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  1. What would you say? Is Tetra a small, medium or big sized breed of dragon? In my oppinion they look kinda like a bigger version of a drake I really love them and I think they look nice with Water Walkers
  2. I think the green ones will go with Soulstones. I will do the same
  3. The problem is there are already some greedy players who got their eggs and still want more..
  4. No, when Xenowyrms were released, we got their rarity status. It's Pyro - Astrapi - Thalassa - Mageia - Chrono - Gaia
  5. Nope, there are a lot of common dropping right now everywhere
  6. Lately I've seen a lot of Magmas lol
  7. I feel like hunting so PM/quote this post if you need the color that's dropping now
  8. Bingo! Ponderous Puzzle P1b. (3 points) A dragon with dimorphism. Bingo?
  9. Oh, it's a new change I guess? Two weeks ago I had to delete the name of a hatchling then abandon it
  10. Can someone link me the page on DC Wikia where the times for crystal eggs are?
  11. You can't abandon or use Magi's BSA on named hatchlings
  12. I have 2 advices for you cuties~ 1). Watch your new release and uncommon/rare eggs and hatchlings because there are some frustrated players and trolls viewbombing 2). Get some eggs from AP too while waiting for your needed colour to come because there are some nice hatchable eggs and it'd be a shame if they'll die
  13. Oh will give a warm home and will name this cutie~ Thank you
  14. I decided to look in all the hatchieries that are active and I found my eggs and hatchlings in some I don't use like Hatching Club and EATW. Also there were some eggs I never added to AoNDs and DragHatch which I use. Check them, your eggs may be there if you're viewbombed
  15. Okay I find it very silly from them but still should I fog everything while I'm away? I'm afraid my eggs/hatchlings will be driven to death.. BUT WHY ARE YOU TARGETING MY BLACK HATCHLING IT'S NOT EVEN NEW
  16. Oh my I'm viewbombed again but why only certain eggs and hatchlings? :?
  17. There are some frustrated players out there, I suddenly got viewbombed
  18. Can eggs/hatchlings get sick from clicks? All my new release hatchlings got 6-7 clicks each in the last 5 minutes... the views and unique views are fine though
  19. I misclicked and got a blue crystal egg lol
  20. Just missed a Silver in Coast welp x'( Edit: The Volcano is almost empty... do people misclick and get oldest breeds? O.o
  21. That's why I said "rare" I wasn't really calling them rare Just really uncommon because players hunt them too much
  22. I would like them to be "rare" like the Blusangs and Coppers are considered
  23. Are the crystal eggs rare or do the players make them "rare"?
  24. Round 4 Regular R9. A 3rd gen dragon caught in 2016. Bingo? R11. A caveborn male dragon that is green in color. Bingo! Round 4 cont Ponderous Puzzle P1b. (3 points) A dragon with dimorphism. Bingo! Also I got my Gold Trophy (around 505 dragons)