, because I've never gotten a CB Halloween before due to me always going on hiatus around this time. This'll be my first year where I catch my own Halloweens~
  8. @OutlawQueen It doesn't matter the parents, but I'd like it to be from Generation 5.
  9. @OutlawQueen I'd appreciate having one more Targaryen, but it'll have to wait a little bit. Egg-locked and a vampire decided to eat an egg =n=
  10. So, after a hiatus I came back and decided to breed my Targaryens. They refused to go near each other. So that was f u n.
  11. Second summon. Got a GoN egg. Only have two trios. H O W
  12. *DEEP INHALE* My first Thuwed AAAAAAH! And the other half of the lineage has a Spriter's Alt! ;w; Thanks ewi122! I love the AP so much now--
  13. Where do people get those things in their signatures that say "NAME has collected NUMBER dragons"? Also, where do people go to make fake lineages to see how'd they look? Or is that one just photoshop?
  14. This egg apparently is a fan of TJ o3o Just look at the code
  15. Holiday Dragons will breed with anything without fail when in-season, but the moment they're out of season they go back to regular breeding rules. Even if they bred in-season, out-of-season they can reject.
  16. https://dragcave.net/lineage/iFebX So many great things about this egg First of all, THE LINEAGE. It's an even-gen gold/aria checker which I legit just discovered. And then the code, which has Feb in it as in February, so tis a Valentine egg :'D And also, it almost looks like FedEx. As in I ship it like FedEx. Best AP catch ever. And I just grabbed it because I didn't have an Aria o3o
  17. Recently started a new personal lineage with dragons named as royalty, bred the first two and the egg's code is rw8LZ The first egg in a royalty lineage and the code says RULES. This is gonna be good.
  18. Name : Yoxal Breed : Horse Dragon Mate/s : Fireima Fail to produce : Hellhorse Progeny : https://dragcave.net/progeny/723u6 The painful part is, when I look at their first son's children, he just bred a Hellhorse. THE PAIN.
  19. My Hellfire and Horse have only ever given me Horse eggs. I want a Hellhorse, dangit! >:U
  20. amthystfire-> Twilit101/TwilitImp; Thunder (plc9m) SockPuppet Strangler-> Twilit101/TwilitImp; Thunder (5udwq) I would like to be removed from the Thunder list.
  21. I grabbed a Cheese from the Desert! I'm surprised no one took it before me 'cause I refreshed just before I saw it o3o
  22. SockPuppet Strangler -> Twilit101; Male Pink (Notmq) I would like to be removed from the Pink list. BSA Request! Twilit101/TwilitImp Requesting: Thunder Lineage doesn't matter, and I'll happily take an inbred. I just need a Thunder for my trio--
  23. I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/link: Esergan Targaryen Gender: Male Parents: Jace Targaryen and Clary Targaryen Generation: 5 Scroll name/link: Twilit101 The Prince and Princess wish to help! Name/Link of Prince: Esergan Targaryen Name/Link of Princess: Selene Targaryen Generation of both: 5th How you would like to be contacted: You can PM me .w.
  24. I got a Chrono Xeno from the AP and a CB Blusang within a minute of each other! :'D