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  1. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! CB Purple with a kinda name code "Calqm" "Calm" Gone!
  2. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Please post if claimed. Gone!
  3. Congratulations everyone! I'm glad my eggs found good homes Thanks for my 2nd gen PB Ice, whoever donated it! : D
  4. Don't worry, Dragoness, family is more important. I hope everything is okay!
  5. Yum! Forest Fruit Cheesecake?
  6. Night Glory Drake. Night Glory Drake or Blue Gemshard?
  7. Regular 1 2 3 Bingo! Tricky 1 Bingo!
  8. I'm playing in the silver trophy team ^^ Round 2 Regular R4. A hybrid dragon. Bingo! R5. Caveborn dragons of all available alts for any dragon with cb alts (ex., red and purple dorsal, tan and purple ridge, or all nebula colors). Bin Go! R6. Any dragon with four or more children. Bingo! R7. A skywing dragon grabbed in 2017. Bingo! Riddle I1. See me amongst the trees Creeping along with my small and sharp, pointed horns. Eternally with other dragons; Redistributing pieces of the forest for my nest. Binging on fruit that's hard for me to eat; Going after birds' eggs for a tasty treat. Bingo?
  9. I'm in Regular Bingo R2. Three of any of these dragons (can be same or mismatching): balloon, whiptail, guardian, or stone. Balloon Stone Whiptail R3. A dragon sprited by JOTB. Ultraviolet Cascade Bingo A1b. A dragon with four numbers in its code. Heartstealer Bingo!
  10. Why all my Shimmers get sick when they hatch? I only use one hatchery that's not very popular and I checked and the eggs aren't viewbombed. The Tinsels don't get sick but the Shimmers do!
  11. Took it, but I would like permission flr regifting it there if it genders wrong (I'm out of Pinks )
  12. They actually leave an egg but then they cancel the transfer...
  13. Thank you!!!! Now I have 3 dragons who can incubate
  14. 3rd even gen Ultraviolet It's a succesful breeding test and this egg is really important to me, but unfortunately I can't keep it. Please offer a dummy so I know where it goes. Please don't attempt to get it if it won't stay on your scroll or it won't become an adult.
  15. 3rd even gen Chrono Xenowyrm checker with Heartstealing Please post if claimed! Gone!
  16. Oh! Very nice! Hope the next month there will be a lower number of dragons needed cause I don't have anything with more than 6 (if all types of Gemshard/Seasonal count) Good luck this month!
  17. How do they look with Arias? Carmine Wyverns? How 'bout all colors of Stripe Dragons ?
  18. deleted

    Clya's Raffles~!

    Will you Clya host one soon? Or you won't host them anymore?
  19. My lovely pair (I don't care about Holiday x Holiday it's actually pretty easy to build) How do they look with Sunsets/Daydreams/Arias/Carmine Wyverns/Purple Nebulaes? I'm so curious
  20. I still want to see the original I really loved the pearl in the antlers