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  1. 30 minutes ago, Chaos Rider said:

    Why aren't Omen Wyrms as common compared to the previous year's dragon for the other Holidays?


    The newest breeds are always the ones that get picked up more and faster because people hadn't had time to collect as many as they did with the older ones.

  2. 1 minute ago, scalesofgrey said:

    Welp, managed to get at least one breeding pair each of three of the Halloween dragons! I think I needed to wait till next year to get any Omen Wyrms.


    Since it's the 27th right now they should hatch by the 31st, right? Really don't want to drop any of them.


    Don't worry, there will be eggs floating in the AP even after Halloween ends and I'm pretty sure there are people who take CBs and abandon them. I did that in the first day too. :)

  3. Just now, Gryphonic said:

    Just that some of us like certain hatchie sprites a lot, and want to keep them that way to look at rather than having them grow up.  There's no real effect aside from them never being able to breed.


    Pretty much this. I always freeze 1 ungendered hatchling, 1 male hatchling and 1 female hatchling for every breed.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Belisar said:

    Ok even if chances are high I only get THE eyebrow... I don't really see an issue with the mechanic ^^

    I surely won't be able to fullfil my scroll goal quickly with blues and purples as I really want to keep working on my lineages. But letting grow 2 or 4 of them at the same time, I still have 4 more slots for my projects :) We all started out with 4 anyways, so back too the roots xD


    Thank you for the new release! It's a tricky mechanic WITHOUT being a real collector pain, as the CB Prize raffle fails are 😜


    *hugs to everyone*


    Exactly this. Everyone complaining about 8 slots not being enough clearly forgot where they started and what newer players go through. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Chaegyung said:

    *theory only!*

    Has anyone earthquaked an egg? Maybe they need to hatch sooner than 5 days to be purple? 


    that would make them rare to me because I always have something I don’t want to lose so I think I used earthquake just once or twice in my entire dc career.^^


    I could try because everything I have can be replaced. Just need some views for my eggs

  6. 53 minutes ago, Alrexwolf said:

    I thought someone said the purples sorted in the P's? How can they be mimic pygmys?


    There was a bug that was recently fixed. The Mimic Pygmies weren't counted in the Unique Breeds Counter. So I suppose they were sorted as "Pygmy", between Purples and Pyralspites

  7. Oh my! Mimic Pygmies and Siyat Dragons! Lovely release! Thanks TJ and spriters!


    Oh, just to be sure I understood the Siyats right:


    Incubated eggs hatch green (5 days)

    Non-incubated eggs hatch blue (4 days)

    Eggs under the hatching time hatch purple (3 days)


    Is this it?


  8. I dislike Nebula Dragons mechanism for the reason that you can only find out the color at S2. Definetly prefer Gemshard-esque breeds over Nebula-esque breeds.


    I think that once TJ's adults grow up their name and descriptions will help us find how these work.

  9. Just now, Sirithiliel said:


    pretty sure it was said opposite, you do not get variants off the market. At least that is what i remembered reading *Shrug. But hooray, depending on rarity, you might get a utterly random color for all of your saved up points .....and get your 20th green one. 


    Apparently Dorsals and Ridgewings are exceptions (pretty unfair if you ask me)

  10. 23 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

    (and also, variants are NOT in the market. So there is no buying these from the market )


    Wrong. These WILL be in the market. Because they share the same egg. Nebulae and Gemshards are proof of this. And Dorsals & Ridgewings alao have variants in the Market. You randomly get Purple or Red/Purple or Tan when buying one.