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  1. Cermorvus Adults look good
  2. When I saw TJ's hatchlings I thoughg they grew up And are pygmies
  3. The hatchling sprites give me a Mutamore vibe tho I think the adult changed too? since the original had a pearl on it's antlers?
  4. Sorry TJ but the old ones were much better! I loved the pearl on their antlers
  5. They are traditional drakes like Caligenes
  6. I don't know who's doing this but everytime I get a new egg it has 1 view, 1 unique view and 1 click. After a few hours they get 3-5 voews, unique views and clicks. I usually dont add them to hatcheries only after 1 day I caught them. My Frill egg was on all hatcheries 2 days ago also and it got sick, almost died. Please stop this. It's not getting better if you hurt our eggs
  7. Have 2 2nd gen Val '09 from Winter Magi please PM with a dummy I'm out of Magis
  8. I got viewbombed too! My Frill and Black Stripe suddenly got a lot of views and the Black Stripe almost died. I wonder what's that guy's problem. The eggs were from Breeding, Gifting and the cave... not something from AP
  9. I'm sorry.I accepted the first offer of a person with a Cheese. Next time I'll dorectly PM you!
  10. Will be sent to AP if not claimed in the next 5 minutes.
  11. Thank you! Hope there's no problem with regifting to someone without one!
  12. Here some Pink eggs for those who need more: JpaNw 0Yecc - gone! enjoy Frodo Please post if claimed and please no abandon/harm/regift. Freezing is fine.
  13. I know that's a bit off topic but What if the new Valentine's Day dragon is "<3" lol Or maybe an April Fools release of <3 and