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  1. Ah bummer! I've been in jury duty all day and only managed to catch one egg early this morning. Haven't been online since
  2. Ok did this hour stock with new eggs and go quickly? Or has nothing dropped?
  3. Dang those Pygmy eggs go fast. Got the colorful ones no problem
  4. Thank you. Still seeing it right side up. On page 2 someone posted the view link for an upside down mint and it still looked right side up to me. I'm either entirely confused or my phone is not liking the site haha
  5. I got an egg. Normal mint I think. I thought I blamed tho haha I think I'm a little confused on the rules. Or my phone is being silly.
  6. Lovely adults I was lucky to get five so far.... influenced 4. Not yet adults so we'll see.
  7. Yeah I would have like to figure out the glitch that didn't let me complete day 9 *sighs* I didn't get to finish the game at all tho I had time to.
  8. Sent you a PM.... I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  9. Yeah I give up for the night.... if anyone has any ideas about how to get past this (I've talked to Janus several times and I keep getting the same thing) mapblock by Magpie8203, on Flickr Msg me... cause other than this I can't get past day 9 and my OCD about not being able to finish will drive me crazy and make me mad haha
  10. Yes - see the first post of this thread. MUSHROOM GEESE totally using that in a name Thing is I have done a reset 3 times already. Unless there is another way to reset other than the click here thing.
  11. Yeah, the text doesn't change. Shouldn't be affecting your game if the snowperson is still built. ok here's as far north as I can get mapblock by Magpie8203, on Flickr
  12. Refresh, enter your house, then leave your house. Sure I'll give it a try.... and oddly enough Vala is still asking me to build a snowman even tho it's built. I found the pocket watch again, gave that to him earlier.
  13. Thanks.... but I'm getting no where. Not sure if I'm just tired or if the Northern Forest path should be unblock or I'm just missing something in plain sight.
  14. Where we rounded up the raindeer?
  15. Ugh I can't seem to find where Janus wants me to go.
  16. Merry Christmas everyone. Interesting color choices for a Christmas egg. Curious to see how they go And fogging them before the cave crashes again haha
  17. Hmm I kind of like the blue winged Solstice. I'm not usually picky about lineage so yeah. Anyone still looking for a Holly?
  18. Put them in the same site (daily dragon fix) for one day only. Same site I've used for years with no problem. So either the Encyclopedia or someone wanted to help my dragons grow Neither of which I like.
  19. I haven't really explored the Encyclopedia much, too much work. I will say I am a little peeved that my new halloween dragons some how managed to hatch and gendered after only being in one fan site for less than 24hrs (when I have never had a problem with this site before getting over clicked). Went in today expecting eggs still, but no had gendered hatchlings. Luckily still alive Near as I can figured people are trying to get clicks for the Encyclopedia and I've never had to hide my scroll before. It is now. UGH. Now I know the issue I can work around it but still I'm anno
  20. Just got my third today with a male thunder. I can't say on the rates of these guys since my first two I got pretty much right away and within a few months of each other. I am, however, willing to gift any avatars (or a trio if you prefer) I can manage to breed for people that are having GON summoning trouble. Just PM me. I would prefer to gift to people with no GON.
  21. I actually got an egg from a solstice x GON pairing. The middle cream colored egg. Oh and those of you that need a trio I can try breeding mine just pm me.
  22. oooh this is fun. I failed at summoning my third GON, but I was able to get one of the new eggs. My other GON refused her mate. Ooooh and if anyone needs a trio egg, message me!
  23. Pretty eggs and hatchlings. Not very typical looking Valentines coloring, but I'm liking it so far. I have my one egg until I am not locked
  24. With the first 4 Valentines I didn't really pay much attention to mates except a Sweetling and Solstice that looks pretty together. I'm still debating what to do with my Heartseekers and Arsanis....