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  1. Got a Glowing Aeon Female Glowing Aeon Male Stunned Bolt Male Stunned Bolt Female Corporeal Celestial Female Corporeal Celestial Male Enraged Aegis Male
  2. In reply to the last few about entering your username & having problems, I'm not having any issues whatsoever. So whatever it is, it's only happening to some people, not all.
  3. To Lagie & SPS, I did give the dragon a gender. It's the TRAVELER that's genderless, because the traveler is ME. If it wasn't for the rule about no first person pronouns like 'I, me, my, etc', I would've added it. Since I can't, the traveler will remain genderless, unless otherwise told not to. To Lagie, I did add the period. It's on the description for my dragon, which I'm waiting for it to be approved/rejected. I just didn't put it in the quotation on HERE since the sentence it was in wasn't finished.
  4. Ok. Thank you for explaining that. I didn't know if parentheses were allowed or not. I remembered from my English class doing some sentences like this, but maybe the sentence was to simple for this rule. Or maybe I'm confusing myself. The traveler is basically me, & I'm a girl, but I'd prefer to keep they/them pronouns when doing stories where the main focus is the dragon. All the male pronouns refer to the dragon since he's a male, while the others refer to the traveler. Would it be better if I added 'so he'll never be lonely again' to the end? To explain that since Ridgewings are friendly & playful, & all the dragon eggs/hatchlings need views/clicks to hatch/grow, the traveler is bringing them to meet other dragons? & to SockPuppet Strangler, the description itself ends with a period. I just didn't on here since I was putting it in quotation marks.
  5. Thank you for the assistance, but just to let you know, the part about Lucky's near death experience is just added info, since the sentence can be understandable without it. If I remember from my English classes, that part would be in commas. That, I'm pretty sure about.
  6. Hello~ I just added a description (after editing it a few times) to my first dragon (A Ridgewing that hatched on the last day of it's lifespan, name: LUCKY07, code: AKhto) was wondering if I did the grammar correctly? "This dragon had been found at the bottom of a ridge, clearly having fallen out of it's nest. Alone and forgotten, it was on the brink of death, when a kind traveler came across it. Nursing the egg the best they could, the egg finally hatched! The hatchling loved to play, and would not leave the traveler alone. 2 years went by, and the hatchling grew into a handsome Ridgewing. The traveler decided to name this dragon Lucky, to reflect his near death experience, and bring him along on their travels to befriend more dragons for them to play with"