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  1. I would like them to be "rare" like the Blusangs and Coppers are considered
  2. Are the crystal eggs rare or do the players make them "rare"?
  3. Round 4 Regular R9. A 3rd gen dragon caught in 2016. Bingo? R11. A caveborn male dragon that is green in color. Bingo! Round 4 cont Ponderous Puzzle P1b. (3 points) A dragon with dimorphism. Bingo! Also I got my Gold Trophy (around 505 dragons)
  5. The hatchling from the blue stripe egg is soooo cute
  6. Aaaaand here are the purple gems on the green one Also one of the blue striped is now open
  7. Notice to the winner of the 2nd gen PB Pink The egg died due to sickness... it got viewbombed while I was offline. Sorry about that, but please PM me I will breed you another one when the new release madness is over.
  8. Now there are more gold dots around the crack on the blue one
  9. I hope we get a Wyrm from the blue striped ones
  10. Not possible, because the Crystal ones are sorted between Fever Wyverns and Flamingo Wyverns... I don't know about the other ones but something tells me they're between Paper and Pillow
  11. It would be quite funny if they turn to be what we don't expect, like Diamondwings
  12. I guess the "original" is blue and the other are "alts"
  13. Being honest, I would agree if the next releases would have eggs only for small populated biomes like Coast and Jungle... I mean... there are a lot of eggs in Alpine and Forest..
  14. I think the Crystals will be Easterns/Westerns/Wingless and the Blue Striped ones Lindwurm/Wyrm? ;o We do need a common Wyrm after all...
  15. The gem ones are sorted between Fever Wyverns and Flamingo Wyverns
  16. I'm glad all my eggs found a warm and nice home Congrats and thanks Dragoness!
  17. I think the new crystals would go with Gemshards Also, thanks for the new release! I managed to get 2 Red Crystals. Will get more when my eggs hatch
  18. The crystal ones are only in Volcano?
  19. Hello there! I am hosting a flash raffle with 3 prizes: 1). 5th gen Thuwed Seasonal Winter with Holly checker 2). 4th even gen Gold with Rosebud checker 3). 3rd even gen Red Copper with Brown Copper checker All you have to do is go here and leave a commeng "I participate for..." You can participate for more than one if you want to. Winners will be drawn in 2 hours
  20. Hey there! I am hosting a raffle with a lot of cool eggs. Check it out here
  21. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! 3rd gen Olive with Halloween dragons checker (Female Olive x Witchlight then Desipis) Nothing very special but has a goldy code "hGold" Offer dummy Gone, enjoy!
  22. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 3rd gen Mageia checker with Arsani Gone, enjoy!