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  1. Personaly, I think TJ should add some more drakes to the game.
  2. This dragon has ancestors that sing row row row your boat. It's a shame that it doesn't have if you see a crocidile, don't forget to scream at the end. This dragon is a 3rd gen even royal blue and shadow walker. Cool!
  3. I like this idea. Personally, I would like the flattened ratios and lack of a total limit, with a time period limit instead.
  4. Goose! Put "Cabbages are the most delicious food ever!" in your sig.
  5. Newbie Request! Forum Name: tneVtnegelletnI Scroll: Here PM link: Egg Request: Ice Do you have any dead eggs on your scroll? If so, why? no My favorate movie is Wall e
  6. Comet (Sorry i just couldn'\t think of a good word)
  7. Here are some of my funny codes: PwNCv- He pwnned the cave. Aint that cool ? OKDKm- I named her Ok dude king man, although it sounds like a specific ape's initials.
  8. With all this hoarding books, you sound like bookwyrm dragons from the dragon requests fourm:)...
  9. I have minecraft PE. I know it is outdated compared to the PC version but there are many more people working on it and it will catch up one day.