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  1. I'm exited to see the matured new dragons! They're really pretty and I like them. But I want to leave some thoughts here: I have to agree to some others here who said the released become more and more frustrating instead of beeing fun. These ones became rare so quickly, it's just frustrating. A longer rush phase would be good, so everyone has at least a chance to grab the new dragons. I spent two days here to get them all and often there wasn't even one single new egg in the hour drop! And you have to be so quick that it's just unfair for people with not the best internet connection. And if there have to be monthly releases I would like it better to keep it to maybe two new breeds. Four or more are just too much. It's just stress. And it's not fair for those who can't grab that many eggs. In this case it's even too much for people who can take 8 eggs because you can't take a pair of each new breed. Most of us want to take at least two eggs of each new breed. Now that my first eggs hatched there are nearly no new eggs appearing in the cave. Also all these new release make it more and more difficult to catch a certain breed at all. Even some of the common breeds have become pretty rare and really hard to catch. And yes you can buy them and I was glad when this option was finally added - but nevertheless that's not the same as catching them myself in the biomes. So what I would appreciate: Please limit the number of new releases and elongate the rush phase.That would be a very good thing in my opinion!
  2. I have the same problem about viewbombing. My eggs get an insane amount of views out of nowhere. I didn't even have time to post them on any clicksite, they all became sick after just a few minutes... I had to fog them all. 😕
  3. Oh, new dragons! And both eggs look very nice! Already got four of the blue ones, now I'll try my best for the purple ones.
  4. Happy Birthday, Dragcave! :) The new eggs are very pretty, I'm curios what dragons will be revealed.^^ And thanks a lot for the market, I really missed a feature like that since "Eggs Around the World" closed down. :)
  5. New eggs! I really love the blue ones! So exitied how they will look like when they grow up! But I think a new release of several new breeds every month is a little bit too often. The game becomes very full and even the common ones became not that easy to get when you try to catch a specific breed from the cave. I really loved this time with a lot of releases but I'd like it better for next year when the releases would be only every few months.^^
  6. Oh my, I didn't get this release before now, haha! I really love both breds so far! *__*
  7. Three new eggs? They look amazing! Need to get enough space for them imediately! x'D
  8. Happy Birthday, Dragon Cave! ♥♥ Thanks for the new features! And wow, six new dragons? They look interesting! I got all six, one of each color. I hope I'll get them all a second time to have couples. Are these going to be kind of "Power Ranger Dragons"...? Refering to the colors and the "power" thing in the egg describtion, it seems possible. This looks quite... strange in my imagination...? :'DD
  9. Now that they're grown up: I really loooove the Tetra Dragons! They're wonderful! The Fire Gems are cool too, but I don't like the end of the tail, it looks like a second mouth. And I don't like these huge ends of tails in general, e.g. at the Honey Drakes too. But beside this they're awesome!^^
  10. I still have no green egg! .__.
  11. Okay, this is interesting! Just abondoned my blue eggs except two and now I'll go for green and red!
  12. So everyone only got blue crystal eggs so far? Maybe you can get the red and green only through breeding, like the different colors of the Striped Dragon?^^
  13. Yeah, new eggs! I like the ones with the green crystals best, but only got three blue ones for now. Hopefully I'll get the other colors later!
  14. @Bridgette69: I used "follow path", that works fine.
  15. Oh, these hatchies are supercute! Love them! *__*
  16. The eggs look wonderful! I was too slowly to grab some, will try again in an hour! Thanks TJ and spriters!
  17. I've already caught a bunch of eggs from the last years and I'm so excited to see this year's dragon! *__*
  18. Yeah, my first christmas at Dragoncave! Can't wait to catch all the beautiful holiday dragons!
  19. "Am I a salamander frog or banana" Maybe a banana-frog-salamander?
  20. "I am a huge Christmas ornament" (Chandelier Dragon)
  21. There are a lot of great completed dragons on the list! Here are my favourites: - Aine - Artistic - Calligraphy - Charcoal - Chimeric Amphitere - Cotton - Crawler Pygmy - Diver Drake - Frill Back - Glacier - Spotted Pygmy - Unicorn - Utopia - Waveline
  22. Odeen is one of the almighty dragon gods of Valkemare. You need to know that dragons are actually quite religious. How can I make my eggs hatch faster?
  23. When the golden ones sort between "Holiday" and "Hooktalon" there are not that many words its name could start with. Maybe it's a ... "Honey Drake"?