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  1. I want to Sign Up!

    Forum Name: Shuuichi (https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/226743-shuuichi/)

    Scroll Name: Pluviophillia (https://dragcave.net/user/Pluviophillia)


    1. Neglected

    2. 2nd gen PB Alts (Black, Undine, Vine)

    3. Dino, Chicken, Paper, Cheese

    4. Avatar from Tan Ridgewing

    5. Risensong

    6. Setsong

    7. Surprise me!

    Breeding abilities: Can breed PBs of anything, exception being hybrids. I'm not doing checkers with my Holidays and/or rares

    Catching abilities: Can catch anything besides Silvers and Golds

    Trading abilities: Can trade for stuff besides CB Golds and 2nd gen Prizes/SA off-spring

    Teleport abilities: I have enough Magis.

  2. Have:


    CB Omen (Halloween 2017) hatchlings



    Accepting only CB eggs of:







    Gaia Xenowyrm


    Accepting only CB hatchlings of:


    Red Copper

    Green Copper

    Pyro Xenowyrm


    Accepting only 2nd gen PB hatchlings of: 


    Alt Black

    Alt Dark Green

    Alt Undine


    Bold line in signature applies!

  3. Out of 5 adults, I got a Wyvern Zombie (my first one!!) and still waiting for a Khusa hatchling to die. I had a lot of other hatchlings but I was careless this year and all were dying right after 31st October. I would've really liked some more low low days hatchlings, but well. 

  4. Alright, because I've seen many interpretations, I'll make this clear: raising the limit of CB Holidays/Valentines (at least for the old ones) to 4 would:

    - not let out of the Holiday people with 2 CBs

    - give the chance to people who have frozen their CB to get another adult

    - give the chance to certain people to have 2 Pacified and 2 Enraged Aegises for breeding purposes

    - give the chance to certain people to have 2 Yellow and 2 Rosy Solstices for breeding purposes

    - keep people from keeping older eggs from cave (Hollies, Yulebucks, Valentines)


    However, this is not the place to discuss the topic of Sweetling, Snow Angel alternations.


    Just imagine if the limit is removed: everyone will hunt Hollies, not everyone will even be able to get eggs because of the aglomeration, the site will mostly be laggy, and it will make Christmas a greedy fest!

  5. 49 minutes ago, Marie19R said:

    A long time ago TJ posted quoting a Halloween-dragon spriter as saying that the reason CB Halloweens are unlimited and CB Christmas/Valentines are not is because


    Honestly that sounds like a good enough reason for me. The other holidays have a spirit of giving to them, you give presents, candy, your time, love, etc. Halloween is about taking, grabbing all the candy. I completely support the other holidays continuing to have a CB limit for that simple reason.


    I would love to see a *raise* in the CB limits, though. A limit of 4 would mean that even people at the current limit would be able to get two more, so no one would be left out, no one would be unable to get more. I would also support a by-year limit, like maybe you could get 2 more CBs each year. But since TJ has been quoted as saying it's either re-releasing CB holidays *or* increasing limits, I'd much rather have the re-release.


    ^ This is the whole point. Nobody should be left out if we get a re-release!

  6. 2 minutes ago, perzephone said:

    Well, no egg drops. Peculiar. Just when I'm unlocked from the new draggies, too /scratcheshead


    Maybe this year is my lucky year & my wish will come true & we'll get Halloween dragons all month...


    Bred 1 Desipis pair and 1 Grave pair and both refused so don't think so

  7. Just now, songwithnosoul said:


    It looks like an adult bronze Lunar Herald Dragon to me.


    Seems like the Bronze Herald and Mint sprites were overlapping. I cleared my cache and it's fine now though. Thanks!