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  1. V. Niccolò Cerullo - I don't care WHO the IRS sends, I am NOT paying taxes! "I'm fine. Armor likely protected me from injury, as messy as it is now. Unless you count the bruises to my dignity as injuries, of course..." “Argh. Hopefully that’s a nice, easy clean…” Virgil looks down at his jacket and scowls. “Dio mio, what IS this stuff?” It registers in his head that someone in the pool said “the River Styx tends to stain things pretty badly”. He raises his eyebrows. From what little he knows of Greek myth, isn’t the River Styx a… river? With water? Or is it weird blue stuff? Maybe it is red? Virgil doesn’t know. He knows Leslie would laugh at him for not knowing. But they’re not here. Though for once he wishes they were. Someone else in the pool mentions drinking, and Virgil is intrigued. This isn’t the States, right? He’d be okay to have a drink or two, right? Yeah, yeah, he could. No laws against drinking under 21 here. And with these guys… They seem like a vibe. Maybe the multiverse isn’t so bad after all. Damn, some of them look like they’ve been working out. Perhaps they’ll give him some tips to get that toned, because daaaamn一 He realizes he zoned out when a thin orange light starts shining in his direction, scanning him head to toe. “AH! DIO MIO! What the hell?! Wha-wha-what was that?” Virgil takes a step back. “What, are you the IRS or some s*** trying to get my info?” His brain is buzzing- once again it's kicked into hyperdrive. He hadn't been paying attention, and suddenly there was a light in his face. What in the fresh hell is-- “Mr. Virgil was already scanned at the garden.” was one of the first things he heard clearly when he calmed down enough to be able to pay attention again. It was a new voice, as were most of the voices here, but he couldn’t tell where exactly it was coming from. Was it part of the scan? The new voice continued. “I wonder how he got here? Anywho! I'll upload these scans and get out of your hair. Ta-ta!” Virgil stands there with a blank expression on his face. One Mississippi, two Mississippi… He sighs as everything registers in his brain. “I’m stupid, they scanned me like that earlier, that’s right,” he mutters under his breath. Way to make an ass out of yourself, buddy. Great first impression. “Riiiight,” he says aloud, “man I must need some caffeine. Or a drink. Got enough there for another person?” Smooth. “Right, right, of course. Help yourselves!” Virgil grins at the man with the two-colored eyes, who hands him a fresh bottle.” “Thanks, man. Looks like good stuff. It’s a lot though- will this knock me off my ass if I drink the whole thing?” He notes the man getting up to pace around, asking “So are you all...Shades, then? Or are we in the living realm right now?” Virgil raises his eyebrow again. “I sure hope I’d be alive, nothing has indicated I’m dead. Someone said something like that in the garden and I freaked, but I’m pretty sure we’re alive.” He pinches his own arm. “Like 97% sure.” The elf that looks like he should be in a film from way back in 2009 says something very similar, that they're all still alive. The man with the white hair interrupts with, “Shade or not, living or dead, I'd want to go out drinking!" “Amen to that, brother,” Virgil says as he takes a drink. Oh damn, that’s--! Virgil blinks several times as he processes the delectable flavor of the beverage. Oh yeah. I’m gonna need another one of these to-go.
  2. Jehan Leon - INCOMING? What is all the hubbub now? Jehan tries to listen in, but can’t hear too much. He finishes tying his hair back and immediately goes to wash his hands. Humming a tune as he finishes up, he realizes just how many problems with the infirmary his instructors at school would have. One of his professors comes to mind- he would have an absolute field day if he were made aware of some of the ethically questionable choices being made. Still, it’s hands-on experience, which is good. Jehan may not be a doctor by any means, but it’s good to assist Dr. Archeon when he can. Throwing on a pair of gloves, Jehan uses his shoulder to open the door into the infirmary. Maybe he should’ve opened the door, then put on the gloves. Again. Who needs protocol? Either way, he walks in just as he hears the doctor mentioning a human wanting a new set of gills. Well that can’t be good, he thinks as he comes closer. He notes a young man in a ratty-looking kimono laying on the bed. There’s glass on the floor, blood all over the shards- another one of his professors would have a heart attack looking at it, for sure. Again, not important. The man looks pretty jacked up, he’s not sure what exactly would've caused those injuries. The marks on his body though… scrapes, some smudges, maybe some cuts- it looks like he’d been through some sort of struggle. Not enough to be KO’d like that. Joker is replying to the doctor- "Come on doc, wouldn't it be best to take care of the current wounds before trying to add anything new? I mean, he can't consent to new gills while messed up and we haven't done a scan on him so we don't even know if he does have gills or not!" “Ah damn- that’d be a cool procedure to watch, though,” Jehan says as he makes it to the table. “Maybe if we wake him up, we can ask. I’m sorry- I'm not late, am I?” God, I hope not. He looks over at Joker before looking around for a syringe. “Hey, Joker. How are you holding up?” Utakata - Awake His head is still fuzzy. Utakata isn’t sure what’s going on, but snippets of conversation in the room indicate he’s not alone. Judging by the lack of things “Yeah, it seems he’s waking up. Jeez, poor dude. Hope he’s okay.” Someone else makes a comment that causes Utakata’s eyes to snap open and his body to jolt into a sitting position. He yelps when he sees a tall person with wings, goggles, and something in their hand. Is that a moth person? Utakata backs up, almost falling off the bed. Luckily, something stops him. “W-w-what???? What was that? What’s happening??? A-aaaah?????” “Oh Jesus, that got him.” Utakata sees a tall young man with dark brown hair held back in a rather tight ponytail. His left eyebrow raises, two eyebrow piercings moving up with it. “Hey man, you want a set of gills?” Utakata gives a more-than-offended look. “No!” That managed to distract his brain from the fear he was feeling a second ago. In comes the confusion as he asks, “Where- where am I?” “Glad ya asked! Luckily we have just the guy to tell ya.” The man looks over at another young man with rather messy black hair. The pierced man steps back as if to let him take the lead. He then turns to look at the person next to him- the one with the moth wings. His heart is racing, he’s not sure why exactly other than- well, everything going on at the given moment. He turns his attention to the black-haired man, who’s wearing some sort of strange garb. Actually to be honest, all of them were dressed weirdly. Of course, none of this seemed what Utakata would call normal. Where be we? I don’t know, Saiken. But I don’t trust it. Me neither. But we no fight? We can’t. My body just took an entire beating and a half. Even if I took full beast form, that might just kill me. You feel okay? Yes and no. I’m alert, but I feel like crap. Ouch. My sorrow. Yeah yeah, you overgrown booger. Rub it in that you don’t feel that. Me felt when in red beast mode. Version 2? Yeah makes sense. Okay, gotta pay attention. Me be small. What? Me. Be. Small. Okay fine just don’t scare anyone. A small version of Saiken takes form on Utakata’s shoulder. One of his six tails waves at his new audience. “Hello! Me be called Saiken! Where we be?” The pierced man raises both of his eyebrows. “Whoa…. Sick.” L. R. C. - Newcomers? Newcomers! “Good day, Qrow! Good day, Lara!” Ganyu greeted the two rather quickly. Lara smiles and gives her a wave. “I saw the messages in the chatroom. I know we’re still not done building the Junction, but I thought I’d try to clean things up a little and make everything comfortable for the new arrivals. I’ve got this place covered, but if you two wanted to help then might I ask that you keep Lucikiel away from the swords?” Lara chuckles. “Will do.” She picks up the couple that are on the ground, grabbing a few things that she happens to come across. It wouldn’t be helpful to grab the swords and ignore everything else, now, would it? Not while she’s right there. “I don’t particularly care about meeting newcomers,” Lara hears Lucikiel say, “chances are a couple of them will die in a few months, anyways.” She winces at that. She knows he has a point- it’s a dangerous multiverse out there, now more than ever. She zones out while gathering things, trying to veer her mind from that reality, until she hears him mention that one of them might be a worthy opponent. “Mm, perhaps,” she murmurs. When she gets up to go put a couple things away- including the aforementioned swords- she notes that his tail is bouncing. She closes her eyes and smiles a little at this. Right again, she thinks to herself. That was the beauty of the multiverse- as dangerous as it was. At least there was always something new and exciting. She notes that Ganyu lifts her arm to check the omni-tool. “One second, please,” she says as she starts typing out a response. Lara stops where she is. She’s not sure what’s going on, as she’s not currently looking at chat. Actually, that’s not a bad idea. She takes out her omni-tool as well to see what’s being said. Nodding in acknowledgement, she scrolls through. To her annoyance, someone had changed her name. Tank Tits: Now who the devil changed my nickname? ...Again? “Apologies for that,” Ganyu says as she puts the tool away. She knows it’s not at the nickname change, but at Ganyu’s brief pause. “It appears as though there are still quite a few newcomers that haven’t been scanned yet which-” she gives Lucikiel a look- “isn’t to say you should start fighting them!” Lara allows a very faint snort to come from her nostrils. “Xander has expressed concern over your insistence on, and I quote, “spearing himself with Siegfried.” Lara’s eyes widen at that- What is his thing with stabbing himself? “If one of the newcomers would like to spar with you, that’s one thing but I ask that you refrain from demanding a fight with a bunch of confused strangers.” Lara gives a rather dismayed expression, as she sees Lucikiel is anything but amused. He makes a comment about how if Xander is so concerned about that, he should fight Lucikiel himself, and how he only listens to the strong. That gets an eyeroll when Lucikiel isn’t looking. The sheer arrogance of some people… Although perhaps it makes sense, considering what little she’s seen of him already. “Something tells me that we may get more than one of said confused strangers itching for a fight,” Lara muses as she kneels to tie her boots. “I’m sure there won’t be much of an issue in regards to the newcomers taking that initiative. In any case, I look forward to seeing a match.”
  3. V. Niccolò Cerullo - It's Raining Men. He hadn't expected a hot spring. Nor had he expected so many guys in one place. Maybe it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world for him to slip into one of the springs and relax, considering he's already wired. Maybe he'd slink away from the obvious bloodbath (pun fully intended) and take a bath in one of the normal looking pools. He recalls Jehan teaching him that hot baths were better for opening one's pores or some crap like that, and after today's Series of Stressful Events, he'd absolutely need a good skincare routine. The guys at the springs seem to have other plans. While the tan, white-haired man seems to be talking to another ashen-skinned man, one of the other guys points at Virgil. "You! When did you get here?" Oh crap, he thinks to himself. He's never been good at worming his way out of things, and in his heightened state of anxiety, he really wants to worm his way out. Alas. He just puts his hands up. "H-hey man, I don't want trouble. I just got here and really don't wanna trouble anybody." He looks around the springs, the other guys seem to be chatting and drinking amongst themselves. His body relaxes- and he notices his body is a lot warmer. Virgil has no idea if it's embarrassment , the heat of the springs, or the added heat of his jacket that's causing his body temperature to spike. All three? Probably. He couldn't think of any other reason he'd be this warm. He raises his eyebrow. "...Huh. You're not finding that water at all repulsive?" That's when a weird, tattooed, elf-looking, Avatar-looking dude makes an Olympic-style belly flop into the pool. Virgil turns away and holds his hands up as if to try and protect himself from the incoming splash. That doesn't stop him from being totally covered in the red, blood-like substance. " ! I had JUST managed to give this jacket a PROPER CLEANING--" He spits a bit of the stuff out of his mouth. It managed to get into his hair- At the same time, the newcomer starts complaining about the pool. No, he'd been complaining about the stuff getting in his armor. Seems the two have the same grievance. Virgil scowls in annoyance, shedding his jacket and flopping it over his arm. ".....I s'pose I wouldn't be able to dunk this in one of the other pools, yeah? That'd muck up those too?" Then he looks at the armored elf. "....And dude, you okay? I imagine that hurt like hell, Jesus Christ." L. R. C. - Still Reeling Ah, bother. Newcomers. And there's an influx of them. Dr. Shivers appears to be going feral. She sighs, looking to see if she has any direct notifications. Luckily, nothing requires her immediate attention. She can maybe check out the training grounds, so long as nothing particularly pressing comes up. It's best she allow the other curators to help the new folk acclimate to the distortion world... Well, the assumption that they would do so is a bold one, depending on which curator she'd be thinking of. Not that she's one to talk, considering she'd rather kick some dummies around than go say hello. Lara walks into the training area, and she sees a couple familiar faces. Namely Lucikiel and Ganyu, who are currently engaged in- oh lord, not again. It appears that Ganyu is trying to keep Lucikiel from stabbing himself again. She makes sure to stay in view before speaking, else one of them turns their weapons on her. She'd been there a number of times with the ICH, and none of them ended particularly well. Lara chooses not to recollect the one time she'd ended up in one of the infirmaries on the main hub. That was an awful day for more reasons than one. "Hello, you two," she greets them both with a half-wave. When she stops, her holsters make a little jingling sound. Upon stopping, she notes Qrow is also here, offering to help Ganyu to clean up the mess. "Ah, you three. Need any help cleaning?" She hadn't been too keen on doing much today besides explore, but she'd feel awful if she just said her hello's and just started wrecking the place without at least offering an extra set of hands. She looks at Qrow, nodding at his mention of the new people at the junction. "Ah yes, I did see that notification. The distortion world will be a very lively place very soon, won't it..." Her voice trails off. "It'll be interesting seeing what everyone can do." Lara kneels down to help Ganyu and Qrow with the cleaning. She bites her tongue, not wanting to say she's excited about these newcomers. Utakata - Sore Utakata had his ass handed to him on a silver platter. And all he can do now is accept defeat, accept he's going to die. The orange-haired man and his clones take him to a dark, rocky cavern- it's here that they place him in front of a large, many-eyed statue. A few others in very similar red-and-black cloaks stand upon the fingers of the statue, it seems like a sort of ritual. Utakata wants to make one last-ditch effort and run. Maybe he'd go as far as to move into full beast mode and fight back. But he knows his body is too tired. He knows he could just as easily die if he changes into that form. Had he done it sooner, maybe he'd have had a fighting chance. He sees a number of different characters light up as the figures make their signs, he's too exhausted to try and get a read on any of it. The mouth of the statue opens, and some sort of blue energy starts making its way towards him as he hears, "Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom Dragons." Indeed, nine chakra dragon heads begin to surround him, as Utakata makes one last plea to whatever god could hear him. Please. Please, I don't wanna go out like this. Utakata closes his eyes in preparation. He expects pain. That's how it was when Harusame tried that other ritual. But he feels nothing. Nothing at all. He doesn't even feel the rough cavern floor anymore. The floor is cold, smooth, and..... OW, OW OW OW OW. WHAT IS STABBING MY BACK? Instantly, he sits up. Luckily, nothing under his ass is being stabbed with whatever is on the ground. He twists around to look behind him, and oh look. There are shards of glass, some with just the faintest marks of blood. Then he looks around- is he... Is he in an infirmary? There's no way he blacked out that fast, right? There's no way someone saved him, right? No, no, he wouldn't have been placed on a floor with broken glass. Nobody, unless they were that much of a careless jerk, would pull that kind of crap. "Nnngh... where... where am...." Utakata feels lightheaded- perhaps sitting up so quickly wasn't the move. No, it isn't, because almost as quickly as he sat up... He falls, face-first, onto the floor in front of him. And everything is black. Armin Arlert - A Taste of Home Armin had made his way out of the garden and the dark-haired person with the shoulder pet. Turns out they'd made their way to a stable, where a few others happen to be. Taking in the situation, he's actually quite disturbed when one of them missing a limb or two and the other is wounded. Both are conversing as if absolutely nothing is wrong in any way, shape, or form. Giving them a look, he walks past and takes a look at the horses. At least there's something that reminds him of home. As unfamiliar and new as everything else is, Armin is relieved to see something normal. He glances at the two injured, or, "injured", and asks, "Are you both okay?" Perhaps it's an unnecessary question, but he figures it's better to show concern. One of the horses neighs.
  4. Adora - In Need of a Therapy Animal Adora rubs her eyes for a moment. Usually she's much better at processing weird situations, but this... This is beyond weird. The conflict she'd tried to avoid managed to resolve pretty quickly. Adora is actually surprised and impressed at how the blond man managed to topple and pin down a man who has a good four inches on him. At least. An orange-haired young woman seemed very quick to get into the fight in order to stop it. But when it seemed to stop, the girl was relieved. "We've all barely been here for twenty minutes and there's already fighting?! That's going to get us all nowhere awfully fast, so if we all want to go home and get back to whatever we were all doing before we fell out of the sky, maybe we should start working together or something?!" The blond man- Armeen, according to Lara- shakes his head and swiftly rolls to the side and helps himself up. He dusts himself off and turns to face the girl. Adora tunes out at this point as she sighs- Catra would be having a field day if she were here. If she weren't trying to help Adora keep Lara restrained, she would have either joined in the fight or had a fun time watching. Adora imagines it briefly, and a soft, sad smile crosses her face. And for the honor of Grayskull, she sure does miss her girlfriend. Something catches her attention as the person who was actively fighting with Add and Basil starts running off. Adora decides this will distract her from the fact that her girlfriend isn't here. Adora turns on her heel. Adora runs. V. Niccolò Cerullo - Damn. She managed to break through that boulder like it was nothing. Virgil is nothing short of crestfallen. He watches as the girl he was trying to protect emerges from the boulder, looking starkly different from the way she did before- namely her snow-white hair and the crimson marks on her face. Virgil doesn't focus on that though. He stares at the fragments of rock on the ground, noticing just how weak they are. JAMES made better boulders, for ****'s sake! What if that guy stabbed a sword through there? What would have become of this girl? Aurelius was right, he should have done better at practicing defense- he recalls that one time when he almost failed to save Zhibek.... That was a painful time. He stares down at the ground and the pieces of rock, just continuing to think of his failure. Defeated, Virgil turns on his heel and walks off in A Direction. Wandering, he tries to shake off his blunder. Nothing really catches his attention away from this train of thought though.... until at one point it starts feeling much too warm in there. When he looks up..... He pales. Armin Arlert - Strategically, it Makes Sense "You. You might want to get off him." The oddly-dressed teenager speaks to Armin almost as if he's the child. "I read his scan and he can definitely throw you off right now if he wanted to." With the way this boy speaks.... Armin almost feels as if he is the child. The way he carries himself.... Interesting. Armin quickly gets off of the now-docile man and makes it to his feet, dusting himself off. "I'm not sure what you mean by 'scan', I'm afraid I woke up within the past five minutes. I'm also curious to know what you mean by 'UNI code'." He turns to the girl who, up until a few seconds ago, was trapped in some sort of rock. "Hey, are you okay? Um.... Thanks for coming to my aid, I'm afraid I didn't catch your name before all of...." He glances down towards the man on the ground. "...That." "My rock was weak." Armin turns to give a confused look to the young man, also with dark hair and green eyes (it has to be the same damn combination, doesn't it...), who's now on his knees. "....I will... unpack that Later." He faces the young woman again. "Oh! My manners! I'm Armin Arlert, Commander of the Scouting Regiment." A snort from Lara ensues, which Armin chooses not to acknowledge. He hears her continue to giggle in the background.
  5. Armin Arlert - Did I land on my head? Damn. A groan escapes his throat as he lays there. Armin had had his ass handed to him, and for who-knows what reason, now he's in a lot of pain. Perhaps the adrenaline had died down. "Oh no!" A feminine voice echoes in his ear. "Are you alright?" Something starts tugging at his shoulder, causing his body to shudder in surprise. "Do you need any help getting up?" Well, that appears to be his cue to wake up and see what's going on, for that voice is not familiar. Armin opens his eyes- -And wishes he didn't. There's suddenly too much going on and he'd rather remain in the room with Eren. ....Eren. Armin's eyes soften at the name, until he remembers what Eren just did to him, to Mikasa. Then he hardens his expression and exhales sharply, dismissing the thought and turning to the young woman- who he notes has very odd attire and foxlike ears. To his dismay, his face returns to a neutral, if not intrigued state. "A-ah, thank you, I appreciate it." But just as he's ready to get up with the dark-haired girl's help- A young man with dark hair and green eyes - a very familiar color scheme, unfortunately - grabs her and throttles her to the ground. Armin yelps and falls backward. "You're bold, to send your couriers so far and wide across the multiverse. Had I not been there, would your men have destroyed the town after I'd left?" The stranger points the sword he's holding at the woman, radiating the same energy as... No. No. "I'll kill you now to dispatch this threat. Unless... someone else is in charge." Armin sits upright, his eyes wide with panic. "N-now WHAT do you think you're---" Lara K (feat. Adora and Virgil) - It reeks of rage in here. Lara hears a familiar voice yelling out as she turns on her heel. Her attention has been grabbed from the person next to her shoving something in their bag and the scenario going on near her. At this point, she'd kind of stopped caring anyway. She turns to see Armin, surrounded by a rather upsetting sight- one of the women is being held at sword point by a rather crazed young man. She snarls and pulls out one of her swords from her gear and barks out, "HEY. Why not pick on someone else?" She prepares to pounce when one of the others- the woman with the giant forehead and the poof in her hair- grabs her by the waist and holds her back, causing the wind to knock out of her and her sword to fall to the ground. When she gets control of her lungs again, Lara hisses a number of curses and tries to flail out of her arms. After a moment, she manages to elbow the woman's gut and begins sprinting. "HEY, WAIT, WE--" the woman calls after Lara, but Lara continues to run. She almost makes it until she collides with a tree trunk of an arm. A rush of air escapes her lungs. She manages to mouth a curse word before falling limp over the arm. She is defeated. She has met her match, just for now. "H-hey, come on. We're not trying to have a battle royale here! Come on! We don't know what this can do!" Damn. The b*****d has stopped screaming. He's calmed down. And worst of all, he's got me beat. Lara mutters a few choice words at the masculine voice that matches the arm she's hanging over as soon as she regains her breath. She tries to struggle for a moment, but both arms wrap around her waist as the man holds her back-first to his chest. "I mean it. We don't know what he can do." "You don't know what I can do---" "You'd've done it already, whatever crazy tricks you would know, and gotten out of my arms by now." Drat. Lara groans and falls limp. "Ugh, it, fine. Just put me down." "Okay, but let me deal with this. I got powers for this kinda thing." "Ugh, fine." He lets her go, takes a deep breath, and extends his right arm. A rock forms around the woman- a rock- and Lara's eyes widen. She notes Armin rolling out of the way before the rock surrounds the woman completely. To her dismay, the hostile man manages to get out of the way as well. And before she can say anything, she sees a flash of blonde and watches as Armin gets into a crouching position and attempts to punch the man from below. This seems to work, as Armin somehow manages to knock the assailant down. Damn, didn't know the twig had it in 'em. "H-HEY. Can you slow down for just a moment? I don't think any of us here have the slightest idea what you're talking about! And even if this girl was a threat, don't you think something would have happened to me by now? L-look at me!" Straddling the man, he sits upright for a moment and flail his arms around. "Look at me! I'm fine! We're fine!" He looks down at him and Lara blinks. She's not surprised at his attempt to defuse the situation, but she's still reeling from how he managed to knock someone to the ground. "J-just hold on, whatever you're talking about is a huge misunderstanding!" Lara grins. "Not your best one, 'Min, but I guess you did alright," she mutters under her breath. Then she turns to look at the rather handsome young man behind her. "Guess all we needed was- oh hello there." She winks at him. He winks back. "Virgil. You?" "Lara. And the twink-master over there is Armin." "Mm, interesting, did a pretty good job knocking that dude down. Well, here's hoping Armeen here did the trick." She faces the large bounder and nods. Lara doesn't want to admit it, but she also hopes Armin did the right thing. Or rather, she hopes Not-Eren over there is convinced.
  6. Lara K - Grand Marshal of the Death Panic Parade Lara sighs. Her brain switched off about halfway through the oddly dressed child's- Add's- explanation. She'd managed to catch that they all came in through a crack in the sky/floor/only the Walls know. Her attention comes back when the older brunette next to Add starts speaking. He introduces himself as Basil, and Lara briefly wonders why people are named after plants so damn often. Focus, Kashirin. She notes that Basil seems much more relaxed than Add does, which puts her slightly at ease. A small sound enters her ears, coming from the direction of the person she found herself next to prior to Add's short lecture. "I sense death," the voice says. Her brain doesn't register that right away. Instead, the other person's voice interrupts her thoughts for a moment. Their abrasive nature manages to distract her from what their little friend said. "Instead of just telling us 'hey, go look around or ask us whatever questions', why don't you boys actually tell us ? Start from the beginning of the story and explain everything instead of leaving confused, possibly overwhelmed or panicking, people who clearly have an unknown assortment of abilities to stumble about in the dark on their own. And then you can open the floor to whatever questions remain. Hm? Because I guarantee you can cut down the question load significantly if you start with the answers from the get-go and you're a lot less likely to piss people off when you don't make them pull teeth." The person next to her brings a good point, however... Something clicks in the middle of that, and she whips her head towards them, looking at their little shoulder buddy. Not even taking into account its dog head on a human body, or how small it is, she registers what it had said. "E-excuse me? You said you sense death?" Well, that doesn't bode well. V. Niccolò Cerullo and Adora No talk. Only panik. Virgil had just managed to calm down. What with the cute girl interrupting his little freakout and her attention immediately going to the strange alien that she somehow knows, Virgil takes the opportunity to look around. As strange and trippy as the place is, it's not the worst place. It doesn't feel like an afterlife, he may not be dead after all. It's pretty neat, though. He tries to look around some more, doing anything to distract himself from the feeling of embarrassment that came from him freaking out. Sadly, that doesn't shake off the weight in his chest. Is he sure he's still alive? Just because it doesn't seem like any afterlife Virgil knows, doesn't mean it's an afterlife that doesn't exist. He can only think of that now- not the cute garden, not the other people, not even the voices that start droning on. Of course, someone had been talking, but he wasn't listening at all. Only one thing manages to catch his attention, and that's when a curly haired brunette girl says, "E-excuse me? You said you sense death?" ... After they hear Adora's voice, Double Trouble freezes and turns to see her. She can see the grin on their face when they recognize her. "Well, well, if it isn't the Princess of Power herself! Fancy meeting you here, Adora." Adora crosses her arms over her chest and narrows her eyes. She doesn't even bother giving them the courtesy of a reply. Then the looks over at a young woman with cat ears, and her heart drops. While she doesn't look like Catra in the slightest, the ears are what get to her. The young cat-woman speaks. "You know this woman." "She and I are acquaintances, yes. She's helped me with more roles than I care to count, really. I already feel like I can hone my talents here, kitten." "Do not call me that. My name is Y'shtola." Not-Catra crosses her arms "...and I would like to know both of yours." Well, she's straight and to the point. That's... admirable. The golden haired girl speaks up, talking in a very chipper voice. Adora finds her posture relaxing when she hears the voice- almost as if this girl's energy could just lift one's mood. "I'm Tachibana Hibiki! It's nice to meet you both, Y'shtola-san and... um...?" Double Trouble changes forms several times- into Adora, the man in the yellow jacket (she kind of wants a jacket like that), then another couple forms before turning into Y'shtola. "Please..." They then switch to their original form. "...call me Double Trouble." Adora rolls her eyes, but the others seem impressed. The black haired man seems to be more focused on his surroundings than he is on anyone in the area. Probably for the better, she would rather him not start back up again. Y'shtola seems more impressed. "...so you're a shapeshifter, then. And a damn good one too, from what I just witnessed..." Double Trouble grins and bows, much to Adora's annoyance. Her face falls when another voice cuts through the air. "E-excuse me? You said you sense death?" Oh boy. She just managed to distract the yelling guy. He was finally calm. Still. DEATH? Her heart sinks. First, she's not on Etheria. Second, she's not with her girlfriend or her best friends. And now third-- she's DEAD? "W-wait. A-are we dead? What's---" The black haired man starts to panic as well, speaking in that other language again. Adora doesn't blame him.
  7. [M - Sector 2 - Sheer Humiliation] Malefor allows a yell to boom from his throat. The giant, unholy metal creature has wrapped several tentacles- tongues, perhaps?- around his limbs. He sends out a fireball, of course to no avail. Had he been warm blooded, perhaps his face would remain the temperature of said fireball, considering his rather depressing situation. He hopes one of two things at this point- one, that he can manage to fireball these cursed things off of his body and he can somehow ram his way out of there. Or, a fireball would hit Yubel, and this situation would become humorous. Instead. The fireball moves out of the giant metal maw as the tongues lash out towards Yubel. And instead of smacking into her, it gets caught in a gust of wind and eventually, to his dismay, fizzles out. Embarrassing. Was he not supposed to be the Purple Dragon? Was he not supposed to be completely all powerful? Master of Fire, Electricity, Ice, Earth, and more? Years of training and praise had taught him that, of course. The ancestors made him more than aware of his fate- He'd always been meant to bring change to the era. He was meant to be powerful, to bring about a new age. But by the gods, here he is, inside the mouth of a giant metal Destroyer. A Destroyer that doesn't seem even remotely capable of its purpose- bringing about the new age by causing the destruction of the world. Truly, truly, ever so humiliating. Malefor continues to twist his way out- or.... well... try to. Instead, he continues to write around, spitting out insults and the occasional fireball, more consumed in his own emotions than anything else. [L - Sector 5 - A New World?] She'd just gotten her head around the fact that no matter how many times she yelled, "ZIP? ALISTER," neither of them would respond. Of course, with as many times as Amanda or her goons managed to interrupt her only connection to her friends and employees, they'd managed to get that connection back within a couple hours or so. It'd been three days. Lara sighs and taps at her earpiece. It seems that the charge finally died, leaving her stranded. Brilliant, she thinks to herself. Here I am, in this wasteland, and I have no way to get myself out safely. The storms might start again soon, from what she can understand. But from her understanding of how storms work, she may have a few hours left to find some shelter. That's rather helpful, considering how low she is on ammunition for her assault rifle. It's a same she used so much ammo on some strange creatures from only God knows where. It would be more than useful to have those now, knowing that she's completely stranded and can't even contact Zip to arrange for a helicopter home. She takes note that she's not too far from a small, castle-like building of a structure she'd not familiar with. Raising an eyebrow, Lara walks closer to it. But as she gets closer, she starts hearing some rather loud sounds nearby. Startled, she grabs one of her pistols and whips around to take a look. She blinks when she sees a rather large group, all mingling amongst themselves. Is this a bloody school trip, now? What is this, the bloody Museum of Bizarre History? Well, someone call the Smithsonian. At the front of the group are two young men, neither of which seem nearly close to entering their thirties. Both seem to be bickering about something she clearly missed the context for. Blinking, she moves over to another young man with rather interesting two-colored hair and wearing an old-style military uniform. He's clicking a box of come sort and seems nowhere near interested in the conversation that the other men are having. He looks up before he can accidentally collide with her. Seeming rather surprised, he almost flinches. Lara gives him a quick wave. "Pardon. May I ask if you're familiar with this place? And if not, where you all may be coming from?" [R - Sector 5 - Storms Take Me Now] "Well maybe, just maybe, had you been paying attention, you'd know WHERE WE ARE?" "Oh- right, because I am the Sole Navigator Of Whatever-the-heck they call this place???" "Mul'tilennaya." "LITERALLY ONLY YOU CAN SAY THAT." "No. Only you are incapable of saying it." "I am this close to sending you in a bubble and letting you go to God-knows-where." "I'll pop it!" "Oh, so you want an exploding bubble?" "I will ing--" Oh storm it, here they go again. Renarin does his best to tune out Utakata and Kaiba's shouting. Go figure, he makes an attempt to be friendly with the two, and they find something to argue about for the third time this trip. Glys is being quiet right now- he's not sure why this time. The girl who slapped Utakata- the other one- Hotaru, seems to be just as annoyed by the yelling as Renarin is. She even tries to yell at them to knock it off. Kaiba and Utakata looked at her, looked at each other, and continued. Well, he'd hoped to be friendly with them. But at the moment, he has nobody else to speak with. So here he goes, clicking his box instead. He doesn't notice the person walking towards him right away. He's so focused on keeping his focus off of the fighting that he just barely manages to jolt to a stop when he notices that someone is walking towards him. Oh, storms. In front of him is a young Veden-appearing (?) woman- seemingly close to Jasnah's age, with a rather.... er.... revealing outfit. He looks away almost immediately before he remembers something Utakata told him about before the second argument. He could just look at her nose. Pretend to make eye contact and not have to worry about her fingerless gloves- storms, he has to remember that not everyone follows Vorin culture here. She'd given him a wave and asked him, "Pardon. May I ask if you're familiar with this place? And if not, where you all may be coming from?" Neither of these answers are ones that Renarin is comfortable giving. He looks away but shakes his head in response. "No, none of us know this place. We think we're lost. I... Take it I can't ask you the same?" "No," the woman responds. "Unfortunately I've only been here a few days." Hotaru chimes in, much to Renarin's relief. "So have we. We're coming from a different area of this planet, one with lots of lava and a tyrant of a ruler. I think.... I think we were intending to go here. It's just a matter of where in this place we need to go. I think we're supposed to be finding a Professor of sorts. You wouldn't have heard of one, have you?" Renarin perks up. "I know quite a few professors." "Do you know someone who just goes by 'Professor'?" "No." Renarin frowns. This isn't helping at all. But just before he can ask this woman's name, he hears the argument between Utakata and Kaiba start to get even worse. He hears from Utakata, "Well I don't know, if you're just so goddamn smart, why are we still running around here lost? Certainly not a useful skill to have if you don't use it!" He drops his jaw when he hears Kaiba's voice ring out one more scathing insult. [R - Sector 7 - Yggdrasil] Riza has seen more vibrant places in the military headquarters. She's been more excited to be in a meeting with the Führer than she'd been to be in this place. Yet Hibiki, Kirika, and Chris all seem rather nervous. She looks at the three of them and then back to the giant pillar in the distance. Her eyebrows raise when she takes note of people wandering in select places, performing all sorts of tasks. Now isn't that odd.... It would be a lie if Riza said she didn't feel a twinge of uneasiness. She feels something deep in the pit of her stomach- something about this place.... Part of her wonders, briefly, if they're about to jump into a nest of hornets. She glances over to Hibiki. "So. Anything we need to know about the ruler of this place?"
  8. V. Niccolò Cerullo - A World Unknown Virgil swears a few times in Italian before opening his eyes. Where the hell am I….? He coughs, realizing he’d landed on his stomach, which had knocked the wind out of him. The boulder he’d barely managed to create had failed to protect him from that, as he notices pieces of the shattered rock on the ground. Well, he needs to work on reinforcing that, for sure. Aurelius would be more than disappointed in his lack of progress working on a defense. Well, whatever. Why need a defense when your rock missiles are just that goddamn good? Considering what had been happening- --What had been happening? All he recalls is that James was also protecting someone with a boulder- had to be Evonna, if memory serves. Monica screeched for a reason he can’t recall, maybe he hit his head too. All he sees is a beautiful garden, one with all sorts of flowers, trees, bushes… he knows a few Beacons who’d have a field day here. It’s strange though- none of this place is familiar. Had he been killed? Is this some sort of heaven— He hears a click. “Ha. Nice.” Nothing about that voice was familiar. Instantly, Virgil scrambles to his feet and looks around. Unbeknownst to him, his breath had returned to normal- although with the panic rising, his breathing starts to quicken. It’s at that point that his brain switches off. “Dove sono?” He turns to the nearest conscious person. “Cosa sta succedendo? Chi siete persone ??? PERCHÉ SONO MORTO? AIUTO!!!!” Where am I? What’s going on? Who are you people??? WHY AM I DEAD? HELP!!!! Virgil doesn’t care about how ridiculous he must look. He doesn’t care how loud he is. No. His main concern is the fact that he’s in a trippy world, with trippy people, and he’s Pretty Goddamn Sure that someone just took a picture. Really, at this point, nothing matters. He’s too freaked out to think about any of the other details. Once again, not to his awareness, someone else wakes up not too far away…. Adora - You Again? She had been snuggling with Catra at Brighmoon. Adora remembers feeling the weight of Catra’s head against her chest and hearing the soft, happy purrs in her ears. She’d felt, for once in her life, safe. Warm, comfortable, and safe. The Horde had been taken care of, she and Catra were together again- friendship plus More- and…. for once, all had seemed right. Now she finds herself nestled in a lot of shrubs. Almost like that time in Brightmoon, almost like those darn cushions, she finds herself drowning in them. She yelps and tries to fight her way out. This time, however, she manages to get herself out, rolling out and landing on her knees. To her confusion, she hears a rather loud noise and looks up. Someone is shouting in another language- a tall young man with black hair that reaches a couple inches past his chin and a rather warm-looking yellow and black jacket. She raises her eyebrow and walks up to him, placing a hand on his arm. “Hey buddy, you alright?” He stiffens and whips around to look down at her. His bright green eyes flash in some sort of emotion that Adora has difficulty reading. Upon looking at her, his expression softens. It seems that helps calm him down, though Adora has no idea what she did to get that reaction. Regardless, he’s calming down, so she doesn’t mind that all she had to do was ask if he was okay. When his breathing seems to calm- or at least his shoulders stop moving so much- he scratches the back of her head and gives a sheepish smile. “A-ah, sorry…!” “Hey, it’s not a huge deal. I’m Adora, and—" she notices, among some of the strange new people, a very familiar face. She looks behind the stranger and narrows her eyes at the green shapeshifter. “You.” “What-” the young man is confused, but Adora keeps her focus on them. Her eyes narrow further. Lara K - I Don’t Think We’re in the Walls Anymore Whoa, whoa. Where in the walls am I? None of this looks like anywhere in the walls, if Lara is to be honest with herself. None of her friends are here, her horse Sieg is nowhere to be found….. Not even her best friend Claire can be seen. Instead, she sees a number of people in varying states of consciousness. Nearby, she notes two people talking, wearing some very odd clothing. Both are, she assumes, young adults. The taller one, the man, seems to be recovering from a freak out. From what she could infer, the blonde, who she notes as very pretty, somehow managed to calm him down. She did hear some shouting before waking up, and the woman seems to be much calmer (perhaps taking things in?), so she feels her guess is right. She keeps looking around. It seems not everyone here is completely human, either, and this worries her. But as long as nobody is trying to eat her, she’s fine for now. Luckily, there’s not a Titan in sight. Lara pats her gear to make sure it’s still there. To her relief, it is. She walks up to a young, darker-haired person holding a strange, dog-like humanoid. Lara tries to make sure that she doesn’t seem hostile, this person seems wary enough to begin with. They’re staring at two figures near them, as if trying to get some answers. So she follows their lead. “Excuse me,” she says to the person, trying not to startle them too much. Then she faces the person they’re addressing. Briefly, she hopes she’s intimidating to these people at the very least. “Yeah, I’d like to know where we are…. I’d like to know I’m not having some weird-ass fever dream. And if I am…. can I wake up, please?”
  9. [K - Hellworld - Stuck with these lot] Of course, nobody had answers. "Can't say I know how I got here. One moment I was on a train and then poof! Big scary mansion." Something about this particular sentence confuses him, particularly the first part. On a... Train? What in Damnation is...? He notes that the young man blinks rather slowly while Syl talks, his eyes running over her. Syl seems just as surprised as she is, as she muses, "Unless there's something really interesting over your shoulder, it looks like he can see me." Kaladin nods as he looks once again at the unfamiliar creature, at which the young man asks, "Back for more?" Kaladin tries to ignore the soreness in between his eyebrows, which seem to be drawn to each other as the unfamiliarity of the place really seems to set in. He knows he's not in Roshar, that much is clear. The only thing that would make him question that at this point is the howling of the winds outside. And it seems like in this company I won't be finding out any time soon. "This is what I ran into before I saw you two." The younger man says after hopping down off the railing and approaching the newcomer. He gives the creature a wave. "I'm Joker, by the way," the masked boy- Joker- finally introduces himself. "A word of warning, I don't think its hostile but it does like shiny things. Might want to hide your buttons. Or money." At least one of them is somewhat cordial. On the other hand. "I just asked you a question," he responds in a rather doubtful tone "why would I know the answer to yours?" To this, Kaladin grunts in response, refusing to admit that the other man is right. Syl sits down on Kaladin's shoulder and rests her head in her freehand. He doesn't point out that one of those questions was of the man's storming name. "He has a point, you know." In response to his spren, he closes his eyes and rolls them back. Upon opening them, he takes note of the newcomer's posture. That and his eyes, the shock that comes when the man mentions his lack of money and homelessness causes him to glance at Syl. Syl gives a shrug and watches them all interact. He has to hold his next thought as a young girl makes her way onto the scene, donned in a much more bizarre outfit than the other two people in the room. He's surprised by the fingerless gloves- shouldn't she be almost at the age where she'd need a safeglove? - but he chooses not to focus on it. She seems young, perhaps a bit more immature. Regardless, she shouts in their direction as she gets closer. "Hey! I guess none of you thought to bring any food?" Kaladin is taken aback by the abrasiveness of her question, but he clears his throat. "Unless there's a convenient storage somewhere here, I doubt there's food anywhere here. I take it you've just gotten here too?" Wherever "here" is, he thinks to himself. "I wonder how long she's been here" Syl chirps, "Must have been just long enough that she didn't get hit by the storm too badly." "She was fortunate," Kaladin mutters back at her, "it's one of the worse highstorms I've seen, if that was how it started." Then he looks down at the strange creature again, noting that it seems rather docile at the moment. The thought crosses his mind that it could be used for food- but even if he were to summon Sylblade and kill it, he doesn't have the proper knives to prepare it, nor does he cook. But before he considers asking if anyone else might have a knife, another voice calls into the corridor. "I was wondering where all that noise was coming from." A feminine voice, no doubt about it. When he turns to face the voice, he notes a young woman, seemingly not much older than Joker, wearing rather loose clothing, both hands resting in what appears to be one large front pocket. As she gets closer, Kaladin takes note of eerily familiar features on her face- her long two-toned brown waves, the freckles on her face.... Frankly, everything except maybe the shape of her jaw and the amber color of her eyes, she looks almost exactly like... "Seems like the warp is happening again, isn't it..." Kaladin freezes. [U - Sector 2 - A lecture I absolutely didn't ask for] "What's a little difficult? To keep people from clicking?" Neea asks him. Utakata sighs. "Just... to.... um.... process all these people," he mutters as he goes back to fiddling with the tassel of his pipe. He wants to mention something to Hotaru, but instead the villager lady starts talking. That's when Utakata feels the urge to tune out. It's almost as if he's back in the goddamn Ninja Academy. He manages to half listen- and he gets the gist of it; they're all in an entirely new world, one run by the baddies of other worlds. Something about different sectors. The only way of getting home is finding the jerk who warped them all here. Instead of fully paying attention, he glances at Hotaru (of course she's engrossed in the presentation). But mostly his focus is amongst the group Renarin makes his way to. Renarin had healed Hibiki and Kaiba, and as the lecture started to end everyone in that group started talking amongst themselves. He gets a few vague snippets, but he's not paying much attention to that either. Is he that tired? He leans forward when something clatters on the ground near them, the man who called for a healer picking it up and examining it. From what he can see, it's.... Nope. He has no clue what it is. But it looks suspicious. Perhaps that's not something for him to worry about- his focus is finding a small group and seeing if they can get a head start on looking for Professor. He sighs and gets up to go approach the group, looking at Hotaru for a second. "You coming with?" He asks this to Hotaru alone, as Neea had already beaten them to Renarin and company. "Of course, Master," she says with a smile as she follows Utakata to the group. "I assume we're gonna all split into groups and find Professor.... Going in one large group would be a mess and the sooner we find this person the sooner we can go home." She chirps this, walking with a spring in her step. Utakata doesn't quite understand her enthusiasm, but he chooses not to comment as he stops with the slightly large group in the middle of the village. "Likely," he responds to her. "I'm not in as much of a rush to go home, but that's not how everyone else feels so might as well find this Professor person and get the hell out of this crazy place." He glances around at the group. "...." He glances at Neea, he'd only caught the tail end of the question. "Iiiiiiiii'm not too sure about conquering. But if we have to stop a war or somethin', so be it." He glances at Hotaru, not sure if anyone heard what he had said to Hotaru. "We should probably try and find Professor before that, though." [M - Sector 2 - The mouth of the Destroyer Ionhazard] Malefor had never been mortified in his life. But trapped in the mouth of a giant metal Golem, he realizes that embarrassment is arguably the worst feeling he's experienced since his youth. He roared in rage, spitting a fire ball into the giant maw. To no avail, though, as its mouth is clamped shut. "Aw, look at this sad sight. Is your little conquest falling apart already?" This voice causes Malefor to freeze. His wings unfurl slightly, hoping to appear larger than he actually is. He knows that voice. He knows. Yubel. Indeed, it's her. Emerging from the shadows, he notices a demon woman- an old rival. One to whom he'd almost lost his entire sector. A familiar scene comes to mind as he glares at the approaching figure. "I disappear for a year and this is what happens... Oh well. Not my problem if the entire Dark Order implodes from a little bit of pain and a small dash of suffering." She smirks, giving a chuckle as she watches Malefor in his very compromising situation. "Honestly? You had it a long time coming, you scaly old fart." Malefor growls in response and sends a small fireball through the teeth and to the ground in front of Yubel. It doesn't hit her, much to his dismay. He knows better than to ask for help from this monster, for the sake of his pride, but also because he knows she would much rather revel in this moment. "You should have remained wherever the gods damned you to," he hisses back at her.
  10. [Amanda Evert - Shadow World - A rage that cannot be silenced...] God dammit. The boy in the green suit-- she'd thought he'd be weaker than that, so she paid him no mind. And yet he manages to land a hit on her. Unacceptable, she yells from somewhere within the beast, the word translating into a gurgling screech as she makes a lunge for him. It succeeds, and Amanda immediately moves towards Stan- the traitor- screeching as she all but misses him. No, no, no..... [Oracle- Gremlin time] A strange looking persona manages to make her way towards the white haired woman. It taps on her shoulder and says, “Allow me.” Oracle nods and steps back, allowing the persona to place a rock in front of the woman. It then starts to sing, and Oracle listens briefly, letting the music calm her as well. Someone that's much more in their element than Oracle is, although she wonders briefly how it is that a persona can move around and sing of its own accord. She doesn't have time to linger, as she notices the man in the kimono curled over himself. This is something she thinks she can handle. Oracle runs to him sometime while the beast is attacked with Mind Slice- "Nice one!" she yelps as she continues forward- then kneels down in front of him to try and help him up. He groans, and Oracle mentally panics. No no no now's not the time we need all the help we can--- She reaches forward and slaps him across the face. He yelps and looks up, holding his abdomen. It's bleeding, go figure. "S-sorry, but you need to try and get up!" [Mona - Shadow World - Taking the opportunity] "Zorro!" Mona takes advantage of the moment when the beast- Amanda, he remembers, makes a lunge for Telinar- wait no Tien- regardless, he knows Joker won't take kindly if he's hurt. So he sends Zorro- "Garula!"- and lands a pretty decent hit on the beast. She screams, and Mona takes a few steps back. "Her defense is shaky, get her!" [Utakata and Lara Rochelle - Shadow World - Not a bad duo] Utakata forgets about the pain in his abdomen, but only briefly. The orange haired girl gave him a pretty good slap, he has to admit to himself. Everyone seems to be on the move, and that Amanda woman isn't allowing anybody any slack. Though she really isn't looking so hot herself, which pleases him. He doesn't pay much more mind to the girl- although as he attempts to summon Saiken, a sharp pain racks into his wound. Seems like that isn't going to happen today. Instead, he does the one thing he knows he can do, wounded or not- he sends a wave of bubbles at Amanda's beast. With a snap, a good amount of bubbles explode all around her, causing a sickening yet satisfying scream. He smirks and holds his wound. At least he did something right. Lara takes notice of Utakata's struggling, although she mentally praises him for that hit. While aiming a shot at Amanda (and of course, missing), she runs over to Utakata. "Hang on, let me-- Pellonia!" She cries as she crushes her tarot card, summoning the persona she had only just become acquaintances with. "Dia!" The persona nods and lowers her spear towards Utakata. He doesn't even consider feeling terrified, as he notices the pain ease up. When he looks down, the hole has closed up some, much to his relief. "Ah- thanks," he only barely manages to squeak out as Amanda makes a lunge for an unsuspecting Lara. That's not going to fly. With a flick of his wrists, the card that he quickly grabs is torn and fades into the air, as the form that takes shape is--- ....Why does it look familiar? Just about Utakata's height, right shoulder exposed and wearing a very messy looking kimono, black beads on his neck.... And mid-length hair that reminds him of--- "Saiken???" His persona is his own tailed beast. Go figure. Saiken is surrounded with this aura, similar in shape to the beast in his full form but smaller, which pushes the beast back. Utakata looks at Lara in awe, while she smirks at him. Utakata looks up at the beast. "...Amanda, your little mission here?" Utakata chuckles. "Man, did this backfire." [Amanda Evert - Shadow World - ...And yet, they silence her anyway.] She had severely miscalculated, that one fact is clear. Still, her stubbornness is both a blessing and a curse, because even with the numerous hits from the majority of the group, she finds herself still standing- er, floating. She hisses, looking around to see who her next target should be.
  11. [The hope of the future - Temple Office] By the gods... Note to self- when this mission is over, see if someone can grab a nicer monitor. Aurelius groans as the ancient monitor gives him the BSoD for the tenth time today. If he could access the blasted files, he could make sure that the updated plan is exactly what he's going with. He has the worst feeling in his gut that something will go terribly wrong. But if he doesn't finalize things now, there will be nobody for the Beacons to bring to safety. And he would have failed them yet again. Shutting down the computer, Aurelius takes a look at the roster of the crew he has on his arsenal. It's a small bunch, but any more and he would not have been able to get everyone out alive. The mote backup the Beacons have, the better it will be when they finally have to--- Something nudges his right hand. Looking down, he notices Diesel rubbing his fur against his hand. Aurelius grins and picks up the tiny chinchilla. "What, you see I'm stressed?" Diesel makes a few squeaking sounds and presses himself against Aurelius's palm. "Nah little guy, it's alright. I'm fine. It's just their first time on the ground in months, I'm just overthinking." Diesel squeaks. "Yes. Again." Diesel hops into Aurelius' lap and curls into a ball. He notes that the computer is finally officially off, watching the screen light up as he makes a mental checklist of the different things he needs to do to proceed. ...Yeah. They're ready. [In the chicken coop - Training Area] Evonna finally manages to throw Virgil to the ground- and somewhere in her mind regrets it. While he isn't the hardest sparring partner, he's still much heavier than Jehan. Panting, Evonna steps back and offers her hand to help Virgil up. Unsurprisingly, she finds he shakes his head and helps himself off, breathing just as heavily as she is. Or probably even more so, considering he had been thrown on his back. She nods in acknowledgement as Virgil walks off to go get water [and, perhaps, a rest]. With a sigh, Evonna walks off to the edge of the island and takes a seat, letting her legs dangle. Never in her life did she think she'd find herself out of Canada, much less miles above Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. If it weren't for the current circumstances, she would be intrigued by the scenery. But instead, she observes the stark difference between the different parts of the city- mostly the areas that had never recovered from the raids three years back. In fact, she sees a few new areas of destruction, and her heart sinks. There'd been a rebellion. And, as per usual, it'd resulted in failure, the Entity's forces and allies not only pillaging and burning the neighborhoods, but she just knows that few of those rebels survived. What if we'd been down there? No. Aurelius is keeping them here for a reason. As claustrophobic as remaining in one place is, she knows that they need to survive. They need to get strong enough to, as she likes to imagine, collectively punch the Entity in the face- assuming it has one, that is. Looking over the horizon, she thinks about how much they've all been practicing their powers as of late, and wonders if they're ready for a small little something. It's up to Aurelius, even though she'd fantasized many times about sneaking out, kicking the snot out of a few Orcs, and ride a Troll throughout the city and liberate everyone. Jehan would tell her how unrealistic that is, and how a Troll would buck her off it in a heartbeat. Still, in this place, it's nice to be able to dream. [All we can do is speculate - Small Flower Garden] "Ey. Are you busy?" Zhibek startles, dropping her book. To her dismay, it falls over the edge of the island and plummets many meters below. She frowns, but the book wasn't off to a great start anyway. It's not much of a loss. Still, she turns her torso to give Jehan a "what the hell, man" gesture. Jehan flinches. "Mm, sorry. Sorry. You have to go down and get that now, don't you?" "It's nothing, Jehan, don't worry. You just scared me." She'd never been a fan of Pushkin anyway. Then she gives him a smile. "So, what brings you to the Book Nook?" Jehan makes a joking disgusted face. "Ew, you call it that?" "Well yes, I'm the only one who goes to this garden, therefore I get to name it." "I'm gonna personally invite everyone over here just so you can't call it the 'Book Nook'." Zhibek pouts, doing a poor job stifling a giggle and looking more ridiculous. "You're no funnnnnnnnnnnn." "Excuse me, I'm loads of fun." He flashes her a grin. "But that's a ridiculous name." Zhibek chuckles and punches Jehan in the arm. "You're such an ass." She sighs and looks up. "So. What brings you here? I assume you're not here to read Russian literature with me." "Nahhhhh, if you want a reading buddy then you need to ask Vee, I'm just giving you a bonjour. I'm more surprised you aren't helping out Aurelius today. Tired of being Teacher's Pet, or..." Jehan gives her a raised eyebrow. "The office is locked, I think he's up to something in there. Don't ask me what, I have no idea. Perhaps he's... ...." Pause. "...Planning.... A vacation?" Jehan laughs, a belly laugh that almost startles Zhibek off the edge. Luckily, she pushes herself away from the edge with her wind. "Trust me Beks, Aurelius can't stop worrying for five seconds, do you really think he'd plan a vacation?" "You have any ideas?" Silence. Exactly. [Take a Rest - Training Area] Sure, his pride had been hurt. But that's just about it. Virgil wipes his face off with his towel and pulls the elastic out of his hair. No surprise, it's drenched in sweat. Evonna is certainly one of the tougher opponents he finds himself sparring with. But when he turns around, he finds that Evonna is sitting on that goddamn ledge again. She realizes that a single gust of wind would send her falling to her death unless Zhibek or Deia were around and fast enough to go save her. He'd like to say it's no skin off his, but considering he calls Jehan a friend, perhaps he cares more than he'll admit. Virgil wonders where everyone else is- Zhibek is probably either reading or kissing Aurelius's ass, Jehan is probably off trying to socialize.... But where is everyone else? He creates a small boulder to sit on and closes his eyes, letting his heart rate settle down. Aurelius is going to kill him later for creating an obstruction in the middle of the ground, but right now he's not in the mood. He's tired, slightly irked, and could use some good company. Frankly, he'll take anyone at this point.
  12. [K - Hellworld - I Will Protect] As soon as he was alone, he had company. A young man slips out from behind a pillar. He moves, almost like water onto the railing of the nearby staircase and crosses his legs, right over left. Kaladin takes note of the mask adorning and obscuring his face, making it almost impossible for him to tell how old he looks. But by those movements.... "Well! I was wondering if there were any other people wandering around here. Well, human people." Kaladin looks around, trying to find these "non-human" people that the stranger is talking about. Then he looks back up at said stranger, who has some sort of a smile on his face. Kaladin notes the paler complexion, could he be of Veden descent? By the clothing, he doesn't seem to be from Roshar "So," he continues when he doesn't get a response, tilting his head to the side. "Who might you be?" Something about his demeanor- he seems young. He can't be much younger than Tien would have been- he would have been-- Tien. The young man doesn't blatantly remind him of Tien, but something in him is screaming protect. He blinks and looks at the newcomer, and responds with- Nothing. Nothing actually. Because the second he's ready to answer, another young man approaches the group. This one is a lighteyes, definitely Veden, with clothing drastically different from the one who just addressed him. While both wear some sort of overcoat, the lighteyes man's collar is much more... dramatic. "My apologies for interrupting." He speaks smoothly, with more confidence. These two seem rather... similar, to a degree. "Might either one of you entertain my notion of why I'm here?" Kaladin looks at the lighteyes. "Your question is the same as mine," he replies and gestures to the masked man, "so unless he has an idea, then we're all lost." Then he turns to look at the masked man. "Kaladin, to answer your question." He notices in his peripheral vision a small glowing figure and he glances to see Syl in the form of a young woman in a havah, peering at the young man with curiosity. She leans into her freehand as she does so. "Neither of them are from Roshar- does the masked guy know where we are?" Kaladin shakes his head. He isn't sure that this man can so much as see Syl, so he keeps his response to her as short and quiet as possible. Syl watches him out of curiosity. Kaladin decides to cut to the chase. He glances at both men for his first question, then at the masked man for his second. "Who are you? How long that highstorm is going to last? And as he asked, what are we doing here?" "Ask him what he means by 'not-human people'," Syl pipes in. He prepares to, but before he can open his mouth he sees a strange reptilian creature, not even reaching his waist. It meets Kaladin's eyes and approaches him slowly. Kaladin backs away, his arm extended as if he's going to summon his Shardblade. Nothing comes, but he's mostly focused on the creature. It makes the strangest noise and Syl peers down to look at it. "Oh! Does this new man know what that thing is?" Kaladin has no response.
  13. [U - Sector 2 - New friends?] Renarin had nodded at Utakata's statement with a degree of understanding. Utakata looks down, continuing to fidget with the tassel as he gets the feeling he's being watched. He glances up to notice Renarin's eyes in his direction, but as he prepares to ask if Renarin needs something, Neea responds with, “It's fine. The last time I was surrounded by so many people was... well, not that long ago, really. They were called rebels, but they were my neighbors and friends. They didn't number as much as these lava-people, but I knew them all. I don't know anyone here…” Utakata notices Renarin jolt back, clearly aware he was staring. Utakata wants to say something, but he finds himself unable to speak. Neea trails off again, and makes a sound that reminds him of a laugh. “Guess I'm not the only one scared, huh? Is this... a normal way you greet each other?" “Good question,” Renarin mutters in response. “If you mean ‘running away from a giant crowd and breaking off into smaller groups,’ well...it’s not...abnormal? Unless it’s one person lecturing, you can only have a crowd for so long before they drift into their own cliques.” Pause. Utakata takes note of Renarin's features- the soft curl in his golden-streaked black hair, the shimmer in his bright blue eyes, and the most intriguing freckles he's seen yet- they seem to sparkle something golden in the dim light that hits them. And best yet, the shape of the jawline, sharp enough to cut a man if he isn’t careful. Oh.... Wow. He has to quietly catch himself so Renarin doesn't catch him staring. The last thing Utakata wants is for the situation to become more awkward. He hadn’t thought, not since his old teammate, that he’d seen a more attractive man. Funny enough, the man had been named Ren, the same nickname he’d heard Renarin telling Neea to call him. Maybe one day he’d be familiar enough with this man to be able to call him that nickname. “But then again, normally we don’t… Don’t, um. All this.” he ends with a vague gesture. Utakata feels he's comfortable enough to respond. "Well, yeah what he said. It's a little difficult--" “...someone who can heal over here?” Renarin, of course being the healer, responds to the call. “Sorry, be right back,” he says as he hurries in the direction of the male voice. Utakata's eyes widen as he watches Renarin walk off- No, don't..... go..... He sighs and watches the scene in front of him unfold. Of course, the source of the voice is a man with short hair, some odd tattoo, the strangest looking ears he's ever seen, all wrapped up in yet another unfamiliar looking outfit. Renarin makes his way over to the girl in the weird gear- Ah, Hibiki, that's right. With glowing hands, he touches Hibiki's wound and soon enough she's thriving. Utakata gives a soft smile in that direction, thankful that at the very least Hibiki is feeling better. Hotaru pats Utakata's shoulder in some sort of sympathy, but she chooses not to say anything else for right now. Then he sees a woman- he assumes a villager, talking to a man who, by their body language together, appears to be her lover. [Burned Lands - Mul'tilennaya 101] Leigh waits as everyone starts to settle in- except they're not. She notes everyone having their conversations, healing, and doing what they need to to get settled. Redd puts an arm around his wife's waist, asking "Love, should we.... get their attention?" "Perhaps," she states with a frown, "you have the projector, right?" "You mean the one that broke?" "....Redd." "You mean that one? What if it catches Malefor's attention?" Leigh looks to the skyline, towards the beautiful temple in the distance. "I have a feeling that we'd be the last of his worries. Redd. Look." Redd looks up to note a giant mechanoid and a partially destroyed temple. ".....That projector it is." He grabs a small crystal from his pocket- similar to the ones that power the fish, and kneels down to a particular hole in the ground. He sticks the crystal in the ground and turns, stepping back as a small dome upon a pedestal emerges from the ground and starts projecting an image against the roof of one of the homes- his and Leigh's home. He pulls out a device from the side of the dome projector and pulls up the Powerpoint that Leigh recently updated for Silver, Tovan and company. He questions himself as to whether or not this will work for such a large crowd- approximately twenty people in all. And a mech. And a plastic man- maybe he should just avoid thinking about it and focus on making sure the projector isn't too bright. Leigh watches as people shift around into whatever spots they're planning on going to and direct their attention to the screen. "Apologies for the confusion, everyone, and welcome to our village. My name is Leigh- my husband Redd is the leader of the village, but he and I share a few of the responsibilities. I used to use this presentation in the education of our children, but in the past year I've been updating it more and more in the hopes I could teach this in the future. However, this is much more applicable to you all right now, if not to give you a rough idea of where you are and what's going on." Redd changes the slide, moving to the most updated map of the world. Leigh gives her husband a nod and gestures to the slide. "This right here is our world, Mul'tilennaya. If Redd can move to the next slide for just one moment-" he does, bringing everyone to an image of the world from approximately a year and a half ago. "This is what it used to look like, and we are approximately.... Here. Go back?" Redd does so. "And we're in just about the same place now, but alas.... the terrain is to nobody's liking. That old picture of Mul'tilennaya's map is from a year and a half ago." Redd moves to a couple of slides later. Leigh glances up and moves back to the people. "About a year ago, malicious beings made their way onto Mul'tilennaya and fought amongst themselves over our territory. The world is now divided into sectors- each ruled by villains from other worlds. Each sector is vastly different from the next- and it's not guaranteed that travel between sectors is safe." "Why this occurred? Someone known only as Professor had invented a machine- one meant for extra-dimensional travel. It seems that this machine is in its beginning stages, as it's been acting up. What's strange is that none of the newcomers in front of me appear to have the same intentions as the sector rulers did a year ago, unless of course I'm a fool. In short, you've all been warped here from your home worlds onto here. And if you need any way of getting home, the best bet you have is looking for Professor, who we have not found yet. I'm only giving you information from our experience in the past year and what we know from scouts. ...Any questions? I understand that that was a lot." [M - Sector 2 - Temple Throne Room] By the gods, what IS that? The roof is broken. Things had been going well for him mostly- he was planning on sending a Troll or two at these children- but then an ungodly creature broke into the roof of the temple. He know that it's not a goblin, but other than that he's lost. Still, he refuses to let that show, especially when a dog plunges a knife into one of the Orcs and makes a run for it, seeming to beckon the other two intruders as it moves. Malefor makes a roar of frustration as he barks at one of the Orcs- "Well? After them!" He turns to another one of the Orcs and shouts, "Wake the Golem up! We need to get this monstrosity out of here." He flaps his wings and takes to the air, preparing himself for a fight. "Mobilize!"
  14. [K - Hellworld - Lost in the Highstorm] Last he'd remembered, he announced that the Knights Radiant had been refounded. The room was in awe, and Kaladin had internally vowed to keep his infant brother, Oroden, safe. That was a vow he'd hold to with everything he had, even with his life. Now he's on the ground, breathless, and having no idea where in the Damnation he is. All he knows is that he's nowhere near Hearthstone. Storms- do I have Light? Fortunately yes, but not nearly enough that he can use it to fly. Storms. Kaladin immediately rushes to his feet when he hears the sound of thunder very, very close by. Damnation, he thinks to himself as his body twists to face the dark clouds of one of the worst highstorms he's seen yet, I don't..... I don't have enough Light to get through all of that. And from what he can see, those clouds are coming fast. Kaladin looks around the area, noting a very strange looking castle in the distance. He knows he can't run that distance, but his Light.... Storm it. Kaladin breathes in some of the Stormlight and Lashes upward, making his way to the castle much sooner than had he walked. He notes that the door he finds is not locked, nor is it guarded, and quietly creeps in, leaving his spheres outside to charge. The closing of the door is much louder than he'd hoped, but there is no response. Just the echoes that carry through the hall. He knows to remain alert, of course, such a convenient abandoned castle has to have some sort of trade off, perhaps traps, hidden guards, or dangerous creatures. Still. It's much better than the storm he could've been forced to bear. [U - Sector 2 - Overstimulation] Nope. Utakata does not like this one bit. He's more than relieved that everyone made it here safely, and that Hotaru is here and alive and okay.... Those slaps hurt, of course, but seeing all these people he doesn't know..... Frankly, being used to being alone for six years doesn't help. ....Oh! Someone is talking to him. It’s the kid from before- Peter, yes, that’s his name. “Are you okay?” Utakata nods in response, his body a little tense as he processes just how many people are here. “Sorry,” he replies, “Sorry, I just..... need to back away from this group. I-I’m fine. Um.... Excuse me.” Utakata's eyes dart over to Renarin, who appears to be just as uncomfortable as he is. The prince walks further from the group, back to the metal creature he tried to comfort. Neea, right? Renarin grabs something from his pocket and, while fidgeting with a small box in his hands, begins to talk to Neea. Utakata quietly walks over and takes a seat, noting that even after healing, something in him is just plain exhausted. Ah, mental exhaustion. My old friend. At least, he's with someone somewhat familiar and a little further from the madness in front of him. He glances over at Renarin and quietly looks back down to toy with the tassel on his pipe. "Ah- sorry to intrude, jus' need to get away from all...." He makes a vague gesture. "That." He quiets down, noting that the less he speaks, the better he can handle the overstimulation that comes with the large group of people and the new surroundings and oh god the heat. He notes Hotaru had come with him. Hotaru gives a quiet wave and a friendly smile, noting that neither of the men are comfortable in their situation and therefore choosing not to speak. Utakata looks back up at the group and hopes that someone, one of them, knows what's going on.
  15. Third time’s the charm….? Yes hi hello, welcome to an original universe roleplay! Here is the premise: The year is 2050. At this point in time, many different species of humanoid creatures have been found all over the world- including dryads, elves, and different forms of human/animal hybrids, mainly bipeds. With the evolution of science and medicine, cyborgs were not uncommon. Yet with this evolving world, there was still a common belief that there were gods of many elements- such elements that would protect the planet and save it when the time came. Three years ago, an entire town was overtaken by an unknown deity, the Entity as they call it, one that soon took over the planet with iron force. All hell broke loose, and many were killed brutally by the Entity and its many gangs of grublins and golems and wyverns. Others were killed further when they tried to rebel the entity’s rule. The rest now fight to survive, no longer able to gather up any courage to fight. All hope has been lost. At the same time, reports of people going missing ran high. They were all young teenagers, and most of them were never found. Since the arrival of the Entity, these numbers had hit their peaks. However, this surprise anomaly had stopped within three months of the Entity’s appearance. Three years later, a glimmer of hope arose. It turned out that many of the missing teenagers were found in crystal coverings, surrounded within a magical fluid. These crystals were found underground in the midst of the chaos and confusion, and with exposure to air, the crystals shattered. It was discovered that these teens had special… Abilities. Depending on the color of the crystals they were found in, these humans had the ability to wield any of the eight forms of magic below: Fire- One who wields this ability can control fire. This means that they are able to start small fires through the palms of their hands and can deflect fire attacks. Further, they can control a fire that has already been started and utilize it to attack their opponents. Can breathe fire, but range is limited. Electricity- Similarly, those with electricity are able to send out currents of electricity towards their opponents and- if strong enough- can channel smaller bolts of lightning through themselves and towards their opponents. No, they cannot channel entire lightning storms or summon a giant bolt of lightning. Ice- Those who wield ice can drop the temperature of the air around them and withstand temperatures up to -3 degrees Celsius (25 degrees Fahrenheit). They are able to freeze their opponents with contact, and if given enough liquid, are able to freeze up some projectiles. This works best with the wind element. Earth- Those with the earth ability are able to solidify mud into rock and hurl projectiles of rock at opponents. They are also able to create a temporary armor of mud or sand, which makes a great defense. Poison- Those who wield poison can create their own poison and are immune to poisonous attacks. Very useful for assassination, if they’re okay with spitting in drinks. No, they cannot turn anything into poison. Fear- Those who wield fear can emit high-pitched sound waves that can strike fear in those who hear. The waves can also cause minor physical damage if direct contact is made. Please be cautious around these Beacons, because their waves do not discriminate. Always use earplugs. Wind- Those with the wind element can create small tornadoes and moderate wind storms. They are also able to use bursts of air to throw projectiles or carry fire forward. No, they cannot create hurricanes. Shadow- Those who wield shadow are able to hide themselves in even the smallest of shadows. They can strike whenever they get the opportunity, and often use a strike of shadows, which will surround the enemy and disorient them for five minutes. Oftentimes the opponent will attack their own allies within this time. Proceed with caution. All of these elements are unruly in their own rights, and they must be trained to be tamed. This is why, as soon as they were discovered, the Crystal Beacons were sent to a remote location, one of which seems uninhabitable due to the damage of scorched earth and thick ashy air. But this is only on the surface. In this location lie many caves that are connected by a network of tunnels. Beneath these caves lies a city much like the ones that prospered many millennia before the deity entered this world. It’s a wonderful city, with towers of stone and terracotta, temples everywhere, and the remnants of the gods who were once worshipped- and these are the gods whom blessed our heroes with their powers. This is the secure base of the Beacons of Hope. Within the temples of the gods they train, within the security of the caves they thrive. The crystals lining the caves are a luxury and a great form of defense indeed- this is the material in which the Beacons keep hidden. Within this base as well are Guardians- humans with special psychic abilities who uphold the spiritual ideas of the elemental gods. They do their best to make sure that the Beacons are safe and training to the best of their abilities. However, things are changing. As the world grows ever more bleak, the enemy draws nearer and nearer. This will cause some problems. After all, the initial aim was for the Beacons to be hidden until they were ready to fight back with full force. Alas, this cannot be the case. Thus, the beacons will fight back any of the Entity’s subordinates if they are near the base, though only for the sake of training. Now the problem? None of the Beacons truly know what they are supposed to do- after all, these Beacons are all estimated to be between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, and it is difficult to fathom that one day they may have to kill any humans who surrendered to and became minions of the Entity. Animalistic and unnatural beings were easy to fight and defeat, but fellow humans would prove to be psychologically impossible to attack. After all, before they were found in crystals, they interacted with fellow humans. They had families, friends, memories, lives. So instead, they train on the daily, in constant search of their purpose. While they mingle, they know not of each other’s powers, for they train in seclusion. But with each day they grow stronger… ...Until one day the base is swarmed. The Guardians of the city were able to fend off the troops, but at a cost. Many of the Guardians were killed during the fight, whilst the rest passed on due to the injuries sustained… With the exception of one. One of the younger Guardians at the age of thirty was able to escape the Beacons. They fled into another labyrinth of caverns from underneath the city to flee. But where did they go? Where else was there to go? ...Up. There was one final area that the Entity had not managed to touch. The oldest temple of the planet rested on a series of floating islands, and only reachable by those who possessed the power of Wind. With their help, the Beacons made it to safety… and to where they now stay. Without the multitude of Guardians watching their every move, the Beacons were finally free to train together, since they were not allowed to work together before. Here they are, under the direction of their head guardian Aurelius, waiting for the day they can finally come out of hiding… So it begins. Please use the Discord wisely. I don’t want to have to kick anybody because they can’t get along. Cool? Cool. Now for the rules of the RP. ~General Rules~ The Discord server is the official OOC. All Rp Nation rules apply. Don't powerplay or use your characters as if they're OP when they are not. Big battles are supposed to be a team effort. Make sure you double-check with someone before you battle/make romantic advances/etc. BE POLITE TO OTHER ROLEPLAYERS AT ALL TIMES!!!! I cannot stress this enough. People bashing each other will result in getting kicked from the RP. Be patient with me. I have a lot on my plate outside of school, so I won't be on all the time. If I'm absent for too long, just send me a message in Discord or ping me in the server. If you have any ideas for the RP, feel free to share in the Discord! The rules are subject to change at my discretion. Be sure to check back often. Have fun~! ~On Characters~ There is no cap on characters, feel free to play what you’re comfortable with! This is an original universe, therefore I would like the Beacons to be original characters! Canon characters will not be approved. If the original character is based off a canon character, that's fine, but I decide when it’s too similar to its inspiration. You must fill out a character sheet! The template is down below. Please make the elements of the characters diverse! On humanoid creatures- They can be anything I mentioned above- nymphs, dryads, fairies, elves, human/animal hybrids, and cyborgs. Check with me if there’s a humanoid creature you want to use but are unsure about! ~On ROMANCE~ Keep in mind that any romance should be relatively subtle and not the focus of everything. This isn't a romance RP. No incest, unless it's joking. Crack shipping moments are allowed, as long as they aren't too raunchy. Please don't have characters already dating each other at first! If they have a significant other at home, cool, but otherwise no. Relationships may be based on the sexuality of the character. Character Sheet Name: Age: Species: Ethnicity [if human]: Sexuality: Gender: Element: Appearance: Personality: History before the crystal: Keep these notes in mind: -This world is modern like our own, or at least it was until almost everything was destroyed. -There are elements of an ancient world and an ancient religion that still exist to this day. The islands are floating above what would have been present-day Kazakhstan.The city from which the Beacons fled was in modern-day Turkey. -The year is around 2050. -The Beacons were crystallized at random, and should have had some sort of flash of what their element is. -Beacons were frozen for about 3 years, since they were frozen by the time the Entity appeared. -This RP is based on a couple of things- including the Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. Feel free to do some research before or after signing up! -I may also stream the game to give everyone a better idea of the feel I’m going for. With that out of the way, welcome! You are now one of these Crystal Beacons, training to save the world! ...Or something like that. I’d include a nugget of wisdom but I am not Wise. With this premise, we begin our little RP. Here’s the link to the Discord, which serves the purpose of an OOC thread: https://discord.gg/DFknAn3 The Entity, however, is unknown. Nobody had managed to get a real look at it and survive. For now, it must remain a mystery. Character Roster: Fire- Jehan Durand (Mika) Electricity- Ryley "Ry" Withers (Val) Ice- Evonna Durand (Mika) Earth- Virgil Cerullo (Mika) Poison- Marlin Caldwell (Serce) Fear- Monica "Mimi" Matthews (Val) Wind- Zhibek Akhmatova (Mika), Laomedeia "Lao/Deia" (Val) Shadow-
  16. [H and S- Sector 2- Land of Confusion] Hotaru's eyes widen when two young women fall to the ground near her and start squabbling with each other, then walking their way towards the fish boat crew. "Ya had to go and get us lost for the third time in a row. You're lucky I managed to find a boat to drive here." "...Chris-senpai, you crashed that boat-desu." "Details! We're still in one piece, aren't we?!" "I told you the docks were on this side of the island-desu!" "Ya don't have to be so smug about it! Geez... At any rate, it looks like we aren't the only ones here." "Hi! I'm Akatsuki Kirika-desu! It's nice to meet you all-desu!" Why are you like this, Kirika...? I'm Yukine Chris. I mean, you all may as well know my name, right?" Hotaru watches as the red haired boy starts to look flustered. "E-er, hi," the boy says, not mentioning his own name as he brushes past with some strange catlike creature with him. He also looked equally flustered when the group was addressed by a man with some odd green getup - is he trying to be a shinobi? - and another rather handsome man in a much weirder outfit talking to them all. "Anyway, we should probably head into the village, get you guys introduced to Redd and Leigh. Redd's the guy in charge here, so he can probably explain things a lot better than I can... and maybe answer a few questions of my own." The group approaches the village, approaches Hotaru, and instantly she straightens out her posture to give them all a wave. "H-hey! Over here!" She really hopes they can all give their names, for she knows none.... She fears she's already forgotten the names of the young women who landed in the village a few moments ago. ... Silver finds himself twitching more and more the longer he's around all these people. He sees Redd and Leigh, who greet them all with a smile as Silver passes and goes to take his place somewhere behind them. A young woman, couldn't be too much older than twenty, gives him a smile and a wave. "Oh! Hi, I'm Hotaru. Your name?" He blinks and looks at her, blinking about ten times in thirty seconds, unsure how to properly respond. It seems the overload of other people has taken its toll on his mental state, and he's finally shut down. However, he's been directly addressed, it'd be rude to not respond. "....Silver." Leigh smiles and waves at him. "It's a pleasure to see you and Tovan are alright. We were just about to talk to you both, but my we have the swarm of people!" Redd sighs, looking over at how much larger the group seems to have gotten since he saw the fish boats in the horizon. Tovan is in the group, thank goodness someone with some sense, but he looks at his wife, who shakes her head. "Ah- I'm sure you all are wondering why you-re he- ahhh...?" She glances up towards the docks, taking note of something. "....Hang on, I ought to save it. We have company." Hotaru nods, rather shaken by the sudden influx of people, but her eyes widen to the size of dinner plates when she sees some rather familiar looking bubbles in the horizon.... And they're flying fast.' [U and R - Sector 2 - I swear this will settle down soon] As soon as he's a hundred percent certain nobody is going to get hurt when he releases the jutsu, he snaps and the bubbles pop simultaneously. Utakata lands in the same sitting position from which he entered the bubble. Riza, however, lands in the least graceful way on her hind end. She yelps in pain as she makes contact with some sort of rock, hissing a curse word as she gets herself back up. She walks right up to Utakata and, as he starts to make his way to a standing position, smacks him right across the face. "If you don't mind, wait for everyone to be on the goddamn ground first," she hisses at him. "Hey, you're fine, aren't you???" Utakata snaps in response. "Jeez, that was a hell of a slap. Shoot...." He rubs the side of his face, noting it feels much warmer than the other side. "Would you like me to do it again?" "NO," Utakata yelps and hops back a solid meter away from her. "A-anyway, I think we should..... What.... the..... fu--" Indeed, he takes note that the village is just full of people- people like them. All with various clothing and hair styles and varying levels of confusion or bewilderment. Then there are the villagers- also in a strange form of dress, but it seems consistent from villager to villager, in styles that seem to be mixed with that of Kaiba and Riza. He sighs, not quite liking the interaction that's about to go down. I haven't spoken to this many people in six years..... You be complaining? No, Saiken, shut up. No. He doesn't speak to Utakata anymore after that, but mostly to help him take in everything. He doesn't even notice when someone- someone with a very familiar body type- slams straight into him and knocks him to the ground. "Shishō! Shishō!!!!!" Utakata takes a moment to process whose voice that was. Then a grin spreads across his face. "Hotaru! I---" Smack. The sound of Saiken's laughter. "OW. WHAT THE---" "THAT is for leaving me behind like that!" She gives him a look, those wide teal eyes filled with worry. She smiles, gets up, and after helping him up throws her arms around his waist and squeezes. "That's for still being alive." Unsure how to react, instead he throws his arms around her as well and rests his head against hers. ".....It's good to see you too." A worried looking man clears his throat. "Ah- Leigh- weren't you going to...." "Let them have their moment, Redd. I don't believe we have the attention of everyone here. I'll wait for everyone to settle." "....Mm." [M - Sector 2 - Temple Throne Room] Malefor's tail lashes in anger at the human's comment. He glares at his orcs. "I have had enough of this. Do away with them immediately," he snaps as his wings spread out wide. The orcs turn to face the intruders and aim their weapons.....
  17. [Utakata - Shadow World - This macadamia nut is gonna PAY. As soon as I can get up.] Utakata had expected Stan to run right up to Lara and give her a hug as Lara turns to address the group. But a certain blonde had other plans. The shout of anger- perhaps rage, disappointment, or even anguish, who knows- utters just before Utakata feels a very sharp pain in his abdomen. The first thing he can do before crumpling to the ground is cry out in pain. Gripping his stomach, he moves his hand in front of his face to see blood. "S**T," Utakata yells out loud. That yell goes unanswered, even as the swear stumbles through his mouth yet again. Everyone else is having a whole lot of fun, even while focused on the pain Utakata can see Illidan once again sending the enemy to hell. Effin' figures he'd suplex her, it seems to be his schtick..... Utakata bitterly thinks to himself. The pain in his stomach once again takes over as he grits his teeth and grips his shoulder Ugh.... Is that what those guns do....? "Sorry bro," Stan's voice seems to acknowledge Utakata as he starts to talk, "I ain't got no healing magic. Minos says he's here to enjoy and destroy, not to parade and give aid." He pauses, seemingly unsure what to say. "You'll probably survive though." Utakata rolls his eyes and looks at Stan, who's moved in front of him, sort of as a meat shield. Oh, how very generous, he thinks as he grips his wound. "F**k you," he mutters under his breath. It had been enough that Stan was the only one to acknowledge Utakata's injury- not that he'd wanted to have all the attention, considering he's still reeling from his shadow world, but a little help would be nice. Regardless, the words, even if sincere, just seemed like a waste of air. [Amanda Evert - Shadow World - KO.] Even though she hadn't hit Lara, she'd managed to get the annoying mop-haired man out of the way. But, in her anger, she had failed to remember that the rest of the XDRS were present. And they'd brought some friends. First, the large purple demon, who reminds her of an elven Thanos from the Marvel comics, dives for her and manages to slam her to the ground. Luckily, her beast form had managed to survive that. The next few attacks, however.... Catgirl Temeraire managed to get her caught in some sort of wind and fire vortex, which hurt like hell. Someone else sends needles on her while someone else sends an electric shock, and they continue to make her beast scream in pain as it dissipates, leaving her human form vulnerable to the ice that creeps up on her body. She lies there for a moment. [Oracle - Shadow World - I tried, ok?] Oracle takes the opportunity to scramble to the silver haired girl, who seems to be in a catatonic state. She looks at her and isn't sure what to do... or say.... So she crouches so she's leaning on the balls of her feet and gives her a warm smile [a/n: that does not go so well]. "Uh.... hey. You...." Oh no. She forgot how to words again. She feels sweat dripping down her face as the social anxiety settles in and her brain yet again realizes this is someone she doesn't know. "...Uh..... Uhhhhh....." --[END OF ROUND 1]-- [Amanda Evert - Shadow World - Highway to Hell] It takes a good bit for her beast to recover enough to come back. Perhaps she needs her anger to once again flood her mind so that she can once again attack. But once that rage settles in..... She screams at the top of her lungs as once again the wraith stone starts to glow, bringing the beast back to its full glory. And it makes a lunge for.....
  18. [Evonna Estelle Durand - MY FACE] "I can say I've heard a' other timelines from them Sirens, but now other worlds altogether? Reckon it had ta happen...." The unfamiliar girl starts to talk, and after Evonna's question she answers, "Hornet. My name's Hornet. Don't need any of them fancy-like titles a' anythin'. What was it ya were sayin' about a mission?" Hornet. Quite the interesting name, but after hearing names such as Adolin, Rock Rock (thanks Stan), and others, Evonna doesn't mind another odd name to add to the collection. She begins to speak, but Adolin cuts in at just the right time, making Evonna's blood boil a little bit. If you'd let me answer the McEffing question, she thinks to herself, but he does put it quite eloquently. Though she has no idea what he just called his horse, Sureblood. What, on God's green earth, is a Rhyshadium? Eren chatters on about how they should take Hornet with them, though she does agree when he says that Hornet has been doing well on her own. "Well, that just means if she'd like to come with us she ca---" Sureblood turns its head to the side, commanding attention when something passes right over them. To her dismay, the horses move away as something huge - IS THAT AN EFFING DRAGON? - swoops down and takes a hold of the cat, flying off. "That's the one!" Eren yells- it seems awfully natural for him to yell like that- and stands atop his horse. Or at least, she thinks he's about to do that before one of his knees hits her right in the face. "M---E-" Evonna curses as she falls right off the horse, landing on her back with an "oof". As soon as she catches her breath, she makes her way back onto her feet, facing Eren, who had just landed in a crouch on the ground. "TABERNAC, Eren, will you watch where you're-" She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Remember, Evonna Estelle, he's the one leading you through this. Do you want to walk after that thing? ".....Jesus Christ, a whole ass dragon," she mutters under her breath. Adolin smirks, almost as if he'd been waiting for this. Hornet hops onto the horse with Adolin and they're off. Evonna shakes her head and holds her nose. God please don't tell me my nose is bleeding...
  19. [Lara Rochelle - Shadow World - I am thou, thou art I] Everyone. Everyone is behind her this time. There are a few highlights. Tien's speech- showing he'd understood how she felt, and speaking of how what she'd been through only made her stronger, it had been quite empowering. Temeraire? Her speech had been short and slightly abrasive, but she got what she meant. Utakata managed to show he cared somewhat as well, agreeing with everyone else who spoke before him. And then there was Stan. “Besides, are you going to let something petty enough to use the faces of your exes to get under your skin? Nobody makes good decisions when pressured. We both think we're destined to be lone wolves, but you can't push everyone away because some people are *******s who have caused you to internalize your worthlessness or some bull like that. Now let's kick your insecurity's ass, find the woman who ruined your birthday, and go home together." "And," Stan added, his words more sincere than they'd ever been in the months she'd known him. "You've spoken to my shadow. If these illusions really come from truth, then you know I won't abandon you." Lara closes her eyes briefly, internalizing their words. Her shadow, clearly flustered, sputters. "What? You believe these people?! You choose not to deny me?" When Lara opens her eyes, she looks the shadow right in those horrid yellow irises. "Oh don't get me wrong. I'd refuse to believe them had I not seen for myself the thoughts and true feelings of the others. Really, I'd be bloody mortified without knowing what they've been through. They're behind me now, your words mean nothing to me." The shadow rolls her eyes. "Please, Lara-love. You just wish to not let people down. You want to protect them from what's about to come, don't you?" The shadow makes one last attempt, transforming into a face Lara had never thought she would see again in her lifetime. Lara freezes, eyes wide open. From the short stature, to the uniform, to the singular grey streak in her rich, deep brown locks restrained in the familiar updo she'd known since she was young. This was a copy of the same woman who'd shown her nothing but pure love for eight years of her life, whisked away due to Lara's own naiveté. "Just like you let dearest Mummy down, didn't you?" But no, this wasn't Amelia Croft. This was an impostor- no, a trick that she was playing on herself. Her shadow was using this as a manipulation tactic, to try and rile her up into giving her darkest thoughts the power. But no. Not anymore. These thoughts have brought her down for fourteen years, and she refuses to allow her own thoughts to harm the people she loves. So she once again looks the shadow in the eye, and the shadow turns back into its normal self, clearly bothered. "What the devil-" "You are right. For fourteen years I've blamed myself. Whether it was Mother, or Father, or losing anyone else I'd ever loved, I always felt that it was because I let them all down somehow. Whether I failed to protect them, or I shoved them away, I always thought it was my fault that the people I loved have been lost. Even my dearest friends I believed would somehow, someday be gone. Stan had put it into words just a moment ago, but I believed I was destined to be alone. And I believed I was worthless for it." The choking in her throat almost causes Lara to lose focus. "But I can't continue to hurt myself for the things in my past that are out of my control. I can't protect everyone, and that's alright. But if it's all the same to you, I would like to get everyone out of this god-forsaken world safely. Because some of these people I've known for months, and others just a few short days. But they've given me more support in just a few short moments than I have given myself in fourteen years. I'd like to change that. Because as much as I hate to say it, you're me. You're the me that I want to change, and you bloody know what? I'm proud of the woman I've become. So. If it's all the same to you, I want to grow with you, and with these people behind me. Right?" "You're so bloody dramatic," the shadow scoffs, "But I suppose it's right for you to feel this way. You admitted it. I lost. The conviction in your heart tells me so. Just do me a favour, love, and do as you say you will. Don't give me a reason to come back." "I won't," Lara whispers as the shadow of herself begins to fade away, leaving the familiar tarot card she'd seen everyone else obtain. This one, when she takes it, warms her heart some. The silhouette of her mother, reminding her that she's still at her side even in death, along with a III on the bottom. The empress, a voice in her mind says to her, a symbol of prosperity, femininity, and protection. She takes a few deep breaths, allowing her accelerated heartbeat to calm down a little bit before facing everyone else and speaking. "Ah- apologies for the melodrama, how about we go-" Lara freezes when she hears, "AUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!" and the firing of a gun. I am thou, thou art I. Thou hast forged a new bond with thyself. It brings thee closer to the truth. Thou shalt be blessed to be the bearer of the Empress persona, Pellonia. [Amanda Evert - Shadow World - Boss Battle Baby] "AUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!" Amanda screams. What? NO! This wasn't how this was supposed to go! I was going to take her squad out, one by one! I was going to make her face herself ALONE, I was- I was--- She takes her pistol out and fires a shot at the man in the kimono- causing him to scream loudly in pain and double over his abdomen. Good, If he couldn't turn into that godforsaken beast, he couldn't get in her way. Lara looks terrified- perhaps that caught her off guard? Oh, who cares. Amanda has her right where she wants her. As her form changes into that of the wraith monster, she makes an immediate lunge forwards at Lara, trying to get her in her claws. Lara yelps as well, but she manages to do a backflip, kicking her heels off and firing a singular shot at Amanda. It hits, but the beast refuses to let itself slow down as it sends a burst of pink energy at Stan- the traitor who got them into this mess well before her initial plan. He not only dodges, but makes an attack which barely hits. She pays him no mind and goes for the weak-looking young man in the green suit nearby. This was already not going how it was supposed to go.
  20. [U and R - Sector 1 -North Midsection] Riza stands back, noting Utakata's flustered expression at Peter's intrigue in the bubbles. She herself doesn't know how it works- from her understanding of alchemy, she doesn't think there are materials in bubbles that could be used to carry a human's weight, but she does admit it's mildly intriguing. She turns her attention to Renarin and his new buddy- the mech named Neea. It's nice to see he's managed to calm her- her? The voice sounds feminine- down some. “Whoa! How do you do that? Can I try? Is this a sort of plastic, or is it, like, some advanced technology from where you come from?” Peter throws out a million questions at once, and Utakata doesn't know which question to answer first. Poking the bubble was unexpected, but to his relief the bubble doesn't pop. "Uh....... I'm not sure you can do it yourself, but I can..." He very gently sticks the pipe out of the bubble and blows another one, making a nod for Peter to step in. "Be careful getting in there, if you're not gentle it'll pop. But as long as you're not moving around too much in it it can carry you to where we're going." Then he pauses. "This isn't 'advanced technology', it's just chakra. Basically energy.....? Ma....gic.....? Something like that. I never paid attention in lessons." Once the weird metal statue calms down, thanks to Renarin, it introduces itself to Renarin as Neea. She? He really doesn't know. Nor does he know if he should ask. But she starts asking questions in a similar manner to Peter. "What is east? Why do we need to go there? Why all of us? I would break anything that fragile." This time Utakata blinks a few times. Then he clears his throat. "I'm not sure what east is, but I'm hoping it's a little safer than here, I hope." Pause. "I personally don't trust this place, it seemed safe at first but with those weird creatures.... No. We need to get moving as soon as possible, and as for why all of us? ....I mean. We're not from here, wouldn't it make sense for us to go elsewhere and look for answers?I mean if we all wanna go home..." He realizes he's talking too much, so he blows a few more bubbles, making sure they're all low enough to the ground. "You're free to test the bubble out yourself, but I assure you, these things are stronger than they look. Just don't run around like it's a hamster wheel or something and you're fine." Something causes a pang in his chest, and Utakata once again looks eastward in concern. What the heck was that? Is everything okay? Why does he feel some sort of disturbance? Perhaps it'd be best to go east and find out. [M - Sector 2 - Temple Throne Room] The second the intruders enter Malefor's chamber, his wings stretch out just a little bit. And then he shakes his head, noting that they're humans, just like the ones in the Burned Lands. How'd they escaped- well. If he's to be more observant, he notices that neither of them actually look like they're from his Sector. His wings stretch again as he leans down to take a better look at them. One looks to be partially animalistic, while the other had changed from an animal to a human. "Now by the gods.... Where did you two come from, and how did you make it here....?" He demands as his tail whips in anger. [H- Sector 2- Heat and Ash Everywhere] She'd been sitting there for a while waiting for her master to return. Sure, it was a beautiful field he'd left her to wait in, but she feels by now she's become well acquainted with the scenery and just wants to LEAVE. There were some loud noises, though, and Hotaru's heart fills with worry that Utakata hasn't come back yet. Please don't tell me.... She looks towards the horizon and notes what looks to be debris in the distance, and she could swear she sees some trees flying. To that she stands up, but once she gets up, it appears to be over. Her heart sinks- she does not like what just happened there. No, Hotaru does not like the feeling that settles in her chest and the dread of what might have just happened to her master. Had.... Had it been a bad idea to have him go and talk to Tsurugi himself? Hotaru takes the slip of paper out of her pocket that Utakata gave her. Kawa Mizue, it says, as well as an address. She knits her eyebrows together- he hadn't told her about anyone of such a name. Is this his girlfriend? Someone else he knows? All she knows is that she's in the Hidden Mist, and Hotaru should- should- make her way over there. But she feels a sudden pressure in her head and a sudden YANK of her body, as if she were grabbed by the waist and pulled forward. Her stomach immediately gets a sick feeling and she closes her eyes as she gets pulled through only God knows what. Before she can open her eyes, the feeling of heat and dryness touching her skin giving it away that she's definitely not in that field anymore. Opening her eyes confirms that, as when she's finally feeling well enough to sit up she notices a totally different landscape- with red sky, almost no sun present, lava in a lake around an island, and a ever-present thickness in the air. She blinks multiple times and finally notices she's within a village, with people staring at her. Hotaru takes a moment to notice them. They have a very different form of attire from herself, but unknown to her, their clothes are very modern in other worlds. They all seem terrified, looking around as if someone were watching them. She also takes note of something in the distance coming closer to the village- giant....flying.... f i s h. Hotaru knits her eyebrows together and one of the villagers looks behind himself and takes note. "There's that kid, with.... new people?" His body trembles. "Oh, I don't know if we can hide all these people for long, Malefor's going to find out sooner or later there's intruders. A woman- seemingly the man's wife- gives Hotaru a kind and yet worried smile. "We'll do what we can. If these newcomers are anything like that boy, we'll have more defenses against his forces." Then she gives Hotaru her hand and helps her up. "Perhaps we'd be able to rebel-" "Leigh, don't say such radical things! We'd need an entire army," the man says in dismay. The wife- Leigh- rolls her eyes and looks back at Hotaru. "So much for hope, hm. Well... Welcome to Sector 2. I know that doesn't mean much now, but I'll explain it to you as soon as these newcomers make it here." Sector..... 2....? Hotaru seems concerned. "I.... I....." "Ah, I'm sorry, you must be scared, I don't think I'm helping with that." Leigh's smile becomes much warmer. "My apologies. My name is Leigh, and I'm the village leader's wife. My husband, Redd, is a little.... worried, if you will. The leader of our sector is.... Not very kind, as it were." Hotaru gives Leigh a wry smile back. "Ah- that's alright... I just.... what happened to me?" "You were pulled out of your world from here. That would be the work of- mmm, I should explain that when we have more people so that I don't repeat myself too many times, but... This is called Mul'tilennaya, and this world was once at peace, but..." She shakes her head. "That is to be explained as well. I'm sorry, so many questions and so few answers...." Hotaru looks back at the flying fish, which are starting to land on the shore of the island not even 20 away. Now she can see the people- a red-haired boy no older than sixteen and a weird looking creature, a tall, handsome black-haired man, another man who seems tired and terrified with purple hair and a very odd taste in clothing, A woman with flames coming off of her- or what appears to be the case, and another woman with some sort of authoritative uniform. Her eyebrows knit. Things are about to get weird.
  21. [Evonna Estelle Durand - What are they, morons?] Evonna rolls her eyes when Adolin isn't looking. Eren as well. These two.... Don't seem particularly bright. Has Eren been nice to her? .....As nice as someone like him could be, sure. She looks at the yellow-clad girl, who tosses a bone aside and speaks in a Southern drawl. Evonna has to admit, this girl is pretty cute. "Y'all mind answerin' me something about this here place, or you rather me let you alone totally?" Well, perhaps it's a good time to answer. Evonna peeks from behind Eren and gives a small wave. "Hi, I'm Evonna. This seems to be a different world, like a base or somethin', but we're part of the eXtra Dimensional Restoration Squad. Seems like you probably got warped here, but our little group here is on a mission." Then she smiles at the new woman. "Um.... What do we call you?"
  22. [Parker Evan -Eat my damn words] For a second, he thinks he's got this. He thinks he's got the beat down, but it seems that the small girl with the weird creature is the only one who's faring in this part of the music. Just about everyone gets hit by something, and it's only a matter of time before Parker gets knocked in the gut by a beam. He continues to scream curses as he realizes he shouldn't have just jinxed himself. He wishes he were home, none of this day has been good so far. No no, it's just the past couple minutes, right? "DAMMITDAMMITDAMMITDAMMITDAMMITDAMMIT-----" is all he could yell as he's sent a long ways back by the beam before he manages to get himself to float out of its way.
  23. [U and R - Sector 1 -North Midsection] Riza raises her eyebrow when the child- Peter- starts rattling on about New York, whatever that is. She understands the need to go home, absolutely. But.... Whatever he's talking about, he says as if everyone else knows what he means. Then again, as obvious as it should be by everyone's clothes, perhaps he doesn't realize. But Hibiki seems very flattered when she hears her abilities being called impressive. "Thanks, Riza-san - I'd been working on those moves for a few years, but... if I'm honest, I was having a bit of an 'off' day." Riza shrugs at that one. "I'm afraid I've been having an off day myself. My shots back there were.... It'd be a compliment to so much as call them pathetic." Of course, this comment goes unnoticed as Hibiki goes to resume talking to Peter. "...no, I don't think any of us know where we are. It's great that you're from a place I recognize, but... I've never actually been to New York, and even if I had, I wouldn't know where it is from here. Gomen'nasai - I'm sorry, Peter-san." "That makes one of us, Hibiki. I'm afraid I have no idea what he's talking about." Riza shakes her head. "I need to go home to Amestris, but I'm afraid we might be stuck here." It was satisfying to see Kaiba choke and get flustered at the bubble supporting Utakata's weight. Utakata glances at the small group and, from within the bubble, shakes his head as well. He ignores the dragon, not really interested in the fact that Kaiba is some sort of strange dragon tamer or something. He doesn't want to give them that attention, so he replies to Riza, "This is why we need to go find a place to rest, and if we- Oh for the love of God..." he mutters as a new man walks over to the group. "Hello there! Sorry if I'm startling you. I'm Ryo Howard. I overheard you guys talking so I thought I'd say hi. Honestly, I'm relieved to see some friendly faces here. I ended up around here some hours ago and I have no idea where I am or how I got here. To top that off, a lot of my stuff isn't working properly. Really need to get back to the Ark, too. Got my job as a Neuron officer to do and can't even contact HQ with my IRIS since I got here... does any of you have any idea what's going on?" Utakata blinks, his mind trying to figure out what in the actual heck he just said. "I-" Hibiki is the first to reply to the new man- Ryo. "Oh, another new person! Hi, I'm Hibiki! And... sorry, no, I don't think anyone knows what is happening..." "Looks like there's no end to the stream of people arriving, huh? Anyway, for those who haven't heard my name yet, I'm Seto Kaiba - and to make things clear, I'd prefer to be on a last-name basis." Kaiba pauses with a sigh, causing Utakata to roll his eyes. How dramatic. "With that out of the way, looks like the way east is clear now, so shall we get on our way already?" He has to admit, he agreed with Kaiba here. "Nope, Ryo, I haven't the slightest what's happening. We just got out of a fight, none of us are from the same place, that's basically all we've gathered," Utakata replies as he adjusts his seating within the bubble. "Uh, if we can, I agree with Kaiba. It might be best for us to get moving as soon as possible. I don't trust this place after the weird creatures we just faced. Anyone else need a lift?" He shifts around again, not liking the idea of staying in this area to have a conversation. They all need to move. Yesterday.
  24. [S - Sector 2 - Burned Lands [Dock]] "Very well. I would appreciate the opporunity to talk with people more knowledgeable about this world." The woman with the hat speaks to Silver, then turns her attention to Not-Petrel. "Please, come with. We don't mean you any harm, I promise." She gets into one of the boats with her partner. As small as they are, he realizes that there can only be two on a boat at a time. "It seems we are going to stick together for a while. I think proper introductions are in order. I am Mòrag Ladair, Special Inquisitor of Mor Ardain. Although it seems that does not mean much here." Mòrag? Strange. It's a strange name. Not-Petrel is much more chatty, however. "Not-Petrel?" His eyebrows furrowed- he looks more confused than he did a moment ago. "What on Earth are you talking about?" Doppio furiously shook his head. "No, that doesn't matter. If... you're not Stands," he continues, refusing to explain what a Stand even is, "Then what's that?" He points straight at Weavile, who makes an indignant noise and hides behind his Trainer. "What is that? A weird cat or something? You aren't one of those people who buys exotic animals, are you?" He gets flustered when everyone makes their way to the boats, however. "W-Woah hang on a moment! You're all just going to get on a boat in a lake of lava? Isn't that dangerous? Um, your lava boat is a nice offer, but I can't really..." He flops a little bit on the ground. "...get up. I was running away from a fight and I didn't stop running until I couldn't. So, thanks but no thanks!" Doppio waves dismissively at Silver. "If you're not Stand users, I probably shouldn't be associating with you in the first place. In fact, forget I even mentioned any of that! You enjoy your boat ride! I'll just... wait and catch my breath!" Silver face-palms and walks to him cloaser, Weavile in tow. "Look. I said I ain't know what a Stand is," Silver starts in a calm, flat voice. He sighs and kneels down next to Not-Petrel. "And I don't know who you are. I admire your paranoia to an extent, but in a place like this it's best to toss that out of a window--- Oh for Arceus' sake," he mutters under his breath as a rather tall, oddly-dressed man (but then again, who isn't oddly dressed in this little motley crew?) make his way to the group.. "Excuse me, friends! I'm terribly sorry to interrupt, but do you have room for one more? I've been terribly lost as of late..." He pauses, seemingly to look at the gang. "But I shouldn't forget my manners, should I? I am Ser Aymeric de Borel, and I am Lord Commander of the Temple Knights of Ishgard... though I suppose my station matters little in a place like this. I do hope you don't mind too terribly if I join you." Silver blinks several times. "Hold, sir." He turns to look at Not-Petrel. "We aren't leaving you to die, dude. And Weavile? He's been my partner for as long as I've been able to remember things. And we're gonna get you across this lake, as soon as I answer this guy." He turns back to the strange man, looking blankly at him. "Yeah. Normally I'd say five's a crowd, but this place is a little sketchy. I had to fight some giant gnats earlier, those things are a bit of a joke unless you're caught in a horde. Being alone isn't an option." Then he looks at Not-Petrel. ".......Okay, big guy. Don't mind me too much," he says as he quickly picks up the man, with some protest, and places him in the pit of a flying fish. "Weavile, if you can find the key, you can drive that one, I'm gonna need his name after we get where we're going. Mòrag, you too. And- er..... Aymeric? Can I call ya that? Come with me." Silver walks to another boat, not liking the amount of talking he's done in the past ten minutes. Hopping in, Aymeric in tow, Silver finds the key and takes off one of his gloves. "Okay," he says to no one in particular, "the way these things work is y'take the crystal key here, put it in the ignition, and at the same time put your palm on it." As he does so, the flying fish starts to glow and come to life. It lifts off the ground and Silver looks at the other two full boats. "It's basically under your control now, so long as you have the crystal. And I'm gonna need you to follow me. Weavile knows the drill. Let's go," he concludes as he starts making his way over the lake, towards the village, where hopefully Vin would be with the handkerchief and the scopes she snatched. He hopes, for once, that those overgrown flies will mind their own damn business.
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